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NO. I’m NOT DEAD. Personally from the Amure.

Yeah, you heard that correctly. I’m not dead. Why? SCHOOL’S STARTED. And just to give you that *woo heads up amu, you need to get your game pumping writing out these words*, I still am. It’s just not coming to me since… it’s school. What you want from me?

Anyway, now to share on with my personal, personal things which I’ve tagged. For the first time actually! Real life, yo. After this I might escape to twitter to share this. Wonder how many replies I got. *shrug*. Either way, let’s get started.



Who posts this late at night? *facepalm*

Exactly what the title says. Who posts this late at night?

So… I guess my day went pretty smooth today… So I might be able to cap on what happened today…

  • Throughout the whole day, occasionally I played Stepmania everytime the Internet was down. And hey, I play with my fingers, just like other people without a pad > _ > Today I’ve been trying to AA Pluto Relinquish – 2MB on Another/Challenge Mode. That was painful.
  • Today, I tripped while walking through the hallway leading to my bedroom and bathroom. My knee hit drywall and it left a mark. Shoot… I feel like an idiot. Well, I need to use some spackling paste and cover it up soon, I guess. My parents don’t take damage very easily. Even if it was an accident…
  • Particularily found something very interesting while I was bored looking at marasy videos and popular beatmania youtube videos on youtube. kors k – smooooch・∀・ What an awesome song. No joke, it’s cute, and it’s not annoying like caramelldansen is ^^;; I get the feeling that it might pick up more if people start using kors k’s whole MV if there is one. Might have to look into that later, and see if there’s anything fun to be made out of that. I’ve seen so far vocaloid, kuroshitsuji, katekyo hitman reborn, pokemon,  and harry potter parodies of it. Niconico reposting? Yup.
  • I found a better upload of the Supreme Candy OST, but somehow I don’t feel like sharing because I am an evil person xD
  • Under The Sky – BeForU somehow reminded me of Only My Railgun – fripSide. Man *shrugs* I have some sort of weird association with my mind corresponding with songs.
  • Addicted to the Sayonara, Zetsubou-sensei (さよなら絶望先生 ) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRLopQwlpYw It’s the song 「林檎もぎれビーム!」
  • MeiYuu added me on msn today. I feel like we’re going to talk a whole ton @_@;
  • Downloaded some Yanagi Nagi songs today from her website, which was pretty cool. But I’m thinking about getting more *ahem* Megumi Nakijima songs or what not. I need some other songs to stick in. Not to mention I am missing out on some k-pop music. Will catch up on that later.
  • I’m thinking of spiking my Animepaper account with posts. Might be on hiatus on another forum though. I’ve been pretty absent from Sakurahana for a while. Maybe because of me playing Visual Novels. Speaking of which, I have to post a list of what I already played here soon. Hum hum hum~
  • My Speed Dial on Opera looks a lot different now. There’s no more imageboards on it anymore. This time it’s just Opera, Google, Windows Live, Wikipedia, Youtube, Twitter, Tineye, Facebook, ign.com, Minitokyo, Hongfire, Animepaper, Onemanga, Sakurahana, Photobucket, Imageshack, Mediafire, 4shared, and myanimelist.net. Hmm.
  • Currently listening to some Exit Trance albums and Beatmania OSTs.
  • I really feel like posting a whole chatlog like @ MT again. But… chances are I shouldn’t.
  • I have some followers on my twitter I don’t really know. Hmm… I don’t mind, but hey, ^^;; always good to know random people to follow me.
  • Someone said I looked like Ryan Higa. I wonder why everyone says that…
  • Marasy is an awesome pianist. No comment. The guy is made of epicness.
  • I STILL WANT THAT NOTEBOOK COMPUTER!!! (Still prefer ASUS or Sony, didn’t choose to do DIY)