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Blog revivication time.

Hopefully, that happened with no problems. Inugami Kira illustration from Dengeki Moeoh December 2010 issue. Inugami Kira being in commemoration of her birthday, and less or more importantly, mine also.

So did you ever think I would ever, EVER, EVER COME BACK? Me neither. I was very doubtful ever since I kinda left the blogging scene and the gal gaming scene (THAT’S NOT EVEN REAL GAMING FFS).



NO. I’m NOT DEAD. Personally from the Amure.

Yeah, you heard that correctly. I’m not dead. Why? SCHOOL’S STARTED. And just to give you that *woo heads up amu, you need to get your game pumping writing out these words*, I still am. It’s just not coming to me since… it’s school. What you want from me?

Anyway, now to share on with my personal, personal things which I’ve tagged. For the first time actually! Real life, yo. After this I might escape to twitter to share this. Wonder how many replies I got. *shrug*. Either way, let’s get started.


Busy Busy Busy!

The title name says it all. Yup. I am avid busy as heck. This is mainly because school’s taking my time up, preparing, sleeping on time, and there is so much data to catch up on. Comiketto 78 is in like 5 days. I would have updated JITP list, but Ryohka does her own ekaki-list herself. I just have to index them… index index index.

That being said, I’ve picked out an artist to finally do another highlight. Tsukigami Lunar. This might go pretty well to be honest! I’ve learned a lot about her and her art style is pretty nice.

Ii-kun’s birthday is coming up. Unfortunately, it indeed is on Friday the 13th. NOOOOOOO!!! Kowai da yo! Kowai da yo! It’s alright though. Nevertheless I will wish him a unfortunate fortunate happy birthday!

They let me move in with the anime-sharing.com people. Solistrasora’s agreed to it, something like that, so I can move in with him and start blogging with him too. It’s just when I’ll do it, which isn’t in a long while. LonelyAmure @ wordpress.com seems pretty fitting for me as of the moment. :3

Anyway, that’s all. I wish I could write more, but sadly, I’m not in the highest moods. SCHOOL.

P.S. S4 is taking the hell out of my soul. I really need to do something else. @ _ @

Consistency Is Key

Hello, everyone~ It’s Amu-kun, like always, and probably never going to change in a while. So… what’s been happening lately? Well, I can tell you this much things if you’re still reading. And… it’s going to be long. Sort of. Hopefully not that long.


#keion was trending yesterday? SCII release!!! (屮゚Д゚)屮

Yeah, so apparently people heard the news yesterday, and #keion trended for around 3 hours before being taken down by those other silly silly trends that make no sense at all and how people waste their time trying to get a retweet out of something that just bears no fruit. Not even the leaves.

What is Keion? (though I should really bamf uber killz you if you say that) Keion (けいおん) is basically what they call K-On! in America. Yeah, it’s that anime and light novel series. Apparently it’s gained a lot of popularity, whether it’s the featured songs on the oricon charts like Yoko Hikasa’s (Mio) hit song Don’t Say Lazy or Fuwa Fuwa Time and Aki Toyosaki’s (Yui) Cakayake! Girls and Go! Go! Maniac. People have probably already understood that the Keion series, both the anime and the light novel are popular in Japan. Not to mention a good part of the western United States like California where I live. Ok, it’s not that popular since everyone talks about Naruto and Bleach and how freaking awesome Byakuga Kuchiki’s Senbonzakura is. Yeah, it’s awesome, but you westerner Bleach and Tite Kubo fanboys talk about bankais all the time like you’re rocket scientists and want what not to devise some sort of IRL soul society. Luckily, Tite Kubo is in the JITP list so go fanboy over him there. Haha~