"The greatest treasures are those invisible to the eye but found by the heart."

Monthly Synopsis: July is nearly ending~

A simple synopsis for today, yes, July is ending. That also means my blog is going to grow to be a month old. YES, you got that right. A MONTH OLD. Oh such is the consistency of blogging a hobby that’s so fun in it’s own right. To share my thoughts to the devoted readers on my blog~ (or ARE you devoted readers?). Anyway, as I am writing this, I’m drinking a strawberry banana smoothie. Quite chilly at the moment as it runs down my throat, but nevertheless a refreshing dessert~

So, covering what has happened, excitedly for me, in this exact time and place, I’d like to thank so much of you for supporting me all through the way in reading this blog and commenting on so many of my sketchy moments. This goes out to all of you readers and also I’d like to give a shout out to some of my regulars~

  • Iggy (uggubs), for being the one there sharing our common interest in J-Illustrators and also providing some great enthusiastic comments while also helping me with my Japanese. You’re one of the best significant others I’ve ever had before. You rock, dude.
  • SolistraSora, for being such a cool and conserved person. I’m glad I also share that common interest in Illustrators as you do, and so simply put, you do a great job at PSing and what not. I just wish that you’d have commented at least one time. XD Hope school goes well for you~
  • TaikutsuJoker (Taijou-kun), for being a fellow blogger and helping my blog get off the starting ground when it was so young, probably about a week old. You’re probably one of those whose inspired me to put faith into my blog the most when I started out. Thanks!
  • psyopslayerx, for being an enthusiast and supporting me all through the way for what I did no matter what happened.
  • Tsuyutsuki (Tsuki), albeit being a little dumbfounded, I love what you’ve did to support me all the way for my blog, sticking it up on your UP at MT, and trying the best you can to support me while my blog was still young. Keep up the great work, tsuki. Oh, and yes, this blog is filled with moe girls. Same with my HDD that is about to run out of space due to my unhealthy condition to download a ton of Otaku-esque stuff. Finish that moe girl soon~ XD
  • Pop (Poopieland, Popcrunch), albeit being “my master” for a time being, you are also one of those great great supporters. If only I had more of the time to talk to you about K-pop and what not. Not to forget, you also are a great PSer.
  • Kujaku (peacock, Ku-kun) for secretly reading my blog and never commenting and always posting up tantalizing suggestive pictures on your profile. Oh, wherever you are, I’ll make sure we stay in touch. *fufufufufu*
  • Algester and SnooSnoo, well of course you guys came late into the formula, but thanks for the small support via twitter on helping my blog look neater. Oh if only I met much more of the crew. Maybe sometime later in an age where my blog does become something big.
  • kyonkun, even though maybe it was only yesterday, the amount of pride you made me feel when you retweeted my latest blogpost on Keion was such a thrill. I’ve gotten at least more than 60+ pageviews that day. Maybe around 70-80~
  • Last but not least, DEFINITELY NOT LEAST, the artists and illustrators on twitter who were extremely polite to us on Twitter and either responded back to our tweets and/or followed us back. This includes in no particular order: kilacco (Inugami Kira), nakamura_takesh (Nakamura Takeshi), amanesoh (Amane Soh), tsubasu_izumi (Izumi Tsubasu), mana_mitui (Mitsui Mana), lunaticjoker, choco_mugi (Choco), karory, Eroji (Eiji), sato_satoru (Satoo Satoru), himukai_k (Himukai Kyosuke), and practice19 (p19, plus19, +19).

If I’ve forgotten you, then I’m sorry, so I also give you credit for supporting me if you have. Maybe you’re that supporter that I don’t know subscribed to my blog. Maybe you haven’t even read my blog however you still continue to view it. For unknown reasons, I thank you. You’ve helped me get my blog to where it is now. A spot where I enjoy it’s at and only hope gets better. As is the custom…

ありがとうございます。Thank you.

On to the next part of this first monthly synopsis, what do I plan to do? Well, I’m planning to reach a point, probably in a couple more months where I might run out of space of the spare 3GB in WordPress and I might have to move to a bigger home. During this time, I pray that I get as much followers during the time spared that I can and we can have a safe migration. It’s going to be a hassle, but maybe once Amuchi gets this done, he can think seriously as a blogger, agree?

I’m still sticking with the wordpress engine because of how simple it is and how much other artists use the WP engine. Specifically, p19, one of my favorite artists, made the WP interface look like HEAVEN… *much reason to fanboy over*

Oh, how p19 brings light and JOY TO MY EYES… I just cannot tell you the feelings I have found in myself for her. Take a look at this small chat.

LonelyAmure @practice19 うわあああー...あなたはイラストレーターの間での女神が...あなたのイラストが本当に美しいです!僕はすでにあなたのファンです。(´・ω・`)A goddess among Illustrators.I’m such a fan of yours now.

practice19 @LonelyAmure ありがとうございます!そんなに喜んでもらって私もとても嬉しいです!これからも良い絵を描けるようにがんばります><b

LonelyAmure @practice19 どう致しまして!~僕はあなたのイラストに興奮しています。彼らは本当に素晴らしく見える。ε(>ω<)3You’re welcome! I’m excited about your illustrations! They truly do look great

Aww… I think I made her nervous… (>ω<) Well, yeah. Anyway, what I tweeted her, I did not regret at all. In fact, I almost fanboyed. Oh Iggy, I told you, didn’t I? This new illustrator is oh so much a goddess. This is basically the conversation translated:

LonelyAmure @practice19 Wow… You are a goddess among illustrators… Your Illustrations are beautiful! I’m already a fan of yours.

practice19 @LonelyAmure Thank you very much! I am going to try my best to do a picture/illustration now!

LonelyAmure @practice19 You’re welcome! I’m excited about your illustrations! They truly do look great.

Ok, fine translating my tweets were totally unnecessary since I put the English rendition of my J tweet next to it but apparently I impressed her by a large degree. Hmm, I wonder what Japanese are like. XD They must take a lot of these kinds of things very… motivationally. Whatever it was, I could not lie to my heart. I could not lie… those eyes, that perfect body… those streaks of hair… they spoke to me… I found a young maiden that I now adore like no other…

Fine fine fine. I’ll do an artist highlight on p19 so you can get the full edition of what might have happened and more. I don’t like explaining her completely in a post where I can highlight a post just about her, so I’ll do just that. Anyway, simple stuff, p19 is what you can call an underdog illustrator. More or less like an underdog, her page is… COMPLETELY PWNAGE. Her art is wonderful beyond extreme measures. As of the moment right now I pray that I can maintain the connection with her until so much… *tracking off into dreamland*

When I added her on the JITP list, I completely went: “Ok, I HAVE to add a special note here.” So you can take a look at that later if you want. JITP page is at the top. You can navigate there easily. Thanks~

Anyway, she is an awesome illustrator. Her ABOUT page is literally the BEST. THE FLIPPING BEST. MY GOD. OH… OH GOD. I feel like I’m going to tear away my heart again because of her…

You can check out more of p19 here. Though I feel EXTREMELY SELFISH to put this up. Her illustrations are all MINE!~ UWAAA!!! *bonk* ~Ok, enough, amu-kun…~

The JITP list is being updated at a slow rate right now. I might put in more of the effort to look into searching later, but ATM I’m accepting Pixiv artists that have connections with big artists and already are pretty popular. Still tight on deviantarts because DA’s are typically not Japanese. Anyway, more on that, but as of the moment… what seems the most important…

Do you see that poll over there? Yeah. The one with that certain illustration in it? I call that poll skin the “LonelyAmure: p19 Reimu Hakurei” poll skin. I’m extremely proud of it. Anyway, it is a little funky but as I said most of the time, it will be better once I find out how to make it the neatest it can be. As of right now though, it is LonelyAmure’s official personal poll skin. Un, un. It is. I like it a lot, so it’s staying. Besides, this is one of the ways how I can truly show I love this maiden of an illustrator, oh so pure and divine you are, p19… How I wish I knew your real name since you indeed are so wonderful~

Continuing on. The poll is to conceive the general consensus of what I should focus on next month so I can gather what exactly people want me to focus on. Of course, I’m not going to get a lot of votes, so if I don’t get any within a week, it’s alright. However, if you do vote, I’ll put in the best effort I can to focus on whatever you want me to focus on. Besides, I learn a lot more that way. It might not mean much to what I will inevitably blog about, but it will definitely give me an idea as of what you, the reader, wants to read about. For the better or for the worse. If you want to vote, the poll is on the sidebar right under my mini-profile. It’s impossible to miss. If you vote, thanks! If you don’t vote and want to keep your thought to yourself, it’s okay, but remember that votes are anonymous, you can’t vote more than once, and also, only percentages will be shown.

Of course, I can’t really do anything about how it’s a little hard to read because apparently under some weird circumstance I can’t change the background of the answers because there is none except the poll box, and there is no border. I do love p19’s Illustration of Reimu so again, better or worse, I might change it or I might not. Maybe I have to look for a darker p19 Illustration to fix that. Hmmm~

Again, thanks for reading, and this is the first monthly synopsis of LonelyAmure’s blog, July 2010. Later, everyone!~ ε(・ω・)v

As of the moment when I blogged this, my wordpress has hit 902 views. Thank you, everyone!


12 responses

  1. jesuss, allen. you’re crazy with your 2000 word blog entries, i get excited if mine are even 300. D: BAHAHA, eye love. ❤
    i'm sure we'll make some more latahhh<3

    July 29, 2010 at 8:44 pm

  2. lol new home eh… -_-… dasaku crew people?… im not sure about wacky cast of hosting though

    July 29, 2010 at 9:05 pm

  3. It almost reach 1,000 hits, dont forget ;3
    Good work hard in extending your J-illust name list! ^^b

    July 29, 2010 at 9:15 pm

  4. Ah you are very sweet Amure =] *hugs*

    I wasn’t posting anything because I wanted my first post to be after I gave you the banners and whatnot (which is coming really really soon btw!! XD)

    But don’t worry, I still visit this site everyday and look forward to your updates regardless of whether I comment 😉 😉


    July 29, 2010 at 9:25 pm

    • You’re so welcome, Soso! X3 I’m so glad you took the time to comment~

      Ah… Haha, well the banners can wait =) I’m glad you’re doing them for me, which makes me really excited because you indeed are are a mod, aren’t you? XD *thumbs up*

      Aww, thanks Soso-kun~ You’re the best X3 Glad you keep up with the updates on my blog~ I mean, it’s only LonelyAmure right? *blushes* :3

      I’ll see you around more, yeah? And you must be on twitter or something seeing how you got to this update so fast~(・ω・)

      July 29, 2010 at 9:38 pm

  5. @brenda Because you’re not devoted like I am~ :3 fuwafuwa~ Your blog is sorta funky though XD See, no comments, and like… how can we contact you LMAO

    @Algester Thinking about it ^^ but that thought has yet to reach it’s full potential because as of the moment right now my blog doesn’t need to be hosted on another site yet. I like it on WordPress.com right now, but when it gets bigger, I’m thinking of moving~

    @Taijou-kun I know!!! So fast, right?! That was AMAZING. I know 1,000 views in what seems like a whole month is pretty slow, but I’m excited, just really excited. When I hit 1000 views/hits/whatever I’m going to write a blog about that XDD

    The JITP list is increasing slowly >.> At a slow, slow pace XD It’s mostly when I’m in the mood to do it, that’s the thing~ But maybe if Iggy gets on I can start thinking about doing it because he motivates me to talk about artists like an incoherent blab machine. Neh, Neh. No one shares a love for Ryohka and Kilacco like Iggy and I do. Iggy’s got to comment soon though D:

    July 29, 2010 at 9:27 pm

  6. SnooSnoo

    Heads-up. Voted for J-Illustrators in your poll.
    Also, konnichiwa is written こんにちは.

    July 29, 2010 at 10:25 pm

    • Oh! My bad XD I always seem to make that sort of mistake when I’m typing with J IME 2002 Input blah blah blah. I’ll fix that ASAP~ Thanks Snoo =)

      EDIT: Fixed! I hope I didn’t miss anything~

      July 29, 2010 at 10:41 pm

  7. Looks like your blog is growing real fast O_O

    But… I really need to tell you that you do need to compress those “Wall of Text” in your posts. My friends that came to my house a while ago found me reading this post, and he said; “Dude, is that an online novel?”

    And… not to be an *******, but it really discourage clueless people to read your posts, including me TT_TT

    July 30, 2010 at 7:08 am

    • It is, lol. It’s picking up like crazy O _ O I’ve gotten a ton of hits ever since I’ve been trying to put in the effort to write the best I can~ =D

      They are long~ But see, that’s the way I am~ ^_^ I like more than enough content written down in my blogs XD

      Please refrain from using those kinds of words ^^; It decreases my Pagerank~ I can’t fulfill that request for you, unfortunately. Tradition stays when I try to blog as much as I can, but if anything, I’ll do my best to stick in more visuals, yeah? LonelyAmure will always stay a talkative blogger… so no changes to the formula~

      July 30, 2010 at 7:20 am

  8. Soukah :O oh yeah, I shouldn’t have used that word ;/ I mean I could at least censor it 😡

    I see. Well good luck then 😀 soon your blog might get as much traffic as Dannychoo, I believe.

    July 30, 2010 at 9:50 am

    • It’s alright ^^; I censored it for you.

      Oh how I wish! LOL, it seems impossible as of the moment to get where he is, but maybe someday, maybe someday XD

      Danny Choo literally gets as much views in an hour on his posts than me in 2 weeks. Maybe even more than that. It’s amazing, isn’t it? Anyway, thanks for the compliment XD good luck on your blog too!

      July 30, 2010 at 12:23 pm

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