"The greatest treasures are those invisible to the eye but found by the heart."

#keion was trending yesterday? SCII release!!! (屮゚Д゚)屮

Yeah, so apparently people heard the news yesterday, and #keion trended for around 3 hours before being taken down by those other silly silly trends that make no sense at all and how people waste their time trying to get a retweet out of something that just bears no fruit. Not even the leaves.

What is Keion? (though I should really bamf uber killz you if you say that) Keion (けいおん) is basically what they call K-On! in America. Yeah, it’s that anime and light novel series. Apparently it’s gained a lot of popularity, whether it’s the featured songs on the oricon charts like Yoko Hikasa’s (Mio) hit song Don’t Say Lazy or Fuwa Fuwa Time and Aki Toyosaki’s (Yui) Cakayake! Girls and Go! Go! Maniac. People have probably already understood that the Keion series, both the anime and the light novel are popular in Japan. Not to mention a good part of the western United States like California where I live. Ok, it’s not that popular since everyone talks about Naruto and Bleach and how freaking awesome Byakuga Kuchiki’s Senbonzakura is. Yeah, it’s awesome, but you westerner Bleach and Tite Kubo fanboys talk about bankais all the time like you’re rocket scientists and want what not to devise some sort of IRL soul society. Luckily, Tite Kubo is in the JITP list so go fanboy over him there. Haha~

Clear it up and round it out~ Alright, so what exactly were the nipponjins talking about when they were mentioning and hashing #keion on twitter? More results if you go search “keion twitter trends” or “keion trends” on google. You should land on trendistic or a similar page. Anyway, these tweets basically refer to, if I’m correct, a twitter “fanboying/fangirling” concert for #keion’s airing on TBS. Ok, so basically the nipponjins were just tweeting stuff in rough translations: “Keion?! WHERE?! #keion #TBS” “Original Mio-chan is the best #keion #TBS” and the most notable “EPISODE 16 AIRING RIGHT NOW!!!!” or just the indication “IT BEGUN!!!!”.

So yeah. Did you get that? Episode 16 of Keion!! (season 2) aired on TBS and basically, Nippon was getting all excited for it. I might be wrong and it might not be episode 16 though. But anyway, that’s what they were basically fanboying/fangirling about. As of right now I’m watching the episode. Ok, so maybe it released like 2 days ago, but still… as of what I see they were still talking about #keion in general. Something to stick out.

But then there are the people that don’t know what the heck is Keion!! so they either try to get some extra hash tweets in like typing something stupid or just bash on the trending topic even when they don’t know that it’s a Japanese trend. It’s called CHECKING THE FINE PRINT. YOU GO TO CLICK ON THE TREND AND SEE WHAT THEY’RE TRENDING ABOUT!! IF YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND IT, DON’T BASH IT!!! GAAH! Some people… *facepalm* oh, just some people…

Anyway, Keion was a great series. Glad to see that it was trending. Now on to the next topic of today’s agenda. Starcraft II. スタークラフト2. 스타 크래프트 2. THAT’S RIGHT YOU LITTLE ZERGLINGS.

YES. STARCRAFT II IS OUT. Something great has happened in the world. SOMETHING GREAT HAS FREAKING HAPPENED. South Korea makes an official holiday stating the release of SCII because they are the ULTIMATE STARCRAFT GAMERS and eat SPICY KIMCHI NONG SHIM NOODLES day and night like THE MEN TERRANS/PROTOSS/ZERG IN WAR. How long has starcraft been trending anyway?! Let’s cover that.

On Trendistic, Starcraft 2 officially had a spike and surge of popularity and fathom on it’s release yesterday. Just yesterday. It picked up so fast you could see THE SWARM attacking OUR SUPPLY DEPOTS. WE NEED TO CONSTRUCT MORE PYLONS AND SPAWN MORE OVERLORDS!!!

So yeah, Starcraft 2 was a big hit all around the world. South America, North America, Europe, and Asia (especially Korea, duh). However, I don’t plan to get it until I get in my new computer first (which, yesterday I was talking about, had unluckily sold out) and my computer can handle online STARCRAFT II. OH LOOOOOVE!!!! MUCH LOVE TO ADUN AND AIUR THE OVERMIND!!! Yeah, protoss is my favorite race. Sure they start out slow, but their units are the BEST. THEY PWN. Not the best at rushing like Terran Marines or Zerg Overlords that POOP THAT WEIRD SLIME THAT’S CALLED CREEP. Anyway, chances are this is going to pick up in every country so get in your stars and WINS before you lose out and become 0fficially /\/00|3P\/\//\/Z0R5. And people who talk like that should sleep painfully and never wake up again. Or have those people crushed under MA TANK!!!

Anyway, that’s for this post, and I’m still trying to get in the time to do another Illustrator Highlight but I never get the time to. Maybe I’ll get to it in time. In time I will. Besides, I really REALLY REALLY want to do an Illustrator Highlight on the illustrators for QP:Flapper. Will get to that soon but I need to get into their tweets, see how they reply to intelligent fanboy otaku species like me… and all that other stuff. MUCH LOVE. Peace out. Σ(°Д°)v (屮゚Д゚)屮 I MUST HAVE MY MINERALS AND VESPENE GAS!!!


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