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#yaplog? J-blogging aimed towards a female audience.

I promise I would cover this in my last blog post so let’s start. Japanese trends are picking up in Twitter. Yup, they are. More blogging and social services are now using twitter as a means of sharing in Nippon. Oh yeah, and that lunaticjoker picture was an accurate representation of cute Japanese girls I would date. They have good taste. I have a Sony VAIO EB. That pink one is a Sony VAIO CW (which costs more, yaa). They got Sony MDRXB700s.  Much love. Anyway, continuing on. *oh and that sundae looks so good*

So what is #yaplog? Well, yaplog is basically one of those blogging services in Japan like Ameba (Ameblo), livedoor, and fc2. It’s popular for idolism, and it’s sort of easy to use. You’ve got the standard template things, menus, sidebar, footers, headers, banners, and that little thing at the top~

yaplog! can be highly compared to a wordpress/livejournal-esque blog service. The target is mainly females who are very social and like to share things easily without a hassle on an easy to use and good looking engine. That considered, it’s a high place for idolism. Yeah, idolism. And idolism = popularity. If you see on alexa, yaplog rates as the 67th most streamed website in Japan. There are celebrities that use this engine. If you want to read more about yaplog! there is a wiki page about it, listing celebrities that use this engine and stuff among other things. Of course, that is, if you understand Nihongo. Good luck on that!

If you consider this factor, you can easily understand why yaplog! has spiked and became a twitter trend in Japan. yaplog! about a month ago in the beginning of July had updated a widget or gadget for their blog engine that lets users share their posts on twitters and automatically hash tags them with #yaplog. You merge that with a consistent rate of female bloggers that ‘fan-idol’ over certain yaplog! idols and celebrities, and you’re bound to have it become a twitter trend. Now, explaining about that.

#yaplog was not a hash tag that spiked out of nowhere and girls were raving over it like crazy. In fact, like most of twitter’s Japanese users, people were still getting around to using it. Twitter still doesn’t have that much of a Japanese base but it’s still escalating in popularity. Within 30 days, yaplog has slowly climbed to the top of twitter trends and dropped a short while after because it was taken over by those other trends by Brazilians and Americans. If you take a look at the trendistic charts, you’ll still see that yaplog still hangs around the small .00 percentages. But the reason it became a trend after not being a trend for a while was because it was accumulative and consistent. Of course, that also means that it already was taken over by the ‘super fast growing’ trends, which again, Brazilians and Americans were spiking.

Doesn’t mean it isn’t cool though. Again, Nipponjins love blogging. Microblogging, regular blogging, whatever. They just love it. Nipponjins are more of bloggers than Americans are, so to say. Anyway, yaplog! trends the most in the city of Kagoshima, the largest city in the southern island of Japan, Kyushu. You can see that on the twitter trendsmap here. English wiki says that Kagoshima, Japan is a sister city to Miami, so that should give you an idea of what kind of a place is Kagoshima. That is, excluding the bad stuff in Miami. Anyway, both cities are port cities and both are known for having hot climates. Both are also known to have a large fanbase for idolism. Duuuuuuuh. It’s Miami. Miami houses fangirls. The only difference is that Kagoshima fangirls are smarter than Miami fangirls. That’s it. Oh yeah, and not to forget, Kagoshima’s got a VOLCANOOOOOO!!!! Maybe they should have picked a sister city like Hawaii, but then again, Hawaii can’t fit that much fangirls.

Of course, now looking at the twitter trends map, Nipponjins are taking a look at the twitpic service and apparently that is why #twitpict is trending. Will get to that later, but as it is, concluding the post. Hope you like it!


6 responses

  1. “Again, Nipponjins love blogging. Microblogging, regular blogging, whatever. They just love it.”

    They love it? just love it? you must be kidding me =D


    August 5, 2010 at 10:26 pm

    • *stares at blog post*

      *starts typing.*

      August 5, 2010 at 10:52 pm

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  3. but to japan everything has to be hardcored to the bones well its almost comparable to koreans and starcraft

    August 6, 2010 at 9:51 pm

    • Yup. That’s why Japanese people are such a power to be reckoned with. Everything is hardcore to them~ They exercise many of these kinds of things~

      Yah, Koreans + Starcraft + Nong Shim Kimchi flavored Noodles = Spicy Ownage, lol.

      August 7, 2010 at 2:43 pm

  4. Hi hi~!
    I showed up once in a while to make a post~
    And you mentioned Kagoshima as being the sister city of Miami?
    He he, here in Brasil there is a town like this to…
    But I found a list of over 20… Anyways forget about it.
    I liked the pic, and if it wasn’t winter here I’d like a sundae too… TT^TT

    August 10, 2010 at 12:07 pm

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