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#keion was trending yesterday? SCII release!!! (屮゚Д゚)屮

Yeah, so apparently people heard the news yesterday, and #keion trended for around 3 hours before being taken down by those other silly silly trends that make no sense at all and how people waste their time trying to get a retweet out of something that just bears no fruit. Not even the leaves.

What is Keion? (though I should really bamf uber killz you if you say that) Keion (けいおん) is basically what they call K-On! in America. Yeah, it’s that anime and light novel series. Apparently it’s gained a lot of popularity, whether it’s the featured songs on the oricon charts like Yoko Hikasa’s (Mio) hit song Don’t Say Lazy or Fuwa Fuwa Time and Aki Toyosaki’s (Yui) Cakayake! Girls and Go! Go! Maniac. People have probably already understood that the Keion series, both the anime and the light novel are popular in Japan. Not to mention a good part of the western United States like California where I live. Ok, it’s not that popular since everyone talks about Naruto and Bleach and how freaking awesome Byakuga Kuchiki’s Senbonzakura is. Yeah, it’s awesome, but you westerner Bleach and Tite Kubo fanboys talk about bankais all the time like you’re rocket scientists and want what not to devise some sort of IRL soul society. Luckily, Tite Kubo is in the JITP list so go fanboy over him there. Haha~

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Amuchi? Where did Amuchi go? Σ(´°o°;)

So you’re all wondering where the heck I went for 2 days straight, aren’t you? Yeah, I noticed. My views have been dying, but not because of the wasted fruit that I had started my blog out of. Someone told me that I put in quite a lot of time into my blog which he/she did appreciate, but said that I wasn’t keeping up with my social networking, and actually, I’ve taken a break on social networking and instead, once again I pursued what I desired the most with my significant other, Iggy. Oh, yeah, and Ichi-chan always tags along.

Lemme cover what’s been happening over 2 days, concisely (though it’s never concise), because I can cover what happens in either a short period of time or a long period of time, and I don’t want to lose all of you people that are extensively viewing the blog as fruit and devotion of the Japanese Illustrator bonds and interests you share with me! So, 2 days ago…

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Again, today, I might lack the energy to write something interesting because my significant alter ego, Iggy is busy with many things. So, I might as well cover what I want to cover, and I’ll write something about… twitter! Again.

If you’ve been keeping track of what people are tweeting in the certain region of Japan which Twitter doesn’t have (because Twitter is English, duh), then you’ll know about the 4ji twitter trend. Basically, at 4 AM (or just 4, it’s Japan time) in the morning, at Japan, the Nippon people twitter either of the following:

  • なるほど四時じゃねーの  #4ji
  • なるほど4時じゃねーの #4ji
  • Something about 4 o’ clock or the hash tagged #4ji

Don’t know why this exactly is a trend, but it’s pretty abused a lot. There’s even an application for it. You can find here:


You can easily see that the following line (毎朝 4 時になるほど四時じゃねーのと発言する為のツールです) translates to something like: “An application to state an annoying remark about 4 o’clock every morning at 4 o’clock.” Yeah. It’s designed to… if I believe correctly, supposedly either wake your followers up, let the people you follow wake you up, or something useless. Anyway, it’s a big trend. At around 15,000 users and growing fast, twitter will soon have to make a region for Nippon trending topics. Not that big as of right now, but you never know about a meme or a fast growing trend. They are always random. But maybe if there are enough people in the morning already using the application service, I guess you can easily say that every 4 o’clock in the morning in Nippon, #4ji will start to be a leading trending topic, and then other nations (like English speaking SPAMMERS that want a free iPhone 4 from some fake Canadian Pharmacy) will get into it and hash it randomly.

For me, I know it’d be horrible to wake up at 4 o’ clock. I sure wouldn’t do it, but as I am maintaining the JITP twitter list, I always seem to receive these kinds of things. Anyway, just wanted to state that out. It seemt like something interesting to blog about.

No visuals, sorry, I’m still too lazy to upload my own, LOL.

Oh, and also, yes, I’m still working on the JITP twitter list again now since twitter has a good reliable feel to it, but I’m slowly searching this time because there are still pixiv and DA artists that I need to filter out from the junk. Eep. Anyway, it hasn’t picked up that much, but now it’s like if I see someone, I’ll add in a snap, but I won’t extensively search without fruit. The Nippon No Illustrators will slowly approach me. ^_^

Iggy is pretty busy with things, what not, summer almost ending, so my blog is slowly dying. It happens, I guess, but hey, it was a fun week. I’m going to try my best to blog even more about Anything In General, but maybe I blog too much for a month ^^;; People only blog as often most of the time for around 1 time each 3 days to a week. I try to blog everyday because for me, I feel my interests are too wide not to share.

Oh, and also, I added some things to my ‘About’ page, if you didn’t know, so if you’d like to leave a comment on my blog or how it looks, the work I put into it and all, go comment there. In the meantime, peace out. Enjoy… reading about 4ji. Oh, and also, I’m not highlighting for a while because I feel that if I highlight too much… My mind won’t be able to put in the effort I normally put into those highlights. Meanwhile, I’m still studying on their awesome, adorable personalities. Ok, most of them. Iggy, you do remember what I told you on MSN about Misakura Nankotsu, no? That was crazy, lol. Though she definitely draws those things hot. I’ll give her that. While that kind of ‘content’ might all be a little over the top, it’s actually kinda hot and not gross like other… fetishers out there. I’m going to point that out in her highlight, but in the meantime I still have to observe~ フフフフフフフ...

My sleep schedule is screwed up!! 僕の睡眠のスケジュールが散らかっています。

I’m currently catching up on the podcast news I’m subscribed to right because I haven’t been listening to that for a while, and also I’m trying to catch up making more runs on VN playing. It’s driving me pretty deep into the ground, so I’m going to try to keep it short.

Iggy blames me for being too lazy to host my own pictures on my own website. Oh fine, I’ll host my own pictures. Anyway, you guys can wait a little bit because… I gotta get some things done, so be right back. And the title there is right, my sleep schedule is screwed up… Very screwed up!

Japanese Illustrator Highlight: Ryohka 涼香

Ach! Iggy and I are annoyed to DEATH that Hoshizora E Kakaru Hashi is delayed ONCE AGAIN. Of course, that doesn’t stop me from highlighting this awesome friggin’ artist. But who are we kidding! FUDGE, I can’t PLAY Hoshikaka that early this summer! Ugh, it is going to get in the way of schoolwork and what not.

Anyway, what’s up. Amure-kun here.  Another one to highlight this awesome artist out of the blue, because I was bored. Really. I highlight artists because they’re for one, have cool personalities, and another one, they draw. I’m a big art fan, so don’t tackle me on the reason why I didn’t play Hoshizora No Memoria because the cover art didn’t exactly impress me. Ok, fine go tackle me. I was going to go plan to do it later, anyway, but Amure-kun sometimes is busy, what not with his 18 tabs open, Tweetdeck, and also MSN. Eat on it, yo.

My computer never takes a break. Speaking of which… *inserts page break below.*

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Sandbox and the Japanese Illustrators List, 500 hits

Within what seems like a week already, Amure-kun’s blog has already gained 500 hits. That’s amazing. Seems that the scheme must already be working. ^^;; Anyway, Yeah, lately, I’ve been doing Japanese Illustrator Highlights, since that has always been a thing for me. So, what have I done lately to my blog?

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Japanese Illustrator Highlight: Mitsui Mana みついまな

*falls over* … … … *after a while, rises, sits, and collects my papers*… *ahem* … Hello everyone. It’s Amure-kun again. Guess what. Mitsui Mana is somehow… in my perspective, one of the highest aspiring moe artists around. You might not have heard of her, but if you haven’t and you are reading this… now you do. So, *does a gesture with my fingers* Let’s get this started.

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Japanese Illustrator Highlight: Izumi Tsubasu 和泉つばす

Before I start writing, let me say that this is my first time actually doing something of an artist ‘highlight’, because I wanted to something out of the original, and maybe if this picks up in my head, I’ll get used to choosing every so often a Japanese Illustrator to highlight. Right now, I want to highlight my favorite artists, and as soon as those are complete, maybe I’ll get into the newer doujin artists ^_^;; There are a lot of artists out there. I only want to cover the ones… I probably see in a more ambitious light. So let’s do this.

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Feeling quite better today~

As the title say, I’m feeling a bit better today ^^;; maybe because it’s the morning? Well, anyway, yesterday I hadn’t done a lot except finally sleep early on one of those days.

Like I said, we all have the days when we’re tired. Guess what. That was my 13th post on a SUNDAY to be exact. Maybe it was bad luck for me, lol. But I at least got some things down so far on the Japanese Illustrator Twitter Project. Added a couple new ones today. I’m still on the search for even more of them out there, because there are so much @_@;; I might need more help with this twitter project to be exact xD come on guys, help me out here! I don’t care if it’s a shoujo, shonen, josei, seinen illustrator just send me it, I’ll add it to the list. If you’re reading right now, then good. Now go on the search, help a guy here. D8

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Ugh… Sick today.

Sorry, guys but I’m sure everyone has one of those days where they’re just sick and tired today. Sorry I couldn’t post anything of interest today, but I’m trying hard to be better. Maybe tomorrow will be good. I’m going to do my best to make sure that you guys can still enjoy reading my blog about anything in general, but Amure-kun has to call in sick…

A coincidence, but the same thing in particular happened to Ignis yesterday and today, now I think… Well… he’s gotten better, and hopefully he can cover for me (though it’s mostly my responsibility to cover for the Japanese Mangaka Twitter Project).

At least I got in some views… some views are good… ^_^;; But please, hope for my well-being!

No tags, again. Not really much of something to be writing about today. =(