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Japanese Illustrator Highlight: Inugami Kira 狗神煌

Ok, so you KNEW this was going to happen, so it did. A Japanese Illustrator Highlight on Inugami Kira. Maybe I’ve already given you some little tidbits here and there on what I was going to say but YES. We probably did a highlight already this one time, so we’re going to do it again. ROUND 2, BABY. Bring it on! Inugami Kira = ALL DAY.

Due to a small suggestion by SnooSnoo, maybe this is what had me on tip toe with how I wanted to finish this highlight before this month ended. So I kinda started early to get a fresh start off the landing because I’m in the talking mood today, and it’s kilacco. Why not? She’s a nice person, and another thing, she’s talkative~

Of course, meaning I’m going to have to look through her pixiv to showcase some of her illustrations and what not. Oh, they’re always better on pixiv. I don’t have to look through as much!~

We’ve already covered once that *ahem* what she’s worked on so I won’t look through on that as much. Instead, I will link you back to an earlier post which has sent meters flying into my dashboard. Yeah, 100 views flat. In a day when my blog was still young. YES. Ahem. And now I present you with that holy once heck of a time blog post. One of the best fanboy posts I ever had of all time.


I can completely skip talking about her work, but unfortunately, I don’t run like that and I try to cover everything she’s ever done that I didn’t cover clearly in that last fanboy post. Ok, let’s talk.

Dun, du-dun! Aka-chan! Kaichou no Seitokai! Yup, she makes her promising debut again. Of course I’ve talked about this before, maybe not extensively, but still. She does the illustrations for Seitokai No Ichizon, a Light Novel series by Sekina Aoi. More info on that here. This is probably one of the ways she has picked up the popularity with anime/light novel fans of reference comedy as she does have those kinds of fans, which is wonderful. Of course, Seitokai No Ichizon’s not that popular as it being the series whole. But still, it’s picking up. Sekina Aoi’s writing skills combined with Inugami Kira’s abilities to illustrate very well as a whole makes a pretty good light novel. Oh, and when I said she does the illustrations for Seitokai, I’ll tell you in specifics.

Seitokai No Ichizon is a special breed of a light novel. Kind of like me, how I don’t blog about eroge or upload anything. Your typical light novel basically contains a whole bunch of paragraphs that you read in a very typical manner, right? Basically words, and a couple monochrome illustrations? Well, the kind of novel that Seitokai No Ichizon is, it doesn’t run like a normal light novel does. Instead, characters are drawn and have dialogue boxes that are displayed in a type of “bubble” back and forth talk manner. Kind of like reading a Google chat log where your avatar is on the left and your friend’s is on the right, except that the “avatars” (characters) rotate their expressions. I could show you how a light novel scan looks like but I am really too lazy to do it~ It’s a simple concept though, you should be able to get it fast.

Considering this factor of Seitokai No Ichizon, you can easily say that Inugami does a very large amount of chibi or super deformed illustrations of these characters in this certain light novel. Why are they chibi or super deformed? That’s just the way they are. It’s a light novel. “Light” as in the context of not very heavy storywise, but instead meant for good laughter and relaxation. Though, indeed, some serious breaks in this drawing are meant to be funny as in a comic relief situation. A fact I might pose however, is that maybe because of this, she has learned how to draw line art pretty fast in her enviroment. Occasionally, she sticks in twitpics of her line art and shares them. You can find many of that stuff here at her twitpic account.

I’ll be proud to share with you guys a couple tidbits of Inugami Kira’s work. Why not? These following pics are from a series of Doujin that she has dubbed Necotoxin.

ã��ã�¯ã�·ã�«ã��è²¼ã�£ã�¦æ�¥ã��ã��ã��ã��ã�£ã�¡ã�«ã��ã�¼ã��表ç... on Twitpicé��ã�«æ�¯ã�£ã�¦è�½ã�¡ã�¤ã��ã��ã�¨æ��ã�£ã��ã��ã� ã��ã�©ã��ã��ã... on Twitpicæ��ã��ã��ã�«è�²å�³ã��å¤�ç�¨ã�§ã�¯ã�ªã��ã��ã�©ã��修正ã��ã��ã... on Twitpic

All twitpics link back to kilacco’s twitpic account where she has a tweet description of these illustrations, so go give them a click and if you like them, cool. If you are fluent in Japanese and have a twitter account, go make a comment. ^^ She’s sure to appreciate it, I bet. (well you know she appreciates a lot of things when you take a look at that post…)

Now on to her next work that I plan to cover extensively.

I think we’ve already talked about Supreme Candy, but again, I will cover it better this time around. Supreme Candy is probably her flagship work around. She’s probably known in the VN community for doing the illustrations for this certain Makura novel, and the work is impressive. She does two of the characters in Supreme Candy, in which of whom are of the most very unique: Tsuyuki Yuuri and Hasegawa Jako.

Once again! M3rry could probably talk about Supreme Candy way better than I might be able to, so check the pingback out. Tonikaku, when I said she does two characters of whom are the very unique, I do indeed mean it. Hasegawa Jako is one of the secret characters in Supreme Candy whose route you unlock via completing all of the other characters’ routes, and Yuuri’s probably one of the very main characters that run the whole backbone of Supreme Candy’s “true” rote. Yeah, and that one dude named Hesperus. Whoops! Spoilers. Not really. Lol.

P.S. She also draws guys too. Her illustrations of them are actually really good.

This is one of the very main reasons why Supreme Candy solely is Inugami Kira’s flagship work. She illustrates the blue-haired usagimimi cap girl that’s a genius and the secret character Jako in which both are participants into the final “true” route of the game. Yup, because of her, Supreme Candy is that wonderful. Supreme Candy was my favorite VN of 2008 (though I only started playing VN’s 2009, reason why playing year old stuff really is awesome) and quite possibly my favorite VN of all time, rivaling with Da Capo Series and Mashiroiro Symphony. Supreme Candy will probably still sit at the top of my favorites until she moves on to do something even better than what Supreme Candy offers right now.

As of the moment however she’s taking what might seem as a relief break until she picks up doing VN CG again, so what she is mainly working on is her illustration series Necotoxin. These images can be located at the twitpics above and also her pixiv. Inugami Kira’s pixiv can be found here. Other than that, you can see from her twitter (later in this blog post) as of right now that she’s sort of taking a light break on things. Again, if you understand Japanese and have a twitter, go drop by her a cute, adorable message, and she’ll respond to you, likely. If she doesn’t, chances are she might be busy. The Necotoxin Illustrations are basically what she focuses on when she isn’t doing anything of the most serious note. As of right now, she is featuring these 2 twin girls having eyes of the most notable characteristics. One twin has this 3rd eye on her forehead that’s kinda shaped like the notorious Beako eye of anti-lolicon, and the other features eyes with a heterochromia feature, where her right eye is sort of void and her left eye is seemingly normal. I find them awesome for some reason. Maybe because it’s Inugami Kira and she has the ability to make half strange things not as strange. It’s fascinating.

A chibi super deformed rendition of Inugami Kira’s twins.

Now, another thing I’d like to point out… Notice anything in a couple certain pictures below?

You’ve spotted it more than enough times, no? Yeah, yeah. Inugami Kira probably features that expression the most every time she draws something of that particular matter. Whether it be mostly cats, plushies, or even a hairclip or a bow clip, Inugami Kira very often features that blank expression. Which is for the best, actually. Really, it’s so cool~ and CUTE. ‘^’ = SNUGGLE ME. I personally find it adorable. That blank stare… coupled with her way of drawing as a whole leads way for some very interesting, awesome pieces of art. Speaking of art…

Inugami Kira’s art, as you probably have already noted, is just to AWE for. Her illustrations, simply put, are some of the best I have ever seen. No kidding. The eye lens are typically large (CUTE!) and carry the perfect amount of opacity and observation of light. Observe the eyes carefully with each and every position and you’ll know she is a good artist. The amount of tint and darkness the eye receives varies from illustration to illustration, depending on position, atmosphere, and mood conveyed. The top eyelashes are slightly thick and the streaks taper nearly perfectly on both ends. The bottom eyelashes provide backdrop for the lens of the eye and are slightly curved to give a sense of space for the eye as a whole. The eyes as a whole are perfect. The hair is also done very well. Inugami Kira, like other artists, draw hair in a cloud form. The bangs stand up a little, bend, and then droop over the eyes in a well done fashion and manner. The streak of hair surrounding the body curve in a way that seems almost surreal sometimes, which is very impressive. It might just be vector work, or it indeed is her stylus that did that, or maybe it’s both and she just vectored a little to sharpen up the rough edges. Inugami Kira’s style of drawing the body is quite sleek. It’s a great thing that it is, and the kinds of characters she draws are perfectly shown by it. Saying that, she adapts quite well to any kind of character you can throw at her excluding the extremes, whether it’s the slightly busty or the pettanko (PETANKO!), she does a great job. Not much to explain anymore.

Now for the final piece of information. Yeah, I love doing this part. One of my favorite sections ever. So, what IS Inugami Kira like?

I’m assuming you’ve read that post about fanboying and what not with Inugami Kira, so you might know a little bit about her, but I can give a bit more on that.

Inugami Kira, though I try to hate to love and to hate to love this fact again and again, is kind of like me on my happiest days. She’s really talkative. She posts on her tuna.be almost EVERY SINGLE DAY *probably gaining more than 10 comments each one*. She’s really really REALLY friendly. She rarely gets angry. It’s impossible for anyone to make her angry. How can you hate a person so perfect~ *dreamy* She has a little tidbit on her info page at her website that disclaims that she does open anime illustrations (as long as you give credit to her and use it correctly), jobs, what not, her works, and oh, the best part.

5月14日 京都生まれ 東京都在住。

Literally translates to:

Born on May 14 in Kyoto, Japan.

That’s right. If you know me… if you truly know me… Let me quote myself.

Precise Birth: May 14, 1994, at 8:42 AM in Fountain Valley Hospital located in Fountain Valley, California, USA

…Amazing, isn’t it. I have the same birthdate as my favorite illustrator. It’s amazing. Out of 364 other days that somehow fate could have chosen my birthdate to be on, it locked me in with the same birthdate with Inugami Kira, my favorite illustrator. Meaning, everytime it’s my birthday, I can wish not just myself, but a goddess of an illustrator that she can have a happy birthday too. Meaning, I won’t ever have to punish myself to remember and hopefully not miss her birthday, and instead I can just say “Oh, it’s my birthday today” and then say “Oh, it’s also Inugami’s birthday today”. Meaning… *bonk* ~Enough…~

Again, it’s pretty hard to describe her as she is, but she’s pretty open with everything she does. She does open anime illustrations. Yup, yup. Anything that she happens to upload, you can share anywhere as long as you use it correctly and still give credit to her. She is a very polite person, which you might probably already know. If you follow her on twitter, she WILL follow you back. She is friends with many of her followers and her tuna.be is open to discussion and comments *unlikecoughRyohka’stunabecoughwhichisfineactuallycough*. She’s extremely appreciative of comments. Reason we uhh *cough* fanboyed. There’s a lot more to her than meets the eye, and when I said it was kinda hard to describe her, I tried not to lie. Once, she compared her voice to Daisy Duck, a Disney character, when this one day she took a picture of a Disney illustration. She found a camouflaged GECKO near her house and said it was a rare thing. Oh, that was just awesome. You don’t get enough of that in a day, do you?

This post, highlight, spotlight, whatever. Yeah it’s REALLY long. I think I added WAY too much words here. Speaking of which, did I get to 5000 words? Nope, I didn’t. I have around 2400 words right now. Oh god that’s crazy.

Anyway, this is concluding the Japanese Illustrator highlight of one of my favorite artists (probably my most favorite) of all time. Oh good lord. *sweats* 狗神煌のハイライト FINISHED!

If you liked this post, awesome, please comment, and I’d appreciate it if you could leave something thoughtful for me to read. If you want to know more about Inugami Kira:

Inugami Kira’s website

Inugami Kira’s twitter

P.S. When you stick her name in Google TL, the literally translated kanji comes out as “Dog (inu, 狗) God (gami, 神) Kira (kira, 煌)”. Must be pretty cool to have a name like that. The name Kira gives me reminiscience of Deathnote’s Light Yagami and his popular alias by which he went as the same name. Oh, I am thinking WAY TOO MUCH!! (´>ω<`)


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  1. SnooSnoo

    So long and extensive @_@
    Will take time off to finish reading the second half later.
    Grats on 1k hits ☆(ゝω・)v

    July 30, 2010 at 9:18 pm

    • Lol~ Yeah, I worked hard on it, around like between 1 hour of searching for good images to showcase and writing the content the best I could.

      Ne, well finish it soon!~ I’m waiting to hear your full thoughts on it~ ^-^

      Oh and thank you! \(`・ω・´)_ I’m quite excited to hit the 1,000 hit mark so early (>ω<)But I promised I would write more and erase that placeholder!

      July 30, 2010 at 9:40 pm

  2. theres the ebiten novels as well in anycase makura is a VN company -_-…. lol

    July 31, 2010 at 3:46 am

    • Lol, yeah ^^; I was thinking about getting to the Ebiten books but this post was already long as heck XD maybe I’ll sneak it in when I’m bored or what not~

      Yeah, Makura is a VN company, it’s just that I wish that a good anime company could pick it up and be signed to work on an anime of Supreme Candy just like their first major work H20 Footprints in the Sand. Then again, I’m not too sure (since H20 the anime was of a debatable quality). But if they made a good anime of Jako’s route, that would be pretty awesome. *though I think others have said that 2 years ago lol*

      July 31, 2010 at 8:18 am

  3. guh H2O anime…. @_@ please… <_< well its not that its was pretty bad but there are things that must be left unseen @_@

    August 1, 2010 at 8:30 am

    • Hmm, maybe. ^^; Having an anime for H20 was either for the better or the worse, huh?

      *shrugs* but the chances were slim anyway. I didn’t expect much, and it’s already 2 years. As of the focus right now though for Inu-ki is when she might be picking up VN CG again. Still, I find the Necotoxin illustrations very nice.

      August 1, 2010 at 12:15 pm

  4. Rather amazing, I have the same birthday as well *~* I really enjoyed this highlight. ^^

    October 17, 2010 at 1:37 pm

    • -Thumbsup- Glad you enjoyed it~ and welcome to my blog!

      Late reply, I know. D:

      May 13, 2011 at 6:49 pm

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