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Japanese Illustrator Highlight: Mitsui Mana みついまな

*falls over* … … … *after a while, rises, sits, and collects my papers*… *ahem* … Hello everyone. It’s Amure-kun again. Guess what. Mitsui Mana is somehow… in my perspective, one of the highest aspiring moe artists around. You might not have heard of her, but if you haven’t and you are reading this… now you do. So, *does a gesture with my fingers* Let’s get this started.

Well then, why am I highlighting Mitsui Mana if I hinted out that I would do Ryohka first? I’ll clean that up. I was on twitter last night, yeah, at night, and it was morning in Japan, duh, other side of the world, and since I was following Mitsui Mana, which I recently added to the list (her twitter is relatively new, I listed her before Ryohka listed her in the Ekaki list! XD), Mitsui Mana tweeted something of the regular small chat, a cute hello. =)

mana_mitui おはようでーす!
about 22 hours ago via web

LonelyAmure @mana_mitui おはよう~ ごめん、日本語はあまり上手
くないんだ。 それわ午後ここにです(^^;)アメリカ人です。
about 21 hours ago via web in reply to mana_mitui

mana_mitui @LonelyAmure @erimurie @dread_ @kuronekoworks おはようございまーす♪
about 20 hours ago via web in reply to LonelyAmure; Retweeted by LonelyAmure

LonelyAmure @mana_mitui 始めまして~かわいい,かわいいです(^^)Thank you for being friends with me あなたはすばらしい画家!!~
about 19 hours ago via web in reply to mana_mitui

That was the first step in adorable moeness cute fluffy Japanese Illustrator speaking to me like an angel from the heavens above. Next…

mana_mitui いちごヨーグルトさっぱりしておいしいー
about 14 hours ago via web

LonelyAmure @mana_mitui mmmmmmm~ おいしい!It must be good (^^)
about 14 hours ago via web in reply to mana_mitui

LonelyAmure Mitsui Mana just tweeted about her yogurt… aww, how adorable X3 I wish she could share some with me :3
about 14 hours ago via web

LonelyAmure @uggubs her blog says a lot about what she likes xD In there I saw at least these things: strawberries, sugar, pretzels, tea, cookies and…
about 14 hours ago via web

uggubs @mana_mitui あぁ、おいしそうですね!^^
about 15 hours ago via web in reply to mana_mitui

mana_mitui @uggubs @akanekomayuzum @LonelyAmure ごちそうさまでした~♪
about 9 hours ago via web in reply to uggubs

mana_mitui 今日は寝苦しそうですね~
about 9 hours ago via web

LonelyAmure @mana_mitui Awwww そですね~あなたはかわいいです!(>w<)寝苦し~時々寝苦しいまたです。。。でも、大丈夫!~ @uggubs ありがとう、正しいです。
about 5 hours ago via web in reply to mana_mitui

uggubs @mana_mitui ベッドの上に音楽を聴きながら横になればどうだと思いますか?
about 5 hours ago via web in reply to mana_mitui

If you didn’t get a single thing there, go use a translator or something, LOL. I’m too lazy to annotate the text. Besides, it was small chat, no? Basically we tweeted her back about… Well, we tweeted about her morning, we tweeted her back about her strawberry yogurt, and then we tweeted her back about how she was unable to sleep well. ^^;; It must be tough to be her. I support you with all my love, Mitsui Mana. Stay strong, and がんばって~

To start off with a fresh start, who is Mitsui Mana? Well, she’s a Japanese Illustrator, duh, but *ahem* she’s sort of unknown in the scene, accounting into expense with her doujin name in which she does doujin work, rio-grande. However, with her work in her small doujins and booths selling out often well at Comiket and what not, she’s showcased illustrations in Etsu Magazine and in Dengeki Moeoh. Ne, I like her so much that I’m willing to put her link banner on my site >o> and that’s going to be the first way I can support her. But anyway, maybe I can cover a couple things which she’s done.

She’s done the covers for 3 of the Exit Trance Albums (Speed Anime Trance Best 5, 90’s J Covers, Speed Anime Trance The Movie)  and the front cover with the first page on the Exit Trance Cover Art Collection Artbook. Of course, considering she picked up to do the covers for this series must mean she has a great taste in music (explanation in a later section) Oh, and if you’re wondering, yes, I listen to Exit Tunes. Beatmania IIDX soundtracks brought me into Exit Tunes, mainly because Ryu* did stuff there (and I can do heavy on Beatmania, sure not full combo, but hecka fun). We’re getting off topic. Moving on.

She’s also done this small doujinshi Imouto Awa Tengoku (いもうと泡天国, Bubble Heaven Sister), a small illustration compilation of these 2 sisters, supposedly, making a guy feel lucky. Or so I think… tell me if I’m wrong~

Other than that, she’s done guest illustrations for Magus Tale and Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni and a couple illustrations in some artbook compilations like Girls Girls Girls! 5 -Pure Girl Collection- and also Yoiko No Moecco.

Of course… Mitsui Mana is actually working on a visual novel, though. It’s called Koi No Kaori Kokoro Utsushite (恋の香り・こころ写して). You can check it out here. I’m going to be excited since this is, indeed, Mitsui Mana’s first work with VN CG. I’m supporting her all the way on her twitter & her blog. =)

Yeah, she hasn’t done a lot, but her art, in fact, is very aspiring, like I said. For someone who hasn’t done a lot of work, her work is of an alluring degree. At least under my eyes, she is quite a great artist that can get to many places with that degree of skill.

Now on to her art.

If you have ever seen Ryohka and how she draws stuff, do you see the resemblance? Yeah, it’s the eyes and the hair. The way Mana Mitsui draws in the aspect of the eyes is quite similar to Ryohka, so sometimes, you might hear me refer to Mitsui Mana as Ryohka’s little sister, mainly because of that. The hair is drawn in a cloud shape to adorn over the eyes and surround her body and the eyes are slightly oval and opaque with a bit of glare, with the slight perfect thick/narrow eyebrows. Of course, not to say that her drawing style isn’t unique, and you might notice the subtle differences. The way Mana draws, the body is slightly more sleek than Ryohka, and accentuates a lighter, sweeter tone. This is emphasized by the fact that she also uses slight glare off the skin, where you see some pink on the shoulders, the areas revealed by light. I have to say that sometimes she uses this in a high amount, so sometimes it detracts a slight, but I still adore the glare nevertheless. Besides, her personality fits her drawing style somewhat, so either way she dishes it out, it’s still going to look good, and the shape, graphic, and the level of exquisite is still high.

Now that we’ve covered all of that, is there anything else we have to cover? Well, yeah. Not to forget her personality, since that’s what I love highlighting about the best.

Haha, as you can see, one of her illustrations from an Etsu Collection, yeah? =) This tells a lot about her, really. Sweet, and true, it is.

Mitsui Mana is a very casual, cute cute personality, and sometimes, you will dearly kill herself over how perfect she can seem. When I said she was a lot like the little sister Ryohka never had, I didn’t lie. I kid you not, I can explain some things about both of them and I’d bet you’d agree with me. So, the comparison list…

Up first, “Suzuya” Ryohka (涼香), the tomboy girl. Ryohka, simply put, loves being spontaneous. I told you about the relationship Ryohka and Izumi Tsubasu share, right? If you haven’t read that last post, then it’s alright (though you should, really). Ryohka is the kind of girl that loves video games like Metal Gear Solid (She follows Hideo_Kojima for all that matters!), being a silly girl, and otherwise entertaining herself via that way of just having fun and never under stress. I told you that Ryohka was the charming kind of personality, no? Well, she certainly is. I would marry Ryohka were she a guy or girl or what not (yeah I mistaked her the first time for a guy because of her kind of tweets). Ryohka simply is the alter ego counterpart of Izumi and what not. XD

Now on to Mitsui Mana. Mitsui Mana, again, adorable personality, slightly ditsy though, which is not a bad thing. I find it very adorable… makes me want to cuddle her. XD Anyway, she loves cute things. If you read up there, I did say she loved strawberries, sugar, pretzels, tea, cookies and what not, yeah? She has a sweet tooth. Read her blog extensively, you’ll love how cute it is. ^_^ Oh, and another thing. She also plays video games but slightly in a different taste than Ryohka. This is one of the big reasons why I call Mitsui Mana little sister. XD On her profile she says some of her favorite things are KID’s Remember11 and also Dragonquest (Dragon Warrior). In other words, she’s an adventure player. While Ryohka is of the “OMG THIS PS3 TROPHY I’ma ACE this (屮゚Д゚)屮” type, she’s the “I’m going to defeat the final boss!! (≧ロ≦)” type. Okay, that was a stupid comparison, but you understand what I’m saying, right? No? Maybe?

LonelyAmure @uggubs Mmhmm, I find Mitsui Mana to be the kind of person who… is just too cute X3 sweet tooths ftw! She draws so… moe ❤
about 16 hours ago via TweetDeck in reply to uggubs

LonelyAmure @uggubs I still find Mitsui cute for who she is~ She’s a fan of Remember11 age of infinity and DragonQuest 7~ she’s an adventure lover xD
about 16 hours ago via web

uggubs @LonelyAmure w00t Infinity series fan =DDDDD some of those artists do have awesome tastes ^^
about 16 hours ago via web in reply to LonelyAmure

Mitsui Mana is overall a very adorable, skilled, and lovable person. Lucky thing, she followed me, because I was touchy on the subject if I messaged her and how she would react. In fact, I was pretty overall thrilled. As always, I am excited to blog and share on these kind of things, so concluding this post, I’ll say that if you like Mitsui Mana, go ahead and leave a comment. Besides, I just HAD to highlight her before I did Ryohka did, for some reason. I’m sure Ryohka-shimai won’t mind. ^_^

If you want to know more about Mitsui Mana, check these links out.

Mitsui Mana’s twitter

Mitsui Mana’s website

Thanks for reading!! =)


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