"The greatest treasures are those invisible to the eye but found by the heart."

NO. I’m NOT DEAD. Personally from the Amure.

Yeah, you heard that correctly. I’m not dead. Why? SCHOOL’S STARTED. And just to give you that *woo heads up amu, you need to get your game pumping writing out these words*, I still am. It’s just not coming to me since… it’s school. What you want from me?

Anyway, now to share on with my personal, personal things which I’ve tagged. For the first time actually! Real life, yo. After this I might escape to twitter to share this. Wonder how many replies I got. *shrug*. Either way, let’s get started.

The first thing I want to get off my chest is my schedule. Now, lemme clear this up, once again. If you DON’T KNOW THIS, and chances are YOU DON’T, then listen up~

  • I’m a bay area person. We walk long distances from one place to another, usually. Well, I mean they’re not that long, but for me, walking throughout downtown might be a little tiring after a bit, but it is still definitely fun. That’s why I take my camera and take tons of pictures like I’m some tourist from France or somewhere. But… that would be a DSLR… and I WANT ONE. I like taking pictures. *sadface*
  • 16 year old, and a GENIUS. Ok, fine, I’m not a genius. Go yell at me. Please. I need the frustration. (Myrre, I know you’re reading this) Anyway, I ended my last year, my SOPHOMORE YEAR, with 5 A’s and 2 B’s out of my 7 classes. Part because I aced most of the finals, and last July I scored around near 930 on the STAR (standardized testing and reporting thingy) ELA + Math thingy. This is what it means to be a Californian. I have pride, you know.
  • I’m one of the… you can say, popular group with my peers. 2012 class. 2013 class is swarming everywhere. x~x But I’m close with the 2011 class (which is seniors) but yeah, it’s exhilarating to finally be an upperclassman. People treat you differently… well, I haven’t noticed a difference yet. Whatever. I’ll notice it soon! PROBABLY.

Now you’ve heard all that, I’ll go tell you my schedule. BTW, I’m an IB student. IB is this diploma program that gets you some college credits thingy and an IB diploma which is recognized by Universities and some stuff like that. I’m trying to get into a good UC. Which is my ultimate dream~ Anyway, you’ll notice the courses I’m taking to be some pretty advanced courses. Which is alright, you know, I can handle it~

  1. Physics IB 1-2
  2. History IB 1-2
  3. IB English 1-2
  4. World History 3-4
  5. Spanish 1-2 (I would so take Japanese instead, but come on, this isn’t Japan)
  6. Pre-Calculus

Will keep it simple as that. Yup, those are my courses, so take a look at them and whatever. Man, I’m saying that word a lot… whatever whatever whatever. Uwa Uwa Uwa. It was the 2nd day of school today. Felt alright. Now, to the meat of what I’ve been meaning to tell you guys lately.

I’M A LIAR. I forgot to tell you guys that I was addicted to S4 League, so I might educate you on that a little. Yeah, I know. I’ve been through that stage of S4 IS SO BORING! Yeah, before I was LonelyAmure, I used to have random names and play S4 all the time like a newbie and waste my PEN on clothing. Guess what. It’s not like that anymore for me. I’m actually winning these days. And S4 is way better than it was before. They let you play all maps from start now. No more grind. Oh yeah, and Chaser. Hm, hm. I will do a recap on what S4 is later, since the first time I ever heard about S4 was through DJ MAX, I’ll be honest about that. I love DJ MAX, but not as much as BEATMANIA IIDX!!!! But yeah, you can find me on S4 a ton of the time. My screen is… guess what. LONELYAMURE. Haha~ Yeah, that’s my signature name, alright. You know it.

Anyway, if you sign up for an Alaplaya account, make sure to tell them that I referred you~ It gets me points! Woooo. Here’s my AP details~

ID: LonelyAmure

Nickname: amurekun

There you go~ Hope to see you soon, there. I chill there most of the time, though I might stop chilling there once I get to Semipro since everyone’s dead in pro channel… and I’m very close to it. Uukie. Rank 19, almost getting there. Almost getting that last bar in.

There are tons of friends I’ve met over S4, so it’s kind of been an advertising campaign for me. I want to show off my blog to more people so this might be a way to port my skill of playing (which isn’t that great) to helping my blog gain more popularity. You hear that, Ichi-chan? ~Yes, I heard it~ I might give a shout out to my S4 friends but unluckily, not at the moment.

Listening to J-trance albums at the moment. These rock. Anyway, will have to get to my homework soon. Now to cover on some more meat.


JITP list is at a stall. You heard me. Not the time to twitter extraordinarily like I used to so I might have to check my amount of replies at me later. I will get to it soon. I promise. Checking it… right now. Yeah. It’s dead. I 4ji’d for about a whole week. How pitiful of me.

Speaking of 4ji, Comiket 78 already passed. I heard it was awesome. Well, whatever. Moe Imouto is bound to have a ****load more things now that dovac and crew has gotten to it. Will check it out very soon. Promise it on my life while I’m listening to LIA. Oh god, Clannad ~After Story~ deja vu, dude. Grr. The love is getting to me. Her voice speaks to me so beautifully.

I promise I will get to JITP if I can on the weekends though. That suggestions box is waiting to be indexed. OW.

Now… did I miss anything else? Nope. Now to go do my Pre-calculus homework before I sleaze off and go on S4 League again. Luckily, HW for me goes fast. Prepare to see me online very soon.

Oh, and social stuff! Guys @ MT & SH, I will get to your VMs and GBs soon. I promise. I’m so busy these days, lol. Warau…

PS Iggy didn’t have that much of a bad birthday. In fact, it went pretty well @ Anime-sharing. Well… now to check on their status. Oh yeah, and sorry for having only 1 visual! My bad.


7 responses

  1. Ok, didn’t read it all.
    First, good luck.
    Second, PHYSICS? In my case: 3 classes a week+2 lab classes= 5 times hell on earth. And you choose to take them voluntarily?! Not to mention my teacher looks like a shaved chimp…¬¬
    Third, when I read the rest I’ll comment more. ^.^”
    See ya soon~
    Btw, fixed your banner on my MT page.

    August 24, 2010 at 12:19 pm

    • Thank you very much 8) I appreciate it that you’ve taken to reply and also wish me good luck in the coming school year XD *still feels new to the scene even if no doubt I’m a Junior*

      Anyway, I haven’t been to MT, HF, OR SH in like a whole month. Same with all my friends’ blogs. However, I’m assuming the comiketto peoples have streamed MI for their newest pics. I need to go on a maniac DL downloading spree~ How’s Fenafir doing anyway? Leeching off Dov going well for her? XD *shrugs*

      This is America~ lol, sometimes I’m proud of it, sometimes I’m not, but nevertheless, California = nice place. Except for the heat waves. AAAAGH

      Read it soon. 🙂 BTW, going to write an extra post, but uhhh will get to your MT and check it out, thanks tsuki ^^

      August 24, 2010 at 3:23 pm

  2. Dude, good luck with the school. Back active blogging again ASAP ^^

    September 17, 2010 at 4:01 pm

    • It’s being revived, slowly, word by word…

      May 13, 2011 at 6:49 pm

      • A…Amu…Amure? Is that you?!


        May 14, 2011 at 3:31 pm

      • Yep, its me Tsuki, long time no see huh~ Where did you think I was? XD Yeah, I was locked in a crypt and came out as a living mummy~

        May 15, 2011 at 9:47 pm

  3. Oh well, that’d explain a lot of things…
    Thinking about heading back to MT now?
    Btw, happy b-day on advance (cuz I’ll most likely forget it)!
    (>^_^)>~HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!~<(^_^<)

    May 16, 2011 at 4:04 pm

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