"The greatest treasures are those invisible to the eye but found by the heart."

So today I might be busy.

No tags @ all since I’m considering that this day is probably going to go end short for me, because I’m going out to Japantown today, seeing what’s it like, maybe visit a restaurant, and overall, have fun going outside!

I’ll keep this blog concise, because I really need to tone down on my word count (even if wordcount is a good thing). And I need a new hair style D: my long sideburns are starting to annoy me. At this rate I’ll go androgynous and Ignis will raep me believing I’m a girl, yeah I hate you Sjiekebab! LOL.

Ahem, so yeah! I’m sorry I won’t be able to do those artist pages today, but what I’m planning to do, first step is making a LIST of all these twitters and naming them under lonelyamure/JPartists so that it won’t be hell to look through once I get there.

I might write longer, but as you can see, I’m pretty lazy. Peaces~

EDIT: Created the list. Feel free to subscribe http://twitter.com/LonelyAmure/jpartists

EDIT 2:  Turns out my parents were busy today. Haha, oh well. I might be absent another day without warning then XD


2 responses

  1. Since you’re going to visit Japantown, maybe you can post some pics about it (:

    Older member says:
    It doesn’t matter with your hair, he’ll raep everything, both boy and girl. Many proofs of it from lpw, chat, group and quotes. I just can pray for your safety lol

    July 15, 2010 at 5:17 pm

    • I noticed, lol. Nevertheless, Ignis is still quite the awesome person, rapist or not lol. And hey D: I might be a budding among the leaves, but soon this plant will grow big! XD

      Kawaii de ge —- su. Ok, where’s my language bar?

      Visiting Japantown tomorrow, that’s the case.

      And *ahem* I’ll still take a hairstyle. I just love japanese hairstyles. They look very wicked ^^; paying for one~ then I might actually be posting pictures of myself~

      July 15, 2010 at 5:22 pm

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