"The greatest treasures are those invisible to the eye but found by the heart."

I hit 100 HITS!

So, this is a small accomplishment for a dude like me and his bloggie, but I officially hit 100 Hits! It’s tiny, I know. Painfully small xD

I’m not sure who exactly is looking at my blog, but I know for sure I’m pretty proud of where it’s been right now. I think after I resurfaced the whole interface on my wordpress, literally, the view count spiked, like a TON. I got around *ahem* 30 views last night? Anyway, that was just crazy lol.

[Today 12:11 PM] idunnoman: Okay :£
[Today 12:10 PM] LonelyAmure: Be right back…. writing something
[Today 12:10 PM] LonelyAmure: but at least it shows that people pay attention, ya know? ^_^
[Today 12:10 PM] LonelyAmure: yeah, it’s a small step for man and his bloggie
[Today 12:08 PM] idunnoman: hahah, nice :3
[Today 12:08 PM] LonelyAmure: I hit 100 HITS! XD
[Today 12:08 PM] LonelyAmure: I usually just blog about anything
[Today 12:08 PM] LonelyAmure: *counts* a lot of things = | Too many to count
[Today 12:08 PM] LonelyAmure: Yup, chief? Lol, it IS a nice katana, that’s true
[Today 12:08 PM] idunnoman: What you did today?
[Today 12:07 PM] idunnoman: Umm…
[Today 12:07 PM] LonelyAmure: I need something creative to write about. And with pictures XD
[Today 12:07 PM] idunnoman: me too xD but obviously not :3
[Today 12:07 PM] LonelyAmure: Anyway, going to write a new post on my wordpress.
[Today 12:07 PM] LonelyAmure: I was thinking it’d go beyond that lol
[Today 12:07 PM] LonelyAmure: O _ O

Yeah. I’m pretty proud of myself. Hehehe. Be right back was the closing comment there~

Today was exactly an outstanding day in the SB @ SH, lol. It went very smooth today. I loved the conversations we had, and I posted something in the SH quotes thread:

[Today 10:45 AM] bloodninja: D:
[Today 10:45 AM] LonelyAmure: Sjie, you’re too funny, lol
[Today 10:45 AM] LonelyAmure: OK I am going to take a break now, LOL
[Today 10:44 AM] LonelyAmure: It’s… unsafe for your nikubo to penetrate hot cheese, because what might happen is it gets chafed, along with your basted swedish meatballs.
[Today 10:44 AM] bloodninja: you don’t?
[Today 10:44 AM] bloodninja: i like my pizza’s with some nice warm and gooey cheese
[Today 10:44 AM] bloodninja: why would there be something wrong in the first place
[Today 10:43 AM] bloodninja: ?
[Today 10:41 AM] LonelyAmure: Nothing wrong with your nikubo, I hope?
[Today 10:41 AM] bloodninja: nothing wrong with hot cheese
[Today 10:41 AM] LonelyAmure: *gapes with mouth open*
[Today 10:40 AM] bloodninja: but i like the hot cheese
[Today 10:40 AM] bloodninja: D:
[Today 10:39 AM] LonelyAmure: I’m sorry I’m confusing >O<;; *bows*
[Today 10:39 AM] LonelyAmure: Nah, dude, your swedish meatballs almost got basted in the hot cheese from the pizza
[Today 10:39 AM] bloodninja: you are confusing
[Today 10:38 AM] LonelyAmure: Sjie *backhand laughter*
[Today 10:38 AM] bloodninja: shouldn’t i be okay? D:
[Today 10:38 AM] LonelyAmure: Lol Blood, how’s your nikubo?
[Today 10:38 AM] LonelyAmure: ^_^ *Bows in honor*
[Today 10:38 AM] LonelyAmure: IN YO FA(e)CE(s)!!!
[Today 10:38 AM] bloodninja: huh?
[Today 10:38 AM] wolf_shadow: <.<…..>.>…..
[Today 10:37 AM] wolf_shadow: BAM!!!!!!
[Today 10:29 AM] LonelyAmure: OMY GOD LOL Sjie!!!! ARE YOU OKAY MANNNN XD
[Today 10:27 AM] bloodninja: but, really, …. really?
[Today 10:27 AM] Keano10: D: Ask me not the details.
[Today 10:26 AM] bloodninja: sounds delicious D:
[Today 10:26 AM] Keano10: By humping it, that is. D;
[Today 10:26 AM] Keano10: Nah, it’s just a miniature robot that makes juice.
[Today 10:25 AM] bloodninja: sounds horrid <.<
[Today 10:25 AM] Keano10: Random, but that bit just now reminded me of Fruit Fucker 2000 from Penny Arcade.
[Today 10:24 AM] bloodninja: :3
*bloodninja puts on his robe and wizard hat*
*bloodninja can no longer resist the pizza. I open the box and unzip my pants with my other hand. As I penetrate the gooey cheese, I moan in ecstacy.*
*bloodninja is penetrating the soft and warm cheese with my meatstick*
[Today 10:20 AM] LonelyAmure: Keano, congratulations on winning FIFA WC competition =) Now damn you keano XD
[Today 10:19 AM] LonelyAmure: Lol well, justine, =) thanks for cleaning up the SB xD
*LonelyAmure giggles*
[Today 10:18 AM] LonelyAmure: I see a keano and I wanna damn him.
[Today 10:16 AM] Keano10: I see a red Shoutbox and I want to paint it black~
[Today 10:12 AM] justinefremlouw: I never said I painted it a different color >.> I just repainted it cauz you guys dirtied it up
[Today 10:05 AM] LonelyAmure: It’s still the same color justin xD
*LonelyAmure stares at the walls and say they’re the same color*

Then another:

[Today 11:49 AM] LonelyAmure: HAAHAHAHA XDDDD *still rolling on the floor laughing
[Today 11:49 AM] Keano10: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeaaaaaaaaaaah :O
[Today 11:48 AM] bloodninja: :O
[Today 11:48 AM] LonelyAmure: ODO I see what you did there :*bloodninja bows down before the almighty Azrael… and sucks his big…toe*
[Today 11:48 AM] bloodninja: me and star are actually lovers
[Today 11:48 AM] Azrael: You cannot defeat me here ninja 😛 UNLIMITED POWAH
[Today 11:48 AM] bloodninja: i think ur getting the wrong idea
[Today 11:47 AM] bloodninja: <.<
*LonelyAmure starts rofling*
[Today 11:47 AM] LonelyAmure: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA LOL
[Today 11:47 AM] LonelyAmure: O _ O umm…. raep session? D< OMEHGz.
[Today 11:47 AM] LonelyAmure: Lol… yeah xD It’s *ahem* very neat xD
*bloodninja says: say no to drugs!*
*Azrael unraeps star*
*bloodninja raeps star*
[Today 11:45 AM] Azrael: Looks completely unperverted. D:
[Today 11:44 AM] LonelyAmure: https://lonelyamure.wordpress.com/
[Today 11:44 AM] LonelyAmure: Ah, ok lol

And one more:

[Today 11:59 AM] LonelyAmure: Lol then hi there! X3
[Today 11:59 AM] Keano10: Hiya idunnoman
[Today 11:59 AM] idunnoman: I dont hate you D:
[Today 11:58 AM] LonelyAmure: D: w-what? T^T EVERYONE HATES ME D:
[Today 11:58 AM] Azrael: Hello idunnoman D:
[Today 11:58 AM] idunnoman: FU TOO D:
[Today 11:58 AM] LonelyAmure: XDDDD
[Today 11:58 AM] LonelyAmure: O hey man!!!! *does a dorky wave*
[Today 11:57 AM] idunnoman: D:
[Today 11:57 AM] idunnoman: Ohai guize >:3
[Today 11:57 AM] LonelyAmure: Lol… XD I’m being stereotypical of the /b/ board @ 4chan xD
[Today 11:56 AM] Azrael: Yes. You Should. Slowly and Painfully. >.>
*LonelyAmure hides*
[Today 11:56 AM] LonelyAmure: LMAO. I should die for typing like that
[Today 11:55 AM] LonelyAmure: 0/\/\3|-|9ddz 1 J|_|3z 54\/\/ 73|-| /\/\357 4\/\/35|-||_|/\/\Z |-|3/\/741!!!!1111 |_0|_z!
[Today 11:55 AM] Azrael: That’s what I told him D: He went and found it himself
[Today 11:55 AM] Keano10: Amure, aren’t you underage? ><
[Today 11:54 AM] LonelyAmure: Lol. Provider for the people xD
[Today 11:54 AM] Azrael: D:
[Today 11:53 AM] Azrael: Hundreds of a gigs of zomghawthentaiz
[Today 11:53 AM] Azrael: i’m not a perv D: I just give the people what the want~
[Today 11:53 AM] LonelyAmure: OMIGOD, you REALLY ARE A PERVERT LOL
[Today 11:53 AM] LonelyAmure: Lol~… I just went to crystalclear
[Today 11:52 AM] Azrael: some images on my blog are being mega lame and not loading. need to fix em >.>
[Today 11:52 AM] Azrael: D:
[Today 11:52 AM] LonelyAmure: I’m sorry Master-sama. Rules are meant to be broken ^_^
[Today 11:51 AM] Keano10: But isn’t Star already part of StarKitteh? :O
[Today 11:51 AM] bloodninja: beste manga evar
[Today 11:51 AM] bloodninja: Angel x Hamster
[Today 11:50 AM] Azrael: no can do D: your not 18~
[Today 11:50 AM] LonelyAmure: Lol lemme take a look at your blog star ^_^
[Today 11:49 AM] Azrael: <= Angeltrap D:

And that concluded it for the funny SH talks in the SB. A Hapless yay!

[Today 01:12 PM] LonelyAmure: ( ̄ー ̄)
[Today 01:11 PM] LonelyAmure: It’s snorlax D:
[Today 01:11 PM] Ignis: (¬_¬)

Ngh, Snorlax-kun, lol. Just to sharpen up on the finer details.

So anyway, since I’ve reached 100 hits, I’ve decided to try to accomplish some of the following:

  • Get more hits! The next target is 1000 hits D:
  • Blog about something other than Anything in General. I’ll still blog about Anything in General because it’s my tradition to blog about the nonsense in my life, but I want people to also read my blog for some of it’s very useful content. That way, I can at least share what I found on hongfire or what not. Maybe there’ll be more people following me.
  • Obtain what I call usage of more visual items like pictures and videos. Sometimes words are not enough to express how I feel about something or if I want to spread more news on a topic that wouldn’t be conveyed popularily enough by just text. Sometimes text gets boring. To be honest? Yeah. =O
  • Spike some of my accounts so I can get more popular views to my blog. This includes spiking my hongfire… my animepaper… all that other good stuff and what not. Again, like I said in a previous post, I really need to spike up some of my other accounts. = |
  • I might post more but that’s yet to make an organized list of what I really REALLY want.

Anyway, that concludes this post… I might add a P.S. at the end but I don’t have a lot on my mind. Summer is ending… and SHEESH they must hate putting notebooks from my favorite computer brands up for sale. *sigh* oh these days. I WANT TO USE PHOTOSHOP CS5 EXTENSIVELY! LOL, PLEASE! XD


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