"The greatest treasures are those invisible to the eye but found by the heart."

Nope, not having a writer’s block, instead, I’m kinda tired.

Exactly what the title says, and indeed… I am indeed very lazy to write a post right now so instead I’ll post something from an epic conversation in *ahem* guestbooking. From both SH and MT. Ngh. I’m sorry post. I guess you will do have to suffer the pain of blog posting from quotes and what not. Ngh, if only I had more vigor so I could handle posting about nothing.

First thing I want to point out, I want to bring back what I had the conversation with Ignis-san about Japanese artists’ twitters and blogs. I can totally quote that here, but I’m kinda too lazy too… I feel bad for nuking his page @_@;; I feel like a bad person~

Ignis said right after the WC finished:

Meh, let’s spam someone’s page to reduce my anger after the final match 😮
And yeah. Usual stuff; Wat got bored.
Yep yep, Ui ❤ Hoshikaka <33 Ryohka <333

Yeah, Satoshi Kiba’s drawing looks so soft, pretty much a bit like Mutsumi Misato (Leaf) in the sense of softness. Tenmu did make a couple of artbooks of his own work (Nagomiko girls) which are awesome~ imo it’s just a matter till he gets recruited by a VN company because many VN artists started as doujin/standalone artists.

I don’t socialise in image boards. I find bulletin boards the most comfortable places for internet socialisation, with vBulletin being my most favourite forum script. My favourite among the boorus is moe.imouto though, because of the tags and practically overall.

I replied:

Sorry it took so long to get to you ^^;; My internet was down, so I guess I’ll start making the long reply now XD

Haha~ Well I really do like Satoshi Kiba’s art now ^.^ I learned he was the illustrator for some of the Exit Trance album girls XD Very soft very cute. Wondering if he’s the illustrator of Colorful Aquarium ~My Little Mermaid~ because I’ve seem to have picked up Eros with OPs ave;new (great synth band). It sure looks a lot like it, so maybe if you have the DDL for that ero, I’d be more than happy to have more than just Hidamari Basket to play. He is a promising artist ^_^ I really like his work.

Ngh~ I first signed up for moe.imouto because you couldn’t download full image pools without signing up. At the time I was a Dengeki Moeoh maniac, so excuse me on that part~ and yeah I love socializing xD Don’t know the engines of some forums but I just like an easy to use system

Ignis, again with another long post, which I really don’t mind:

lol in terms of disturbing content AnG is nothing; there’s just some violence. And an eroge isn’t meant for minors from to begin with, lol. If you said AnG is disturbing I wonder what you’d say to the really messed up ones out there >.>

The delay is really serious though. There have been some other delays from other eroge companies like how Cross Days was and recently the new game from Kur-Mar-Ter. Micchi stated how Akasaka would likely not be as good as people might expect since it does look like your everyday eroge, but just like you, I’m a Ryohka admirer so~~~ <3333333

lol it’s not like every artist will have to contribute in drawing characters for a single game ^^; But still. If they collaborate and make a VN… let’s say there are Ryohka, Mikagami Mamizu, Inugami Kira, Muririn, Chikotamu, Himukai Kyosuke and and and… IT. WILL. BE.-censored-. AWESOME.

I totally don’t mind if she cusses ^^;; besides,  I do too. We all do, don’t we? Had to remove that. Want to keep my site clean =)

Haha~ I’m aware of that. I’m a person of the faint of heart. I can never get around to playing games with any yucky content in it. Nitro+ sure advertised beyond that, lol. *coughsayanoutacough* and I’m not going to be a minor anymore in 2 years D: oh I don’t know, what am I doing @_@; these days there are tons of kids in US that play M rated games and their parents don’t care much

Lol, yeah. It’s been like… 2 years now, hasn’t it? But the longer we wait the more or less promising it gets depending on how the devs think. And yeah, that was initially why I played Akasaka ^_^;; A nice story, little cliche but light hearted, and Nagase = so hot. I don’t care if she’s my sister, I wanna have babies with her D<

Lol, you bring up what I was thinking. If they all collaborated to do one HECK of a VN (with some good writers, no doubt), I’m totally sure it would be awesome ;D Maybe each artist could do their ideal character of their own… I’d be like… OMG, GTG get that, and ASAP!!!

Ignis-san talking about Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi and if she can get her hands on it from Girlcelly ASAP. Which, quite frankly, she said about Micchi and company, and I have to mention I’m a stalker of their blogs too. I’m sorry, Micchi-san, you probably don’t know a thing about me, but I stalk you~ Just like in that one episode of Zetsubou-sensei. It’s a chain of stalkers O _ O

Of course I’ll get both the game and full CG rip once the torrents pop up. Maybe I will have to occupy girlcelly in MSN so that he’ll notify me once they’re up >.> I don’t care how big the full CG rip will be~ Muhaha~ 50GB? 100GB? Bring it oooooooooooooon.

I think there’s this artist whose drawing style looks similar to Inugami’s though, although I can’t remember their name. But yeah, she’s one of my favourites too ❤

Blame my late reply which in the meantime I had changed my sig twice, but yeah~ My previous old two avatars were from Supreme Candy too. Actually I have yet to play it myself though, so I don’t really know the characters’ names xD It’s just that I happen to have some Supreme Candy renders.

I don’t feel like playing Subarashiki Hibi tbh. I haven’t been in the mood for anything heavy. I need something lighter with humour.

Totally agreed with the last comment. So I replied:

Lol. I’m sure if this is Sakurahana, you’ll get at least 10 thanks. Maybe more than that. How big is our VN Leecher base? xD and Ngh~ I’m probably going to download FROM hongfire once it releases asap. Gotta get my hands on that, but I’ll still thank you xD Because if that doesn’t work, I’m aiming for yours 🙂 Rep+ hehe~

You mean Karory? And it’s not a they XD it’s a she, and Karory is an AWESOME artist xD I personally think that Karory draws very similar to Inugami~

Ngh, I don’t blame you. You’re a mod. What’s not to be busy for you~ and you should totally play Supreme Candy. Really worth your time. I finished 4 routes already. Yet to do Tsuyuki, the one with the bunny cap on xD

Me too. I’m supposed to take summer lightly… ^^; and what can I say? I’m a faint of heart, but I looked through the Subara CGs… they’re sort of disturbing. One picture where it shows the purple haired older sister being raped kinda… tore me off and down. Same thing with that… bunny…

Ignis-san then replied to my post about that one time in the LPW. I have to say that was ancient, but hmm… I might repost that here too. lol~

lol why did you think of me when you posted that in the LPW? Just because it concerned those artists? lol maybe Izumi is Western-oriented 😮 Hmm Twitter eh, maybe I should use my Twitter again… I only used it for a little time, last time I was mainly stalking nao. xD And chatting with a Japanese guy, though.

D: I know my Japanese sucks but it’s not like I can’t understand simple conversation. You ish making me sads ;-; I do have a Twitter account, albeit I haven’t used it for a while. Used to converse a little with nao… Tehee, even though those were just simple convos, I was skyrocketingly delighted x3

Whoa whoa D; Ryohka still pwns almost every other artist for me, with the exception of Muririn.

lol old news. A Japanese close friend of mine is a user of iPhone and Macbook as well, although he doesn’t consider himself an Apple fan.

I replied in a 2 block comment:

Reason why I thought of you when I posted in that LPW was because you’re the first person where we actually had an extensive chat about different artists~ Most of my friends don’t know half the artists I talk about because they’re not moe fans like I am xD (not to mention I’m 16 years old and I read Dengeki Moeoh D:)

Maybe~ I find Izumi’s art very, very pretty. I’m just afraid to follow her for some reason because I don’t know japanese… even though I can use a translator lol~ You should use twitter again. I use twitter just to post some small chat about my day ^_^;; Very useful. But if you use twitter I suggest you get Tweetdeck. Extremely useful if you’re following a lot of people. You don’t have to refresh the page all the time~

Haha~ stalker XD and hey, at least you know japanese~ I’m still in the middle of learning stuff like verbs and what not. Gotta get to Kanji soon or I’m screwed D: And rawr, if you have a twitter, I’ll follow you, you follow me, cool? ;3 and I can totally understand the conversation with this “nao” person you were talking with. It’s so exciting to talk with someone else in a context you’re unfamiliar with~ this nao must be quite popular ^^; took a look… the person’s cool alright =] 130 followers

Ryohka still pwns ;3 I still like the way Izumi draws eyes and body though. Izumi & Ryohka speak to me like a pencil to paper. Ideally if you know Ryohka, you should know Izumi XD Hisuitei!!!

Haha~ Well, I just hate supporting apple, that’s it~

Ignis-san then said about my post of Ryohka:

LOL. I guess that’s not exactly a surprise. It’s a fact that Ryohka makes so many 18+ drawings. He draws for H doujins and eroge, so what do you expect? xD Reminds me in nao’s radio show one day back then (forgive me if I talk too much about nao btw, but it’s fan[s]boy[/s]girlism xD), when she was reading mails from fans. There was one like this: “nao-san, please say “otouto-kun, dame da yo” with the voice of an oneesama-type character”. Then there was another one like “nao-san, please mimic the confession scene from a childhood friend.” God I swear those pervy mails made my day and the radio show back then was a pure win. xD Speaking of which, artists aside, do you also fanboy over some certain performer(s)?

Which I then replied with (and this was actually a really interesting post IMO):

Haha~ Well, I still love Ryohka the best, simply because I was reading [s]stalking[/s] his followers and twitters and I found out that he’s a fan of Hideo Kojima and Metal Gear Solid just like I am, and his personality is so wild and funny! Wow, he’s just an awesome person… I dream to be just like him xD

O Pantsu Sama is going to be my catchphrase from now on. Ryohka is THAT AWESOME. Love his character. He’s very witty and charming for a guy :3

Don’t mind if you talk about nao XD she seems like an awesome character, might have to read up on her later~ Wow, CX That’s just cool~ Now I know what kind of radio show host she is ;3 She sounds really cool~

Hmm… As in fanboy over certain performers… If you count Seiyu’s then yeah I fanboy over all of the Seiyus that did voicing on Toradora. And Aya Hirano, she’s adorable ❤

And finally the finishing touch:

Hmm I see~ If I do use Twitter again and follow Inugami, then she follows me back, chances are high that she will know I’m an eroge player shortly~ Nyahahaha~ I do know their personal blogs/Pixiv/Twitter/whatsoever but I don’t really read/watch over them lol.

Naturalton? Actually this name is new. I guess that’s just like how I didn’t know Neko Koi was drawn by Mikagami (thought it was Tenmaso since it’s Whirlpool) till I checked moe.imouto back then. Yay for imageboards! -says so but isn’t socially involved with any-

So I finally replied in a 2 block comment:

Hmm… I don’t exactly think so =O I know she does the CG’s for the 2 very special characters in Supreme Candy, but only if she reads your twitter, she’ll know straight from the heart lol. Oh what am I saying *facepalm myself*

I’m planning to follow them D: I have a list of their twitters and websites saved on a notepad file D: [s]ugh I’m such a stalker *Sadface*[/s]

Yup, Naturalton drew Tsukasa. I guess it’s very suprising to see that sometimes you see one artist’s work and sometimes think it’s another. I personally thought that (and you might have read this @ my MT) Hinamatsuri Touko drew extremely similar to Ryohka. XD I didn’t know until I looked at the tags. The only difference I noted out was Touko considerably drew the body in a much more… lighter tone, kind of like a breed between loli and half grown up XD

Moe.imouto ftw :3 But Sheeeks, only if they actually had a pool for Etsu Magazine. I’m kinda ticked about that because there are scans on Etsu mag, but… thing is, Etsu scans @ Moe imouto are all over the place xD Which is sort of frustrating for me. I have to search all over the place, and this time I only downloaded from my favorite artists. (Izumi! I so love you!)

Btw, I wanted to mention out that @ my home site @ MT, I’m getting tagged as one of the Veteran Scanners!! I’m so happy XD Now I have to be devoted to MT lol~ but I still will keep in touch here 🙂

v.v I totally nuked your page. Gomenasai, Ignis-san.

The last comment was undeniably true. I totally nuked his page with my uber posting skills, lol.

If you really want to see the full fledged conversation between me and Iggy, you can always go here:


You have to have an account though. If that happens… then…


I’m going to stick that in the sidebar later. ^^;; Maybe just so you guys can watch and get referred, yup~

Reason I was quite excited today, Kayurachan spotted me for being a Veteran Scanner XD and I’ve only been there 4 months! I’m so excited~

This quote of yours will reign over my page for a thousand years. *-*
(I just have to find the right html code for it……)
No seriously, you’ll be close to the Veteran Scanners list I’m planning to ‘encode’ this weekend. Be always a good member ok? =D
Going to sleep now, me is old and gotta work tomorrow morning =_=

My internet life… seemingly boring, but so exciting for me ^_^;; I feel like cheering on~

Might post one more thing actually. An epic quote rendered believable by me and one of my dear dear close friends MeiYuu. Which I happened to nuke… usually. Now that we have msn, we just send missiles to each other, lol.

Nooo. Persistent as I am, I will become extremely lazy when I have to write blogs and the like! I like to write poems, or replies. But I don’t like presenting it in the form of blogs or the like! :3

Ngh, Meiyuu these days, lol. Well I’m going to call this a post, so enjoy~


2 responses

    That’s so %¥∂#$øø@•*(¶† awesome I have no words to describe it. AND IN ENGLISH?
    Nyah…. *o*

    Ok, enough vegetalizating, what did she say?
    I don’t have twitter… ¬¬
    And I don’t know if I’m posting on the right page but to hell with it. ^.^
    Actually, I have a suggestion to the Author’s stuff. Should I just leave it here?

    July 20, 2010 at 12:10 pm

    • Ne, ne, Tsuki-san ^_^ Yeah Inugami Kira tweeted me back, but I think you posted in the wrong… the wrong post XD this is July 13th, you’re looking for July 16th =D

      And yes it is awesome ;3 Fanhype for us back at the page with 15 comments or what not.

      Ya, ya :3 What did she say, you ask? You can… read… the… right post… July 16th, dude ^_^;;
      I know!~ You should make a twitter soon :3
      You are so NOT posting on the right page. Unfortunately, I can’t move comments so I’m frustrated with you right now *Sadface* (Amure-kun is frustrated because Tsuki posted on the wrong frigging page)

      If you have a suggestion, please email me, or leave a comment on where it says to leave a suggestion. If ideally you’re talking about the Japanese Illustrator Project, leave a comment there. ^_^;;

      Tsuki… next time, don’t scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and make a comment. *FACEPALM*

      July 20, 2010 at 12:44 pm

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