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Sandbox and the Japanese Illustrators List, 500 hits

Within what seems like a week already, Amure-kun’s blog has already gained 500 hits. That’s amazing. Seems that the scheme must already be working. ^^;; Anyway, Yeah, lately, I’ve been doing Japanese Illustrator Highlights, since that has always been a thing for me. So, what have I done lately to my blog?

Well, I was bored so I added 2 new things, a widget with a list of links and banners from my favorite Japanese Illustrators and also a sort of sandbox page where I stick in things of my interest that I might look at when I’m bored and have nothing to do in particular. Most of you readers know that I’m an illustration/artbook junkie. ^^; I always stream the net for reviews and downloads of artbooks, though I never comment, because for some reason, I never leave that much a thoughtful comment, and I love posting something that isn’t short. It’s artbooks, what can I say other than wow? XD

The Sandbox right now is filled with VNs that I am excitedly waiting for the release. Meaning, I might have to clear out some space in my EHDD. *facepalm* Oh, how I wish I didn’t download so much sometimes.

The Japanese Illustrator Twitter Project is on hiatus because simply, I can’t stand how buggy twitter is at the moment. It’s been on maintenance recently so until it’s fixed and for sure, I’m not going to search for twitters in a while. This is the reason I kind of started Japanese Illustrator Highlights because it seemt like an interesting thing to blog about. I want to give these Japanese Illustrators my thoughts on them and share them with the English-speaking oriented world, though there are some people that, chances are, have already done this.

Mitsui Mana, again as always, has tweeted something very cute. Ryohka has speed blogged about one of the female editors at her studio giving her cake that is shaped like dooky. We tweeted her back, and in particular I thought that was really funny. You can see the tweets here.

uggubs @ryohka_jp そのうんこの風味どうだった?(・ω・)
about 3 hours ago via web

LonelyAmure @ryohka_jp そのうんこをもらった瞬間はすごく面白かった(・∀・) @uggubs 笑笑笑
about 3 hours ago via TweetDeck

I just love being social sometimes, no… I should say a lot of the time. ^^;; Anyway, kilacco thanked both of us for congratulating her on having 2,000 followers! Seriously, though, that is an amazing feat. =) I’m glad we told her!

LonelyAmure @kilacco follower 2000になった、おめでとうございます狗神煌さん!あなたに嬉しい~(^^)
about 3 hours ago via TweetDeck

uggubs @kilacco フォロア2000になったおめでとうございます!Congratulations for having 2000 followers! ^^
about 3 hours ago via web in reply to kilacco

kilacco @LonelyAmure @uggubs thanksヽ(*´∀`*)ノ!!
about 2 hours ago via ついっぷる in reply to LonelyAmure

Haha, see? Such an adorable illustrator.

LonelyAmure @uggubs We got… a reply ❤ *high 5’s* My god, kilacco always seems to make me happy X3
about 2 hours ago via TweetDeck in reply to uggubs

Ok, so what else is there for me to cover, hmm? Oh, also. My next two Japanese Illustrator Highlights are going to be Ryohka and Inugami Kira. I know I might have  sort of highlighted her already in my post where she tweeted us back (yeah, Iggy, it’s my most viewed post as of right now), but I am doing another highlight because I wanted to cover on some of the things like her art and personality, what not. To cover the bases I didn’t cover in that last post, yeah? And you know why I’m doing Ryohka. Ryohka is simply a flippin’ awesome sexy devil. Hell bent sexy. ;3

They delayed Hoshizora E Kakaru Hashi AGAIN. It’s another month?! BEFORE SCHOOL STARTS?! NOOOOO MY DREAMS ARE CRUSHED!!! I might be even be tearing up my time during school to just play Hoshizora because I believe that is a eroge visual novel worth playing. PLEASE don’t delay it anymore, feng! I know you love cranking out the best work you can on your VNs but make it through the deadline! I’m busy, but isn’t everyone? Summer is near closing to an end. They’re proposing the sale date at 8/27. Ignis doesn’t like that. Nevertheless, we go on.

Solistrasora’s been busy with schoolwork so he hasn’t gotten around to decorating my complete blog interface yet. However, as soon as he gets done with it, I’ll tell you guys. Oh, yeah, and I better have my name back, admin. It’s been 24 hours.

Finally, a post about Anything In General in two days. Hey, it hasn’t been THAT long. I actually like highlighting these Japanese Illustrators, and what can Iggy and I say? We’re addicts to moe art and the like. Remember our fanboy post on Inugami Kira?

Anyway, if you want to comment on your mind anything that you feel you must point out on this post, post a reply. Besides, Amure-kun loves the comments.


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