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Japanese Illustrator Highlight: Izumi Tsubasu 和泉つばす

Before I start writing, let me say that this is my first time actually doing something of an artist ‘highlight’, because I wanted to something out of the original, and maybe if this picks up in my head, I’ll get used to choosing every so often a Japanese Illustrator to highlight. Right now, I want to highlight my favorite artists, and as soon as those are complete, maybe I’ll get into the newer doujin artists ^_^;; There are a lot of artists out there. I only want to cover the ones… I probably see in a more ambitious light. So let’s do this.

Izumi Tsubasu. One of my favorite artists in the realm of japanese mangaka and illustrators. Let’s start, about… about who she is ^^;;

Now, I don’t know why at her website that the ‘about’ tab doesn’t work yet, but I hope she’s working on it soon, because grr, I want details about her, details! Basically, right now, since she hasn’t written anything about her yet, I guess I can state 2 of her major works right now. One of her first works that have caught the most attention (and ultimately leading to how I became a fan of her was)…

Akane-iro Ni Somaru Saka. She draws 2 of the main heroines (Katagiri Yuuhi, Shiina Mitsuki)  in Akasaka and also an extra secret character (Tachibana Mikoto) that you can choose to follow after you’ve completed one of the main heroines’ routes. Considering that, she does the most CG illustrations in that certain VN than anyone else, Ryohka being 2nd to near par with her. Unluckily for feng…

Izumi, sadly, does not come back to do any of the character illustrations in Hoshizora E Kakaru Hashi. Oh, how I wish she could come back. She is such an excellent artist… Ryohka will miss her~ But enjoy the picture of Nakatsugawa Ui (left) and Hinata Ibuki (right) though I wonder why Hinata has bicycle shorts on instead of thigh highs. Hmm, anyway, I still find that quite cute. (though not to mention Nakatsugawa Ui’s strong association with hearts, which is also cute. Look at those thigh highs, they have heart cutouts on them, and don’t forget the heart clip in her hair~) Anyway, moving on. We’re getting off topic.

One of her biggest hits was Mashiroiro Symphony, a Visual Novel done by palette and published by clearrave. She did the illustrations for ALL the characters in Mashiroiro Symphony (Sena Airi, Uryuu Sakuno, Amaha Miu, and Angelina Nanatsu Sewell) and not to forget one of her most iconic pets, Pannya (This fluffy white cat thing with a wing ornament on her tail). A fact about Mashiroiro Symphony: Mashiroiro Symphony has received reception from Getchu and other sites as one of the most popular visual novels of 2009. It even had 4koma comic panels on clearrave’s site, for something ‘extra’ to read. Of course, it might not be the best art-wise, considerably because with eden* by minori scoring one of the highest in the art category (yeah, Chikotamu is a great artist, Iggy, mmhmm…) but the art was still of a very high and quality notable degree. The way she drew caught my attention, leaving me to believe that she was already an illustrator of a very high note (and yeah she has more followers on twitter than ryohka) and her art really spoke to me. Anyway…

Now I want to go on and give a small fact about Izumi Tsubasu, and you might have noticed Pannya, right? Remember how I said it’s iconic? Well, Izumi Tsubasu and Ryohka both have this association with strange, cute animals of a particularily strange degree. Pannya’s not your typical cat, and somehow, I feel like that thing can fly. It’s so adorable, that white pillow looking thing~ And also, I’m assuming some of you might remember the strange devil looking critter from Akasaka? Ideally, I’m thinking that was creation of either Izumi or Ryohka. Her profile picture on her twitter? It’s some strange plant animal thing. ^^;; Ryohka’s profile picture on her twitter? Some bunny looking thing with a rectangular head. Yeah, and not to mention that there’s also a bloatfish looking creature in Hoshizora E Kakaru Hashi, but I don’t think that’s drawn by Izumi and rather, by Ryohka, because she’s working in that project. Anyway, she just likes these mystical fantasy creature things. As… always.

Notice the weird animals? =)

To point out about Izumi’s art, she draws the body quite sleek, comparable to CLAMP, but not that sleek. The way she draws facial features like eyes and chinline is prominent, though still retains it’s moe characteristics. The eyes are probably the most depthful, how she draws, slightly deep opaque, with a sparkle of light glare, and the way she draws female characters’ chinlines, they’re obtuse, providing that ‘cute’ zone for where the lips both meet. She also has a thing with hair ornaments. If you look at Sena Airi, Katagiri Yuuhi, or Uryuu Sakuno, they all have hair bows worn. ^_^

Some might appeal differently to how Izumi Tsubasu draws though, and I’ve met a couple people where they didn’t like Izumi Tsubasu that much for some reason. However, I’m a big fan. I’ve always grown to like what she did and especially her style of drawing, which is very unique. Anyway, to round out this post, I’ll end it with a conclusion of her personality and how she is.

Izumi Tsubasu is a very light, casual person. She’s also for the faint of heart, as shown in some of her tweets. She likes very cutesy things (reason why she draws these strange pets), and also, she’s nearly best friends with Ryohka in the Dengeki world of illustrations. She treats Ryohka like the tomboy Ryohka is, and Ryohka, simply having a much more… random, oppurtune, positive personality she does, teases her back a lot. Tsubasu refers to Ryohka as Ryohka-kun, and one of her favorite tweets stated that Tsubasu wished she was just like her tomboy other Ryohka. Tsubasu is also friends with Nishimata Aoi, one of the main illustrators in the highly received series Shuffle! She seems to be very popular, and even if she doesn’t use twitter a lot, she still manages to gain a lot of followers. Also, like I said, she’s for the faint of heart. She’s scared of the dark, thunder, and anything horror or horror inclined. She has a very light and joyful, shy personality on her good days, so if she replies to you, that deserves a fanboy. Now go blog about it :3

Izumi Tsubasu also illustrates her own doujin under the circle name Hisuitei, and always garners a high amount of fan customers everytime she opens up a booth at Comiket (ComicMarket, Comic Market, Comiketto). One of the artbook series she sells is the popular ‘Colorful Pop’ series, which has opened up to account, scan pools at moe imouto.

All in all, she is a very cool Japanese Illustrator and if you ever come to like her art because of my first “english” highlight, you can always leave a comment.

Some stuff to check out if you like her:

Izumi Tsubasu’s website

Izumi Tsubasu’s twitter

Now, to hint out for the next Japanese Illustrator Highlight I’m going to do, here’s a picture.

You know too much, don’t you? Leave a comment if you liked the post. ^^


5 responses

  1. Her name also appears as the maker of Ef: A Tale of Memories episode 7 endcard ^^ Did you watch that series?

    July 19, 2010 at 11:41 pm

    • Whoops, never knew she drew the endcard for that until now, and no I haven’t watched the anime but I know of ef. ^^;; heard it here and there. I’ll go watch that certain episode right now, now that you said it =) It showed up on wiki~

      And yeah, I’m that much a fan of Izumi Tsubasu~ XD

      July 20, 2010 at 1:31 am

  2. Algester

    ahh Pannya @_@ the strange abomination you would get for a cat and panda mix and still end up being cute @_@…. hmm if i remember right is itou shizuka that voices it i did stop mashiiro symphony though <_< after sakuno art cause the routes felt a bit too draggy -_- writers at fault but people say it does taste like happiness so what ever…

    July 27, 2010 at 8:30 pm

    • Lol, I see how it’s sort of weird, but I still find it quite adorable XD

      Ach, well the only route for me that felt really draggy, like most others have said when Mashiroiro first came out, Angelina, it was a pretty awkward route~

      It does indeed~ XD I think m3rry said that one time on his site that he spilled coke on his keyboard because of one scene in Sena Airi’s route ^^; I finished Airi and Miu routes but I have yet to finish Sakuno and Angelina (played part of both) *Though I use a walkthrough and I don’t understand that much* other than the important stuff. In both routes, especially since it’s Airi and Miu, Pannya shows up a lot, that’s the thing LOL

      July 27, 2010 at 9:02 pm

  3. Algester

    opps i was mistaken with pannya’s voice it was by kazane

    July 27, 2010 at 11:38 pm

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