"The greatest treasures are those invisible to the eye but found by the heart."

Feeling quite better today~

As the title say, I’m feeling a bit better today ^^;; maybe because it’s the morning? Well, anyway, yesterday I hadn’t done a lot except finally sleep early on one of those days.

Like I said, we all have the days when we’re tired. Guess what. That was my 13th post on a SUNDAY to be exact. Maybe it was bad luck for me, lol. But I at least got some things down so far on the Japanese Illustrator Twitter Project. Added a couple new ones today. I’m still on the search for even more of them out there, because there are so much @_@;; I might need more help with this twitter project to be exact xD come on guys, help me out here! I don’t care if it’s a shoujo, shonen, josei, seinen illustrator just send me it, I’ll add it to the list. If you’re reading right now, then good. Now go on the search, help a guy here. D8

So I guess while I’m here I can give you some nice tips on how to find illustrators with twitter. Basically, what I do is:

  1. I start out with moe imouto, get on there, find an artist, whomever it maybe, as long as they’ve done drawing on something, and then click on the ? mark to show about them.
  2. If they have a full in script Japanese alias, then I copy and paste the alias on google and add the search word “twitter” next to it, then click search.
  3. If they don’t (and maybe it’s because they go by an alias, like karory, or Mitha) then what I do is I search their main website link AND the search word “twitter”. Usually these artists put up the links to their website, but sometimes this is not the case.
  4. If that all doesn’t work, then it might just be that the artist doesn’t have a twitter, or you have to check their website extensively. Some artists don’t have a twitter, so if you’re going to come up with a request, please check if they do at your best effort.

Anyway, that basically covers up how I do things. However, I also do a thing where I use something I call “reverse follow search”, where I stick onto one of my favorite illustator’s “following” list, and go straight through, trying to find mangaka he’s also friends with (like @ryohka_jp/ekaki-list). Sometimes it turns out to be personal people, so you want to sort the legit illustrator seeds from the video game people, news, and what not. ^^;; This can mainly be done by looking through their avatars and also if they have a name that sounds similar to an illustrator, say, nicknames or just the regular name. Some turn out to be seiyus and seiyuus though. Don’t be confused, and if you are, use a romaji converter to convert their name to romaji (which can be found here) and then search their name on google or their alias on moe imouto. Keep in mind that searching on moe imouto might not bring anything up, so double check if there’s different ways the name can be interpreted. Like I said, Ji can be zi, du can be zu, etc etc. You always want to check check check. Also, the romaji might turn out all weird. If it does… try your best to “google” the artist’s kanji name, and if it shows up on wikipedia, there always seems to be right next to the name, the written name in hiragana. Hope it’s not hard, and of course, this will help me out in the long running.

Click here if you want to see the page of the Japanese Illustrator Twitter Project.

Now that we’re past that, I’d also like to point out. Why is userpage tagged? Well, guess what. I’ve sent a request out to a good friend of mine, the graphics moderator @ SH, solistrasora (and yeah he has a twitter, if you’ve been stalking my tweets), to build my whole userpage again! I’m trying to make it look the best it can so it attracts more visitors, so that’s a request he’s taken up to make my userpage look all nice and what not. Be excited for the next rendition of another nice looking blog interface designed by the most awesome solistrasora. 😀

Solistrasora’s twitter can be found here. Oh, yeah, and if you look at some of his followers, he is a fan of some of the same artists I am ^_^;; He used the Japanese Illustrator Twitter list to find some of them. You can use it also ^_^

Also, I’d like to give a shout out to another friend of mine, who’s never commented before on my blog, but we just turn out to be good friends at Minitokyo. His name is Makoto (or so the alias he goes with) and he’s started a new blog on wordpress just like I had. Which is awesome, really awesome actually. I’m very excited about what he’s going to be bringing out, what not with the power about blogging “Anything in General”, right? Well, that’s the trend, my friends. A blog, just about anything. Simple enough as it is, that good, how I got it. ^_^

I won’t post his blog here since he might feel insecure about it, but if he gives me the OK to post it up here on a ‘new’ widget bar down there on the footers, then that’s cool. I completely recommend you read his blog if you find it as he is starting out and he is a bit shy. Just come up with positive comments and I’m sure you’ll appreciate him for who he is and what he blogs about. ^_^;;

Ach, I’m still trying to get a new laptop. By the end of this summer, I might not even have a new laptop like I planned to. Come on, ASUS! Come on, Sony!! Please! Put an i5 laptop on sale so I can buy it! I so need a faster computer if I’m ever going to be doing this extensively! This is painful! D8

Ignis and I also had to call off the attack on some of our artists’ twitters. Yeah, if only we could do it that one day where Izumi, Ryohka, Nishimata, and company were talking about their dinner and what they were having.

Anyway, that concludes it for this post. Glad I wrote a lot today like usual. Always gets around in handy so that I won’t get bored in the meantime. And I still have yet to go to Japantown for some reason. Maybe my parents forgot about that trip, but it’s alright. It’s July heat. Who’d want to go out there anyway? ^_^;;

…and I blog a lot for someone who just started this blog. O _ O it’s amazing. People only write this much like every 5 days. Tell me I have to stop this chain of madness, lol.


3 responses

  1. Devon

    Holy **** dude you do write a lot, there is alot of intreasting things though.

    July 18, 2010 at 3:37 pm

  2. It’s luck that you escaped from die of happiness lol. Your madness wont stop as you fill it every time ;3

    They’re quite slow. Acer has released their i5 Arrandale in x740G series. Hope you get the suitable one soon :3

    July 18, 2010 at 7:16 pm

    • Lol. ^_^ I’m usually always happy, try my best to lighten the mood or what not. Exciting for me, so~ =D

      Eehck, that’s what I said, lol, and yeah I’m trying to get a suitable one XD Not a big fan of Acer, gotta get something ASUS ;3

      July 18, 2010 at 9:00 pm

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