"The greatest treasures are those invisible to the eye but found by the heart."


Blog revivication time.

Hopefully, that happened with no problems. Inugami Kira illustration from Dengeki Moeoh December 2010 issue. Inugami Kira being in commemoration of her birthday, and less or more importantly, mine also.

So did you ever think I would ever, EVER, EVER COME BACK? Me neither. I was very doubtful ever since I kinda left the blogging scene and the gal gaming scene (THAT’S NOT EVEN REAL GAMING FFS).



NO. I’m NOT DEAD. Personally from the Amure.

Yeah, you heard that correctly. I’m not dead. Why? SCHOOL’S STARTED. And just to give you that *woo heads up amu, you need to get your game pumping writing out these words*, I still am. It’s just not coming to me since… it’s school. What you want from me?

Anyway, now to share on with my personal, personal things which I’ve tagged. For the first time actually! Real life, yo. After this I might escape to twitter to share this. Wonder how many replies I got. *shrug*. Either way, let’s get started.