"The greatest treasures are those invisible to the eye but found by the heart."

Amuchi? Where did Amuchi go? Σ(´°o°;)

So you’re all wondering where the heck I went for 2 days straight, aren’t you? Yeah, I noticed. My views have been dying, but not because of the wasted fruit that I had started my blog out of. Someone told me that I put in quite a lot of time into my blog which he/she did appreciate, but said that I wasn’t keeping up with my social networking, and actually, I’ve taken a break on social networking and instead, once again I pursued what I desired the most with my significant other, Iggy. Oh, yeah, and Ichi-chan always tags along.

Lemme cover what’s been happening over 2 days, concisely (though it’s never concise), because I can cover what happens in either a short period of time or a long period of time, and I don’t want to lose all of you people that are extensively viewing the blog as fruit and devotion of the Japanese Illustrator bonds and interests you share with me! So, 2 days ago…

Admin at SH finally decided to give me my name back, but I still didn’t go there as often because for one, they removed the tweetboard, which I thought was really convenient, and also, I felt that it was socially half dead, half alive. Of course, Iggy was still around there, and duh he’s Iggy, he’s S-mod, but moreover we were just talking over MSN and twitter about our favorite artists like always. He did mention…

(10:15 PM) Ignati:    Dude seriously I think you’re much more of a fanboy than I even already am xD

And so true, is that prophecy, that destined me to be a Japanese Illustrator Guru. Oh, how it is, how it is… “It’s all about the art” should be my next motto. This doesn’t even seem like Anything In General anymore. I’ll go edit my webclap… maybe later lol.

(10:16 PM) ♥友情と愛♦_αmùяe♣ ♠: Lol, it’s hard to meet one of my own.
Most people that know as much artists as I do, they’re full on japanese
(10:16 PM) ♥友情と愛♦_αmùяe♣ ♠: I’m just one of the rare english breed that loves talking about illustrators ;3
(10:16 PM) Ignati: apparently so xD
well before you i didn’t meet anyone like me too xD
(10:17 PM) Ignati: or when i started talking about artists they wouldn’t recognise what i was talking about lol

Ah, the scent of being one of those unique people that know too much illustrators… Oh, how it corrodes my blood with the AIRASHIINESS and the MOE that it so handsomely delivers, through from lines to color and then to ART… *enters cardiac arrest* *smack* Ow, sorry Ichi-chan.

Ok, so this blog is still new. We’ve gotten past new however, it’s been around 3 weeks already, sure it’s July, still, bad bad people, but *ahem* I am still trying to maintain blogging pretty often. 3 times a week at least. If I don’t get that in, my calendar will start to look ugly. So most of these will consist of what seems like Artist Highlights (which I’m still studying, to be honest) and some other stuff.

Have you seen the updated JITP list? It’s wack. Yesterday I added around 20 people but there are still a ton more of illustrators to index. Oh so much. Oh so freaking much. Anyway, yeah, I was leeching off lists, but hey~ It’s convenient in a way. And I always add notes everytime I think something is of a particular note, whether he or she will follow you back if you choose to follow, what they tweet about, why they have a name as such, that kind of thing.

Not to mention straight out on a rant though, but Amuchi just doesn’t like people who think they are know-it-alls. You know who you are. Yesterday, I was extremely pissed off at one of the members who kept talking back at me in a chatroom. Iggy knows, but we won’t discuss that because it’s for the better for our sakes. Gotta keep our fanboy spirits alive. They have to be alive! Healthy! Like I said 2 days ago, Iggy’s been down with what not his work and all and I was still streaming the internet for news, images, and in particular this Beatmania Simulator (BMS) for the computer. I’m planning to install it as soon as I get a new computer and a BMS interface, say, the same way that the BM aftermarket controllers are modeled for the PS2 versions. Nihon is amazing. They still utilize the PS2. Oh, soon they will have to import BM onto a PS3.

Speaking of computers and internet, hey! Today, actually, my dad was talking about getting a refurbished ASUS UL50 equipped with a core i3 chip processor, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, all that stuff, which was REALLY AWESOME. The price was good, so it wouldn’t take that much out of my hand, and you know ASUSes. Reliable, strong, what not. Sure their battery life isn’t the best but I don’t care about battery life. Simply because my laptop is nearly always plugged in. Get prepared for another revolution of the Amuchi strikes back. *does awesome pose* *bonk* owww… Ichi-chan…

One of my friends, Stephie, suggested that I do a blog about what I do in my spare time because this one time I shared with her how I made some FL songs (and FL is broken on my computer ATM, stupid freaking torrenters) on my computer, specifically ballad and some other kinds of songs like Electronica and what not. I was planning to do that, but I said FL was broken on my computer because there was this bugged DLL file which pissed me off so much. Ugh, what the heck is with some people, installing their patches with malware and what not. Anyway, I might be able to blog about that one time sooner or later when I can, so be prepared to meet me as me the artist. I’m still a Japanese Illustrator Guru though. No doubt, my friends. No. Doubt.

Mmm… this pizza is amazing. Yesterday, I had this pizza, I know it wasn’t from the store, oven bake it yourself pizza, but oh god I cannot forget the taste. Freschetta. You stick a Freschetta with those supreme toppings and all, sausage, peppers, pepperoni, olives on the whole pizza, into the oven with some Greek Golden Pepperoncinis (some type of pepper from Greece, like the ones they stick in Papa John boxes), you take it out, the aroma is SO GOOD. OH GOD, I can just whack off to that scent *bonk* *cough* Gomen, Ichi-chan. Anyway, I might be able to write like this small dietary comment on how I ate a pizza but whatever. The Pepperoncinis, ok, those kinds of peppers, they are CRUNCHY, and SUCCULENT, such a vibrant fizz of SPICE in every bite. When you bake them, the aroma of the spice and vinegar illuminates with the aroma of the pizza and the vaporized oil from the pepperoni, perfectly seasoned, oh, it’s wonderful. I take a GREEK PEPPER… and I EAT IT!!!! *insert awkward moment here* The crunchiness, oh so succulent. Then I take a slice of PIZZA… and I EAT IT!!! *insert quirky awkward moment here* Anyway, that was just great. Add that with a glass of Tropical Punch, and BAM, Dinner is served. I lasted quite a while. Couldn’t forget the best feeling in my stomach. Ok, so maybe it wasn’t that epic, but hey, it was still great. Great enough I had to blog about it. EAT IT, BOY!!!~ *bonk* Ow.

That concludes it for this blog, and my next Illustrator highlights are going to be on BOTH the artists, a 2 piece highlight of the pair of Ohara Tometa and Sakura Kohara. We freaking love you girls, ladies, illustrators, whatever. Ohara Tometa, I so wanna date you and make you smile. Sakura Kohara, you draw so well that if I had some of your best illustrations on my Dakimakura if I had one, I would stay in bed ALL FREAKING DAY. They were talking about this on dannchu (Portmanteau for dannychoo) about who’s the artist that did those illustrations, I knew the guys for a while from like 2 months back in May, still a fan of their art since then. You can never blame a Japanese Illustrator Guru for knowing this much, can you? Well duh, you can’t. Anyway, this concludes this post, and I’m going to start on a Japanese Illustrator highlight? Aren’t you happy I’m back, Ichi-chan? *glomps*

Don’t forget to check out the UPDATED JITP list in the sidebar. It is always updated when I can, so keep that in mind. Peace! (^-^)v


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