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Consistency Is Key

Hello, everyone~ It’s Amu-kun, like always, and probably never going to change in a while. So… what’s been happening lately? Well, I can tell you this much things if you’re still reading. And… it’s going to be long. Sort of. Hopefully not that long.



#yaplog? J-blogging aimed towards a female audience.

I promise I would cover this in my last blog post so let’s start. Japanese trends are picking up in Twitter. Yup, they are. More blogging and social services are now using twitter as a means of sharing in Nippon. Oh yeah, and that lunaticjoker picture was an accurate representation of cute Japanese girls I would date. They have good taste. I have a Sony VAIO EB. That pink one is a Sony VAIO CW (which costs more, yaa). They got Sony MDRXB700s.  Much love. Anyway, continuing on. *oh and that sundae looks so good*


Japanese Illustrator Highlight: Inugami Kira 狗神煌

Ok, so you KNEW this was going to happen, so it did. A Japanese Illustrator Highlight on Inugami Kira. Maybe I’ve already given you some little tidbits here and there on what I was going to say but YES. We probably did a highlight already this one time, so we’re going to do it again. ROUND 2, BABY. Bring it on! Inugami Kira = ALL DAY.

Due to a small suggestion by SnooSnoo, maybe this is what had me on tip toe with how I wanted to finish this highlight before this month ended. So I kinda started early to get a fresh start off the landing because I’m in the talking mood today, and it’s kilacco. Why not? She’s a nice person, and another thing, she’s talkative~

Of course, meaning I’m going to have to look through her pixiv to showcase some of her illustrations and what not. Oh, they’re always better on pixiv. I don’t have to look through as much!~


Monthly Synopsis: July is nearly ending~

A simple synopsis for today, yes, July is ending. That also means my blog is going to grow to be a month old. YES, you got that right. A MONTH OLD. Oh such is the consistency of blogging a hobby that’s so fun in it’s own right. To share my thoughts to the devoted readers on my blog~ (or ARE you devoted readers?). Anyway, as I am writing this, I’m drinking a strawberry banana smoothie. Quite chilly at the moment as it runs down my throat, but nevertheless a refreshing dessert~


Amuchi? Where did Amuchi go? Σ(´°o°;)

So you’re all wondering where the heck I went for 2 days straight, aren’t you? Yeah, I noticed. My views have been dying, but not because of the wasted fruit that I had started my blog out of. Someone told me that I put in quite a lot of time into my blog which he/she did appreciate, but said that I wasn’t keeping up with my social networking, and actually, I’ve taken a break on social networking and instead, once again I pursued what I desired the most with my significant other, Iggy. Oh, yeah, and Ichi-chan always tags along.

Lemme cover what’s been happening over 2 days, concisely (though it’s never concise), because I can cover what happens in either a short period of time or a long period of time, and I don’t want to lose all of you people that are extensively viewing the blog as fruit and devotion of the Japanese Illustrator bonds and interests you share with me! So, 2 days ago…


Japanese Illustrator Highlight: Ryohka 涼香

Ach! Iggy and I are annoyed to DEATH that Hoshizora E Kakaru Hashi is delayed ONCE AGAIN. Of course, that doesn’t stop me from highlighting this awesome friggin’ artist. But who are we kidding! FUDGE, I can’t PLAY Hoshikaka that early this summer! Ugh, it is going to get in the way of schoolwork and what not.

Anyway, what’s up. Amure-kun here.  Another one to highlight this awesome artist out of the blue, because I was bored. Really. I highlight artists because they’re for one, have cool personalities, and another one, they draw. I’m a big art fan, so don’t tackle me on the reason why I didn’t play Hoshizora No Memoria because the cover art didn’t exactly impress me. Ok, fine go tackle me. I was going to go plan to do it later, anyway, but Amure-kun sometimes is busy, what not with his 18 tabs open, Tweetdeck, and also MSN. Eat on it, yo.

My computer never takes a break. Speaking of which… *inserts page break below.*


Sandbox and the Japanese Illustrators List, 500 hits

Within what seems like a week already, Amure-kun’s blog has already gained 500 hits. That’s amazing. Seems that the scheme must already be working. ^^;; Anyway, Yeah, lately, I’ve been doing Japanese Illustrator Highlights, since that has always been a thing for me. So, what have I done lately to my blog?


Japanese Illustrator Highlight: Mitsui Mana みついまな

*falls over* … … … *after a while, rises, sits, and collects my papers*… *ahem* … Hello everyone. It’s Amure-kun again. Guess what. Mitsui Mana is somehow… in my perspective, one of the highest aspiring moe artists around. You might not have heard of her, but if you haven’t and you are reading this… now you do. So, *does a gesture with my fingers* Let’s get this started.


Japanese Illustrator Highlight: Izumi Tsubasu 和泉つばす

Before I start writing, let me say that this is my first time actually doing something of an artist ‘highlight’, because I wanted to something out of the original, and maybe if this picks up in my head, I’ll get used to choosing every so often a Japanese Illustrator to highlight. Right now, I want to highlight my favorite artists, and as soon as those are complete, maybe I’ll get into the newer doujin artists ^_^;; There are a lot of artists out there. I only want to cover the ones… I probably see in a more ambitious light. So let’s do this.


Feeling quite better today~

As the title say, I’m feeling a bit better today ^^;; maybe because it’s the morning? Well, anyway, yesterday I hadn’t done a lot except finally sleep early on one of those days.

Like I said, we all have the days when we’re tired. Guess what. That was my 13th post on a SUNDAY to be exact. Maybe it was bad luck for me, lol. But I at least got some things down so far on the Japanese Illustrator Twitter Project. Added a couple new ones today. I’m still on the search for even more of them out there, because there are so much @_@;; I might need more help with this twitter project to be exact xD come on guys, help me out here! I don’t care if it’s a shoujo, shonen, josei, seinen illustrator just send me it, I’ll add it to the list. If you’re reading right now, then good. Now go on the search, help a guy here. D8