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Japanese Illustrator Highlight: Ryohka 涼香

Ach! Iggy and I are annoyed to DEATH that Hoshizora E Kakaru Hashi is delayed ONCE AGAIN. Of course, that doesn’t stop me from highlighting this awesome friggin’ artist. But who are we kidding! FUDGE, I can’t PLAY Hoshikaka that early this summer! Ugh, it is going to get in the way of schoolwork and what not.

Anyway, what’s up. Amure-kun here.  Another one to highlight this awesome artist out of the blue, because I was bored. Really. I highlight artists because they’re for one, have cool personalities, and another one, they draw. I’m a big art fan, so don’t tackle me on the reason why I didn’t play Hoshizora No Memoria because the cover art didn’t exactly impress me. Ok, fine go tackle me. I was going to go plan to do it later, anyway, but Amure-kun sometimes is busy, what not with his 18 tabs open, Tweetdeck, and also MSN. Eat on it, yo.

My computer never takes a break. Speaking of which… *inserts page break below.*

Who is Ryohka? No, how about I say it in Japanese. 涼香誰?Simply put, she is one of the founding fathers or mothers of how I started getting into imageboards. That’s right, moe imouto, I’m talking about you. Why don’t they have a wiki page about her yet? Goddang! Must be ebilz to eat on the cookie when it is still baking in the oven, so do it. *cough* She’s a Japanese Illustrator, so let’s cover on what she has done. 絵描きと画家すきです!

Ryohka has quite the reputable on her. Of course she hasn’t done as much as, say Carnelian or Hiro Suzuhira, but that doesn’t stop her from being completely awesome. In fact, probably around the last 3 years back had extensive CG drawing in a VN had begun to discover huge notice from overseas and what not. Youtube has VN OPs. If you signed up for a Nicovideo, you would know that 2 years ago and to now the trend was anime anime anime manga manga manga and a little bit vocaloid mixed in there too. So, since she’s begun her debut somewhere in 2006, let’s get started on what she’s done.

  • Dengeki Moeoh Illustrations (like most of the artists, yeah)
  • Her Suzuya Ryohka Doujin Series
  • Aozora No Mieru Oka (The first VN she’s ever done CG in)
  • Akane-iro Ni Somaru Saka
  • Pia Carrot he Youkoso!! G.P.
  • Wizard Girl Ambitious

As you can see, she’s got quite a little under her belt ever since the 2006 spike in popularity. Hey, no biggie. She’s growing to be one of those artists that will soon have so much accomplishments under her skin. No boost fuel necessary. Anyway, I can only cover so much, and since it’s pointless to cover all 5 of them, I guess I can cover the 2 of her biggest hits ever since coming into the Japanese Illustrator Battleground over with some tea and cookies. Wait, Ryohka doesn’t play like that.

We all remember who she is, don’t we? If you don’t know, you’re better off not knowing. If you do wanna know… Go over to Wikipedia. Here’s a link. Want to take some syrup with you? You might need it for extensive gratification and hopefully the situation won’t get sticky. Either way, Ryohka illustrates two characters in Akane-iro Ni Somaru Saka. Nagase Minato, Shiraishi Nagomi, and Nagomi’s mystery sister Yutori. I will, sadly, not cover on these characters (well maybe Minato because she’s so hot) but yeah, Izumi and Ryohka probably both remember this VN as one of their… popular works, say, it was great visually, CG was clean, crisp, and beautiful (ok, maybe not the zoom in’s from Shiraishi’s route but still it looks good) and also… somehow had a good story. But if you wanted a review on that, go hop on your two feet over to the other people’s reviews. I don’t know… use google. You’ll find something along the lines of a review for Akane-iro Ni Somaru Saka and hopefully not the anime. The anime… was mixed… I did like how Jun fell in love with her sister (which was the most fun path for me overall in the VN) but just the sudden change in his feelings was really, really not cool. Ok, I’m ranting, not cool, moving on.

Minato-san is still hawt. She is one of my favorite characters in all time playing VNs. Up there with the winners like Inugami Kira’s characters and Korie Riko’s characters. I would totally choose to… protect my sister like the shining knight say she looked that hot. Maybe I’m crazy. I don’t know, I never had a sister (though I’d love her to death). Which, simply speaking, I will keep to myself in the meantime because I am a sane person. And why I like her a lot is mainly because, duh, her illustrator is awesome at drawing and in person, and though… her illustrator doesn’t quite match the personality that she has (later on in a section), she still maintains that perfect perfect clean, clear personality. ね、妹さんは愛らしいです。湊さんすきです。

Oh yeah, and that picture made Hibiscus one of my favorite flowers.

Now this girl, this is more suiting for Ryohka’s personality. I’m glad I covered this. Ryohka does the flagship character of Sugar Pot’s Wizard Girl Ambitious, Mitsurugi Asuka. I can’t cover that much here, because I haven’t finished her route and I’m planning to… soon. Fine go tackle me. Anyway, that covers all I’m going to talk about her work, so time to start talking about…

Her art. Ooh, don’t you see a resemblance? Yeah, see the bit of over Nanaka’s legs and her blush? Mmhmm, deja vu from Mitsui Mana’s style of drawing. But I said they don’t draw completely similar, right? Yeah. Ryohka’s probably one of those artists that advertise the moe, the kawaiiness, the AIRASHIINESS. First, let’s cover the eyes. Ryohka’s eyes are very very cute. They’re wide, the perfect shape, undeniably the perfect tint of opaque vs glare, and the eyelens are large, gelatin clear, and smooth. Is gelatin clear and smooth? Whatever. It’s freaking perfect. Ryohka, like Mitsui, or Mitsui like Ryohka, draws the hair in a cloud shape, over the eyes and surrounding the rest of the girl’s petite body. The hair is beautiful. It has a tone that is crisp and not too bright, subtle enough to dazzle you in moonlight (which she does, actually). And the body. Ryohka typically draws her bodies in a slim, clampesque figurine that isn’t overexaggerated by the huge use of mangakaesque rapid sketch done monochrome pages with “do” (ド) all over it (Action FTW, btw). The body has glare, like I said, but it adds to that sweet tone she always seems to do well with (or does she…). Oh, and not to forget. She draws breasts really well. Maybe she’s got her own to look at and be proud to share on paper? (Enough perviness, イチゴちゃん says!)

Ryohka’s personality. You’ve probably already heard tidbits about her if you’ve been either stalking me or actually being an avid reader on this blog, which I know no one is. Anyway… Ryohka’s personality might be too hard to describe, but here we go.

Ryohka, the hot ekaki with definitely some nice pictures of her hands if you’ve ever say streamed her tuna.be. Hey, if her hands are nice, then what does that say about the rest of the body? Ooh, dang hot. You can whip me if I misbehave~ *does a Justin Timberlake move* Ok, I’m going to stop now. I’m sorry, Ichi-chan. Tonikaku is the best word in this type of situation. Tonikaku, Ryohka’s personality can best be described as spontaneous, fluid, and extremely fun. She loves video games like Metal Gear Solid and her twitter says her following the hiragana characters “O Pantsu Sama”. That’s the best freaking catchphrase ever. I would replace the quote on my site with that one, but only if my blog was all about pantsu. Sadly, it isn’t. But still, pantsu is win. Ryohka doesn’t hesitate to be open with what other shy illustrators like Izumi would say. She especially likes PVC figures other companies made that have great oshiri (おしり ) and also great chibusa (乳房). Oh, especially those things. Not to forget, the airashii kao (愛らしい顔). Much love for her. Much, much, much, much, too much love for her. Which is never enough. Baby, you are like the air I breathe, can’t live without you, I’m dying without you~ *bamp* もうたくさんだ!お、すみません、アムレくん。。。大丈夫ですか?はい、はい。。。(^^;)

Otherwise, she is an awesome illustrator especially also in what would seem to be Mitsui-san’s big sister. I gotta stop making that comparison. I might kill myself because of that.

You already know what she’s like. If you want to know more, you can go visit…

Ryohka’s website

Ryohka’s twitter

That concludes this highlight! If you liked this post, feel free to comment and what not. Yeah, guys, bluuuuuurrrrgh. *hugs イチゴちゃん*


3 responses

  1. Algester

    I have no comment on how Minato’s route in akane-iro felt so awesome… yeah.. she is basically the epitomous character in my list that made me change my view on incest FOR HOT IMOUTO IS HOT!!! flat out straight

    July 27, 2010 at 11:22 pm

  2. I am bookmarking this website ^w^

    Minato is Winato.

    January 13, 2011 at 7:18 am

    • Excellent~ and nice to meet you! Welcome to my blog~

      Yes, she is indeed win 8) Oh, good memories of playing Akasaka… ❤

      May 13, 2011 at 6:47 pm

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