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NO. I’m NOT DEAD. Personally from the Amure.

Yeah, you heard that correctly. I’m not dead. Why? SCHOOL’S STARTED. And just to give you that *woo heads up amu, you need to get your game pumping writing out these words*, I still am. It’s just not coming to me since… it’s school. What you want from me?

Anyway, now to share on with my personal, personal things which I’ve tagged. For the first time actually! Real life, yo. After this I might escape to twitter to share this. Wonder how many replies I got. *shrug*. Either way, let’s get started.



Busy Busy Busy!

The title name says it all. Yup. I am avid busy as heck. This is mainly because school’s taking my time up, preparing, sleeping on time, and there is so much data to catch up on. Comiketto 78 is in like 5 days. I would have updated JITP list, but Ryohka does her own ekaki-list herself. I just have to index them… index index index.

That being said, I’ve picked out an artist to finally do another highlight. Tsukigami Lunar. This might go pretty well to be honest! I’ve learned a lot about her and her art style is pretty nice.

Ii-kun’s birthday is coming up. Unfortunately, it indeed is on Friday the 13th. NOOOOOOO!!! Kowai da yo! Kowai da yo! It’s alright though. Nevertheless I will wish him a unfortunate fortunate happy birthday!

They let me move in with the anime-sharing.com people. Solistrasora’s agreed to it, something like that, so I can move in with him and start blogging with him too. It’s just when I’ll do it, which isn’t in a long while. LonelyAmure @ wordpress.com seems pretty fitting for me as of the moment. :3

Anyway, that’s all. I wish I could write more, but sadly, I’m not in the highest moods. SCHOOL.

P.S. S4 is taking the hell out of my soul. I really need to do something else. @ _ @

Consistency Is Key

Hello, everyone~ It’s Amu-kun, like always, and probably never going to change in a while. So… what’s been happening lately? Well, I can tell you this much things if you’re still reading. And… it’s going to be long. Sort of. Hopefully not that long.


#yaplog? J-blogging aimed towards a female audience.

I promise I would cover this in my last blog post so let’s start. Japanese trends are picking up in Twitter. Yup, they are. More blogging and social services are now using twitter as a means of sharing in Nippon. Oh yeah, and that lunaticjoker picture was an accurate representation of cute Japanese girls I would date. They have good taste. I have a Sony VAIO EB. That pink one is a Sony VAIO CW (which costs more, yaa). They got Sony MDRXB700s.  Much love. Anyway, continuing on. *oh and that sundae looks so good*


New computer is awesome (and a load of other things)

Yup, it’s awesome. It’s been like 3 days using this nifty thing, installing software, plugins, themes, you know, getting used to it. Kind of like moving to a bigger home. There’s more stuff I can put around, more capability, and yet to discover for me~ W7 is pretty nifty and I really like it. Pretty nice.

As of the moment right now, I’m uninstalling stuff from my old laptop so there’s more space and I’m moving new stuff into my new computer. So far it’s been really smooth going and sleek. Though there’s only one thing I really REALLY want to do right now.

I wanna hack my Zune. No, not bring a hatchet to it, but I want to get into the workings of my Zune and add some pretty sweet stuff in, say like syncing from other kinds of players than just Zune player, which IMO does a real bad job of adding metadata. I’ll get into that later, and hopefully, once I complete that, I’ll have more time to cover on what I really need to cover on this blog…

…and that is… Japanese Illustrators. Oh you guys are wonderful, lol. Picking what I was thinking was going to be the most popular anyway because Amu-kun has such a high taste for writing about that. Yes, I will focus on Japanese Illustrators. 🙂 Yeah you guys… I’ll do my best to pick out another illustrator to highlight because I’m having debates over which I should choose.

JITP is at a stall right now because I’m still moving stuff from one computer to the other. Japanese pop culture and trends once again, I might get around to doing it later probably covering one of the latest twitter trends to hit the charts around 2 days ago.

#yaplog. YES. Why the heck do people hash yaplog and don’t know what the heck it is? I will definitely cover it later though. As of right now though, I can tell you that yaplog is a blogging service just like ameba, ameblo, livedoor, fc2, tunabe and a whole lot of other blogging services in Japan. Yup, Yaplog.jp now supports twitter for all your microblogging, casual-blogging, and macroblogging (if really, you’re into that thing).

That’s it for this post, and I will cover some nice things in the following days to come. And meanwhile, Iggy better stop being busy. I’ve made more than enough references to him, and I know he’s busy with the anime-sharing.com blog with Solistrasora and crew, but he should come back. I miss Iggy and Soso~ *cries* ~Aww, don’t cry Amukun… they’ll come back soon~

And that’s personal stuff. Again, what you can help me do right now is to pick an illustrator I should highlight and ‘research’ into. I personally am thinking about p19 (who I am thinking about a TON).

P.S. Shout out for Taijou-kun (taikutsujoker) for finally making his first random post! Check it out here. I personally liked it a lot. Go ahead and read it. Oh yeah, and it’s tradition for me to nuke text. I feel like it~ fufufufufufu~ *evil kawaii laugh*