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The Japanese Illustrator Twitter Project

SO! We’re off to a swell start. Yeah, if you watched the recent tweets, you’re aware what’s happening! YES YOU ARE D:


Ne, I have to say congratulations to myself. This is the first post EVER that hasn’t been about ANYTHING IN GENERAL (Which is the motto, I daresay, really.) but doesn’t mean I’ll stop talking about ANYTHING IN GENERAL :3 and that INCLUDES being in this post.

I decided to call it something… classic. D: The “Japanese Illustrator Twitter Project”. Ok Fine, it’s dumb. But it WORKS. Yes it does~ Simple enough as it is, it is a gathering place for you to get your news feed on all the different illustrators, wherever they are in the freaking world, because it’s twitter. And twitter is a social app.  Meaning you’ll stalk into their personal life. Not really. Fanboy/Fangirl. ;D

The stuff is all there, if you want to help out, message me, blah blah blah, and yeah no visuals. I’m sorry, go chew me if you hate me :< but it’s not there this time because Amure-kun is quite lazy at the moment.  Besides, whatcha need visuals for? It’s a twitter project 🙂 Want visuals? Go visit the twitter list, ladies and gentlemen fanboys,fangirls.

This also basically means I’m cutting out on my social time but it is SO WORTH IT. Fanboying FTW. It is our soul, our regime, our pride. Ignis-san, you deserve that merit. Totally. Now post here before the prophecy forever doth say that your name will change once again. And the prophecy better change my name back. I’m brokenhearted. T_T Know the story,  that I was destined without meaning once the name LonelyAmure was taken away from me. *cries*

Yeah, the prophecy stated that my name now had to be “constantly—ed”. Such a mean prophecy. We were making a joke about that in the LPW when Sjie was named “the 3rd glove” and I was that name so what I would say was… “safe —e”

Something notable from that conversation:


Now, now, if you are THAT NOSY and have a SH account (if you don’t, say I referred you there ;3 Amure-kun loves the recommends), you can actually READ the conversation D:


If you’re too lazy to sign up, really, then I’ll quote some excerpts here for you. ^_^ courtesy of Amure-kun thinking that Sjie is a mean, mean person.

Here. Too lazy to quote. Click the link~


Minitokyo has been dead lately. I’ve kinda been at a standstill for posting there, not too very shabby, I think. ~_~; But maybe it will wake up again because I think it’s mainly school and preperation that’s stopping everyone from socializing. Sometimes feels like a desert there, but you know Animepaper is worse 😮 those threads get ancient.

Anyway, that’s concluding this post, and enjoy reading. *sorry there’s no visuals this time, but what am I supposed to do, lol!*

P.S. Me and Iggy FANBOYED TODAY over the fact that kilacco was following us back. Oh, man. We were CRAZY at the time. I LOVED THAT LOL. You can totally comment about it, Iggy. I so don’t mind. ;3


3 responses

  1. psyopslayerx

    😦 I wanted Epic Visuals >_< Oh Well. It seems your project is growing slowly and steadily ^__^. Great Job!

    July 15, 2010 at 8:28 pm

    • Thanks, I’m getting there psy, I’m getting there piece by piece. You saw my twitter on a streak with artists, right? lol

      July 15, 2010 at 8:31 pm

      • psyopslayerx

        Pretty much, Interesting one of the artist is following also xD Very Exciting ^__^

        July 15, 2010 at 8:50 pm

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