"The greatest treasures are those invisible to the eye but found by the heart."

Who posts this late at night? *facepalm*

Exactly what the title says. Who posts this late at night?

So… I guess my day went pretty smooth today… So I might be able to cap on what happened today…

  • Throughout the whole day, occasionally I played Stepmania everytime the Internet was down. And hey, I play with my fingers, just like other people without a pad > _ > Today I’ve been trying to AA Pluto Relinquish – 2MB on Another/Challenge Mode. That was painful.
  • Today, I tripped while walking through the hallway leading to my bedroom and bathroom. My knee hit drywall and it left a mark. Shoot… I feel like an idiot. Well, I need to use some spackling paste and cover it up soon, I guess. My parents don’t take damage very easily. Even if it was an accident…
  • Particularily found something very interesting while I was bored looking at marasy videos and popular beatmania youtube videos on youtube. kors k – smooooch・∀・ What an awesome song. No joke, it’s cute, and it’s not annoying like caramelldansen is ^^;; I get the feeling that it might pick up more if people start using kors k’s whole MV if there is one. Might have to look into that later, and see if there’s anything fun to be made out of that. I’ve seen so far vocaloid, kuroshitsuji, katekyo hitman reborn, pokemon,  and harry potter parodies of it. Niconico reposting? Yup.
  • I found a better upload of the Supreme Candy OST, but somehow I don’t feel like sharing because I am an evil person xD
  • Under The Sky – BeForU somehow reminded me of Only My Railgun – fripSide. Man *shrugs* I have some sort of weird association with my mind corresponding with songs.
  • Addicted to the Sayonara, Zetsubou-sensei (さよなら絶望先生 ) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRLopQwlpYw It’s the song 「林檎もぎれビーム!」
  • MeiYuu added me on msn today. I feel like we’re going to talk a whole ton @_@;
  • Downloaded some Yanagi Nagi songs today from her website, which was pretty cool. But I’m thinking about getting more *ahem* Megumi Nakijima songs or what not. I need some other songs to stick in. Not to mention I am missing out on some k-pop music. Will catch up on that later.
  • I’m thinking of spiking my Animepaper account with posts. Might be on hiatus on another forum though. I’ve been pretty absent from Sakurahana for a while. Maybe because of me playing Visual Novels. Speaking of which, I have to post a list of what I already played here soon. Hum hum hum~
  • My Speed Dial on Opera looks a lot different now. There’s no more imageboards on it anymore. This time it’s just Opera, Google, Windows Live, Wikipedia, Youtube, Twitter, Tineye, Facebook, ign.com, Minitokyo, Hongfire, Animepaper, Onemanga, Sakurahana, Photobucket, Imageshack, Mediafire, 4shared, and myanimelist.net. Hmm.
  • Currently listening to some Exit Trance albums and Beatmania OSTs.
  • I really feel like posting a whole chatlog like @ MT again. But… chances are I shouldn’t.
  • I have some followers on my twitter I don’t really know. Hmm… I don’t mind, but hey, ^^;; always good to know random people to follow me.
  • Someone said I looked like Ryan Higa. I wonder why everyone says that…
  • Marasy is an awesome pianist. No comment. The guy is made of epicness.
  • I STILL WANT THAT NOTEBOOK COMPUTER!!! (Still prefer ASUS or Sony, didn’t choose to do DIY)

Anyway, that’s about it, but you MIGHT be interested in reading a post I made a while ago about which Visual Novels I’ve already played before:

I’m a moe fanatic, so don’t promise me on this too much ^^;;

Da Capo (IMO one of my favorites)
Clannad (another one of my favorites)
Shuffle! (was alright)
Ever17 (really sad D:)
Baldr Sky Dive2 (Played a little but it’s so hard to get a hang of the system ^^;;)
Mashiroiro Symphony (Currently playing)
Akaneiro Ni Somarusaka (finished)
Supreme Candy (Currently playing, it is AWESOME)
Prima Stella (finished, wasn’t really hard at all LOL)
Natsuyume Nagisa (Paused ATM)
Nursery Rhyme
Ina Koi!
Magus Tale
Suzunone 7
Lyrical Lyric
I would have played eden* but I heard it is hell on computer to try to play it. However, the art is great D:
Wizard Girl Ambitious
Flyable Heart
11eyes crossover
Suiheisen Made Nan Mile
Akatsuki No Goei (I made a visit to the porcelain throne after getting through one ugly CG scene… then deleted from my computer D: the guy’s abs are like o.o;; ok disturbing)
Sharin No Kuni, Himawari No Shoujo (legend~)
ef ~A fairy tale of the two~

I’m a hater of 0verflow ;P I will never play School Days, Cross Days, or Summer Days. Also a hater of disturbing stuff.

Planning to play:
Fate/Stay Night (seems I never get enough time to go get a download for it)
Kanon (I keep hearing it’s good ^^;;)
Majikoi (want to get around this one soon)
Hopefully a VN with Tony Taka (T2) CG’s?
Hidamari Basket

Hmm… I might also be posting a chatlog since I’m bored, why not? It might make up for the empty space that I usually always fill in with a block of text. Be careful about what you might see next.

LonelyAmure 2h 56m ago
I give up. I’m so tired trying to combo Pluto Relinquish 2MB on Heavy…
LonelyAmure 2h 55m ago
@_______@;; Sheeeeeeeks. I get to like 400 combo notes, but then at the end they totally nuke you and I have to miss like 15 notes
RBgzz 2h 54m ago
the f….. oh yeah, i get what you mean..
yaminara 2h 53m ago
be back in 20
RBgzz 2h 46m ago
Hooyaah 2h 38m ago
the f could also mean somethign else but let’s not go there lol it could mean “fabulous”
ritzy-kun 2h 38m ago
Hooyaah 2h 37m ago
or even “fat”
Hooyaah 2h 37m ago
hiya ritzy
ritzy-kun 2h 36m ago
I got like 25 notes~ 6 are favs. and one friend. ^^
Hooyaah 2h 34m ago
well, you will make new friends.
Hooyaah 2h 33m ago
you have only been here just under a week.
ritzy-kun 2h 33m ago
^^ I’ve only been here a few days~
RBgzz 2h 31m ago
Hooyaah 2h 30m ago
owe, sorrry… hi Rbgzz
yaminara 2h 30m ago
me 2
Hooyaah 2h 30m ago
me three
ritzy-kun 2h 30m ago
^^ WB RBgzz
ritzy-kun 2h 30m ago
^^ WB RBgzz
CyanideBlizzard 2h 29m ago
How are you liking it so far, ritzy?
Hooyaah 2h 29m ago
ritzy-kun, do you post in the forums?
ritzy-kun 2h 29m ago
Pardon the double post >> my finger slipped
yaminara 2h 29m ago
hey hoo wat happened yesterday
Hooyaah 2h 29m ago
shame shame… just kidding. Happens all the time
Hooyaah 2h 27m ago
when, what?
Hooyaah 2h 26m ago
I went to work and came home.
Hooyaah 2h 26m ago
hi CB !
RBgzz 2h 25m ago
what do i miss ?
CyanideBlizzard 2h 24m ago
Hello Hooyaah!
maverickmechanic 2h 23m ago
Bah! I can’t find the OST’s for Split/Second anywhere…
maverickmechanic 2h 23m ago
Cy is a mod now? God help us all…
ritzy-kun 2h 22m ago
I’m enjoying it. Thanks.
ritzy-kun 2h 22m ago
I’m enjoying it. Thanks.
UberDog 2h 22m ago
congrats CB Nice new Digs you got going on there!!!! SWEET!!!!
ritzy-kun 2h 22m ago
Holy RA! my finger hates me tonight…>>
CyanideBlizzard 2h 21m ago
Mav, not quite. Close, but no cigar!
ritzy-kun 2h 21m ago
Yes, I do post in the forums a bit. ^^
UberDog 2h 20m ago
CyanideBlizzard 2h 20m ago
Uber, you are far too flattering with those words! Thank you : )
maverickmechanic 2h 20m ago
Welcome to Minitokyo, Ritzy. What part of Ohio are you from?
ritzy-kun 2h 19m ago
Thanks for the uplifting comment Hoo~ :3 I will post more art this year!
yaminara 2h 19m ago
holy shoot CB WOW!!! lol
UberDog 2h 19m ago
CB You deserve it…I only wish I had some more fireworks to shhot off to celebrate the event!!!!
ritzy-kun 2h 18m ago
Thanks for the welcome Maverick~ I live in NW Ohio.
CyanideBlizzard 2h 17m ago
Greetings to you as well, Yaminara!
yaminara 2h 17m ago
CB! CB! CB! CB! CB! CB! CB!!!!!
maverickmechanic 2h 17m ago
CyanideBlizzard 2h 17m ago
You really are far too kind, Uber. I’m just hoping it’ll last for more than two days this time xD
yaminara 2h 16m ago
yaminara 2h 16m ago
wat will last more than 2 days
UberDog 2h 15m ago
It will my Friend…It will…Congrats!!
ritzy-kun 2h 15m ago
Nope. BG
CyanideBlizzard 2h 15m ago
Thank you so much once again, Uber!
maverickmechanic 2h 14m ago
That’s good. The fewer people that live in that god afwul place, the better.
ritzy-kun 2h 13m ago
I know right…it sucks over there! Where do you live?
UberDog 2h 13m ago
LonelyAmure 2h 10m ago
[link] Marusy is awesome. Uber love to this guy
yaminara 2h 9m ago
ill be back in a few
maverickmechanic 2h 8m ago
Virginia. I went to college in Lima for the past 2 years. SOOOOOO glad to be done.
Rikayuki 2h 2m ago
hello everyone!! ^^ *waves*
maverickmechanic 2h 1m ago
Hi there.
UberDog 1h 58m ago
Dude LA that was Absolutely AWESOME!!!!!!
ritzy-kun 1h 51m ago
Oh, I see. ^^ I submitted new art~
yaminara 1h 47m ago
hi yuki
fireflywishes 1h 39m ago
Hi all~
UberDog 1h 38m ago
Hey FF how are you?
Fran 1h 38m ago
psst ff, you abandoned me D:
halfmetal39alchemist 1h 38m ago
hey people
maverickmechanic 1h 37m ago
Later guys.
UberDog 1h 37m ago
Bye Mav…don’t Speed!
ritzy-kun 1h 36m ago
Hey guys…what exactly is The Sandbox??
CyanideBlizzard 1h 35m ago
I’m always here, Fran.
fireflywishes 1h 35m ago
Meebo died, Fran… T_T
fireflywishes 1h 35m ago
and Hullo Uber!
CyanideBlizzard 1h 35m ago
Welcome back, firefly : )
mielachan 1h 35m ago
ello. hows everyone tonight?
ritzy-kun 1h 33m ago
‘Cuz my art got deleted saying there were visible white lines in between the lin art and coloring…>> and you can’t submit digitally drawn work here?? This is confusing…
UberDog 1h 33m ago
Doing just fine mielachan…and you?
CyanideBlizzard 1h 33m ago
Miela, you need to bug more more often with more pictures of your adorable cats.
Hooyaah 1h 33m ago
mielachan, hello !
Hooyaah 1h 33m ago
hi, everybody !
CyanideBlizzard 1h 33m ago
ritzy-kun, I’d make sure to read the FAQ first and foremost before submitting. If you happen to have any additional questions, there are plenty of people that are both staff and member here to help
fireflywishes 1h 32m ago
Ritzy… you submitted a photograph of cosplay. We do not allow those here.
mielachan 1h 32m ago
im doing wonderfully, except my damn laptop wont play anime without slowing way down =(
Hooyaah 1h 32m ago
howdy do Uber and FFW and CB
CyanideBlizzard 1h 31m ago
Welcome back, Hooyaah!
mielachan 1h 31m ago
and my kitties rn’t that cute. XP
Hooyaah 1h 31m ago
that’s no fun
ritzy-kun 1h 31m ago
I know that now FF, thanks.
fireflywishes 1h 31m ago
Hey Hoo… how are you? ^_~
Hooyaah 1h 31m ago
great. long time no chat…
ritzy-kun 1h 31m ago
I was talking about a drawing…that I did on my laptop.
CyanideBlizzard 1h 31m ago
Nonsense, they are adorable.
Hooyaah 1h 30m ago
Any new Dalek pics?
Fran 1h 30m ago
UberDog 1h 30m ago
Hey Hoo!
fireflywishes 1h 30m ago
LOL, not yet… I’ve not been able to catch any of the new season since I think it was episode 6?
Hooyaah 1h 29m ago
I LOVE kitties !
mielachan 1h 29m ago
well gracias i suppose.
mielachan 1h 29m ago
lol me 3 Hooyaah ^ ^ i adore them to death.
Hooyaah 1h 29m ago
me too, ffw. I have so much else to do. like posting her. lol
Hooyaah 1h 28m ago
CyanideBlizzard 1h 28m ago
You wouldn’t be talking about the new Doctor Who..would you?
Hooyaah 1h 28m ago
kittens are one of the greatest gifts to people.
Hooyaah 1h 28m ago
Dr. Hoo?
LonelyAmure 1h 27m ago
I see an active shoutbox. Count me in~
LonelyAmure 1h 27m ago
Hi… everyone lol, Hoo, Cy, Mie, firefly, uberdog, fran… is there anyone I left out?
Hooyaah 1h 27m ago
The new Dr. Who hasn’t ignited my interest yet.
fireflywishes 1h 26m ago
Of course we would be Cy~
mielachan 1h 26m ago
i agree 100%!!! lol, my kitty, altho this might sound sad to sum, is one of my best friends. i do everything w her ^ ^
LonelyAmure 1h 26m ago
The new Doctor Who looks…. ok, he sure is cuter than the last one, but I feel like he lacks the wittiness of the last guy
CyanideBlizzard 1h 26m ago
Greetings Amure! Join in on the fun.
Hooyaah 1h 26m ago
I think you covered everyone LA.
LonelyAmure 1h 26m ago
Haha~ Sweet ^_^; thanks
Hooyaah 1h 26m ago
kitties r smart
fireflywishes 1h 25m ago
Well, I felt that way about David Tennant when he first came on too… I figure to see how things go. I haven’t been too impressed with the writing though…
LonelyAmure 1h 25m ago
Just came back from a session of… podcasts, and HEY CY BLIZ
LonelyAmure 1h 25m ago
*points* I see elite member
fireflywishes 1h 25m ago
cuter??? Matt Smith cuter than David Tennant? :O
CyanideBlizzard 1h 25m ago
The one episode with him and Amy at the end was hilariously cute. I have to confess.
LonelyAmure 1h 25m ago
Umm…. I don’t know xD lemme see
Hooyaah 1h 25m ago
of course I like bunnies and puppies too.
LonelyAmure 1h 24m ago
Nevermind. I look at their pictures again, I like David Tennant better
CyanideBlizzard 1h 24m ago
I don’t know. Mr. Tennant was one good looking man.
LonelyAmure 1h 24m ago
*shrugs* I haven’t seen Doctor Who ever since that last season ended
mielachan 1h 24m ago
lol puppies are just so cute, altho im more of a cat person myself, and bunnies are adorible!
LonelyAmure 1h 24m ago
Something about Doctor Who…. reincarnated or what not, into the new actor?
LonelyAmure 1h 23m ago
Lol well he is definitely witty ^.~ I like that about him
fireflywishes 1h 23m ago
Yup, that’s how they deal with actors leaving the series. ^_^
LonelyAmure 1h 23m ago
David Tennant, I mean, and I wish he could stay
Hooyaah 1h 23m ago
That’s it, FFW, it is the plot line that is lacking in the new Who. I could not put my finger on the problem until just now, Thanks !!!
LonelyAmure 1h 23m ago
@firefly, such a cheezy way to switch actors xD
Hooyaah 1h 22m ago
yeah, me too, LA.
LonelyAmure 1h 22m ago
Cy, I got the latest Beyond , ep 147 I think, about the move vs kinect. I think they’re in favor of the move ;3
CyanideBlizzard 1h 22m ago
It’s really a brilliant concept, because they should could go on for indefinitely.
LonelyAmure 1h 22m ago
And another thing, crackdown 2 is an ugly game, I’m sorry, I just don’t like it
Hooyaah 1h 21m ago
Well, I have to go. Nite nice peoples…
CyanideBlizzard 1h 21m ago
Amure : I don’t doubt that. Considering that Kinect doesn’t interact with black clothing and the rumors are you have to be standing up to use it, big time ouch. It’s basically playing WIi stuff on the 360, where move has the graphics as well.
mielachan 1h 21m ago
goodnight hooyaah, sleep well ^ ^
CyanideBlizzard 1h 21m ago
Take care, Hooyaah!
fireflywishes 1h 20m ago
Bye Hoo~
LonelyAmure 1h 20m ago
Haha~ Well the only thing that Kinect will be useful in is a camera for doing some weird stuff like vlogging in some of the most awkward ways
LonelyAmure 1h 19m ago
I didn’t like that commercial and neither what they showcased. And like I said last time, I think I’m a ps3 fanboy xD
CyanideBlizzard 1h 19m ago
Amure : I’m sure it’ll be good for a few laughs. Sort of like Crackdown 2 and how it’s basically the exact same game as the first one.
LonelyAmure 1h 18m ago
I just watched the podcast for Crackdown 2, it looks… bad, but what can I say, it’s a game for screwing around
LonelyAmure 1h 18m ago
BTW uhh…. how’d you get the elite member! *points* You got it so good xD
CyanideBlizzard 1h 15m ago
I can’t say too much so I’ll just say this. Al Gore.
Fran 1h 15m ago
he blackmailed us ºAº
LonelyAmure 1h 14m ago
Lol, Al Gore, the best kinda gore
CyanideBlizzard 1h 14m ago
I mean! I have absolutely no idea what Fran is talking about! >_>;;
LonelyAmure 1h 13m ago
owo… If only I had the guts to do blackmail xD
LonelyAmure 1h 13m ago
Aww, I’m sure fran would understand *hugs* X3 yea yeah, blackmail
LonelyAmure 1h 12m ago
I haven’t posted anything in my wordpress today… *facepalm* I’m a bad person
LonelyAmure 1h 11m ago
Hey Fran, did you get that video link I sent you?
Fran 1h 10m ago
which one
Fran 1h 10m ago
LonelyAmure 1h 10m ago
Haha~ How’d you like it xD
Fran 1h 10m ago
very fun, amure, sorry I didn’t reply, I’ve been kinda busy
LonelyAmure 1h 9m ago
I personally thought it was hecka cute xDDD because I was randomly browsing Beatmania songs, and I heard it, was like woooow cute *looks at sidebar*…. it has parodies. OwO
LonelyAmure 1h 9m ago
lol I don’t mind, Fran ^^; you’re a moderator, how could you NOT be busy~
CyanideBlizzard 1h 8m ago
Don’t be too busy now, Fran. The weekend is here. You should go and enjoy yourself.
LonelyAmure 1h 8m ago
Cy is right. Dude, you nominated the guy today, he’s THE MAN of the house, let’s all have cheers~
Fran 1h 8m ago
I’ve been busy with my waller duties >__> damn AP clash ;__;
LonelyAmure 1h 7m ago
( ^_^)o自自o(^_^ )Cheers~ I’ve heard about AP Clash… Clash of the wallies xD
CyanideBlizzard 1h 6m ago
I can’t wait to see what yuu’ve done! I have to say, I’m really excited : ). Perhaps you can take a break after submission and before the next round?
LonelyAmure 1h 6m ago
Well… good luck on that Fran =D I might be searching your account @ AP later xD
LonelyAmure 1h 6m ago
So I can go…. nominate them D<
LonelyAmure 1h 5m ago
*dink* A song snuck into my head after listening to another song~
CyanideBlizzard 1h 4m ago
Haha, I’m not worthy of such strong praise, Amure.
LonelyAmure 1h 4m ago
It is a horrible feeling… When 2 songs sound similar and you just want to find the old one~ This time it’s Under The Sky – Sayaka Minami BeForU compared to a fripSIDE song I listened to like a year ago
LonelyAmure 1h 4m ago
Hey, being an elite member, in my opinion, is a great thing. ^^
LonelyAmure 1h 3m ago
I have yet to be worthy of one~ I’ve only been here for what, like… 3 months? xD or 4? lol
Fran 1h 2m ago
CyanideBlizzard 1h 2m ago
Well, hopefully it’ll last for more than two days this time ; D.
Fran 1h 2m ago
lol, it will
LonelyAmure 1h 2m ago
whatcha mean by that? <.<
ritzy-kun 1h 1m ago
@CB Where are the FAQ’s? I’m having trouble finding them.
LonelyAmure 1h 1m ago
I’m thinking right now you’ve been EM for 2 days and then they took it down for some reason unkbenowest to me
yaminara 1h 1m ago
im back
LonelyAmure 1h 1m ago
@ritzy, they’e at the bottom of the screen lol
Fran 1h 1m ago
LonelyAmure 1h 1m ago
[link] here you go
LonelyAmure 1h 0m ago
Fran beat me to the chase D<
LonelyAmure 1h 0m ago
Welcome back yami
ritzy-kun 1h 0m ago
0-o Really…I’m blind LOL.
CyanideBlizzard 1h 0m ago
Amure, I was made an elite way back after being at MT for a few months, but there was a huge miscommunication.
LonelyAmure 59m 32s ago
Miscommunication? Hmm…. lol well~
ritzy-kun 59m 21s ago
And….I submitted two art piceces…and they haven’t been taken down! YAY! Please check them out~
LonelyAmure 59m 8s ago
sure~ I’ll check them out soon~
yaminara 58m 40s ago
LonelyAmure 58m 23s ago
Right now though… I feel as if I’m being one of the most popular here <_< everyone seems to either add me or watch me
LonelyAmure 57m 58s ago
as in the text of everyone = people I don’t know xD
LonelyAmure 56m 41s ago
*waves* dead for 1 minute
Fran 56m 6s ago
LonelyAmure 55m 15s ago
^ I thought you meant the color of Cyanide, but now I know you mean Cy bliz lol
yaminara 55m 11s ago
CyanideBlizzard 54m 37s ago
What’s up, Fran : D
LonelyAmure 53m 23s ago
What’s up with the color of your name, that’s wut. It’s so bright that’s the only thing I can see
Fran 53m 21s ago
what are your duties as a helper in the Ap clash *is too lazy to check the rules* can you give feedback on walls?
Fran 52m 57s ago
LonelyAmure 52m 21s ago
Critique must be a serious buisness. They have Critique on everything x~x
ritzy-kun 52m 6s ago
Hey Amure, your b-day is May 14 too!? So’s mine~ :3
LonelyAmure 51m 30s ago
Video Games, Pictures, Videos, Comments, Replies, Music, Computers, People, Name Brands, Food, So much things.
CyanideBlizzard 51m 16s ago
Yep! I can give feedback and offer suggestions and such. I’m the MSN one, but I can help on here too ; )
LonelyAmure 51m 3s ago
@ritzy-kun *high 5* you so awesome.
ritzy-kun 50m 17s ago
:3 YES! I feel special now~
LonelyAmure 50m 10s ago
And you visited my Userpage! Do the customary right thing and make a guestbook post ~(^-^*)_
ritzy-kun 49m 35s ago
Man…I gotta go…stupid parental controls…>> bye guys!
Fran 49m 25s ago
ohh the msn helper >D
LonelyAmure 49m 24s ago
Bai bai~
LonelyAmure 47m 55s ago
I’m thinking of spiking my AP account and posting everywhere like a madman <..<;;
yaminara 47m 30s ago
LonelyAmure 46m 59s ago
You’re late on that one yami *coughagaincough*
yaminara 46m 37s ago
lol ur gonna go crazier than u already r
CyanideBlizzard 46m 4s ago
That’s me! Like I said, I can still offer assistance through PM or such.
LonelyAmure 44m 46s ago
@yami, I’ll have less time than I usually do xD
LonelyAmure 43m 43s ago
Shoot… today I posted on my MSN and Twitter that I tripped in my house and my knee hit drywall. Now I have to find a way to spackle it up without my parents finding out…
LonelyAmure 43m 4s ago
They’ll find out *Sigh* I’m just worried. >~<;; How can my knee hit drywall when I trip? What was I thinking *facepalm myself hard*
LonelyAmure 40m 47s ago
*dead dead dead* ok, going to go blog on my wordpress now xD
yaminara 38m 52s ago
lmfao amure move the things in the room around nd put somethin big enough to hide it
hatsu-haru-123 38m 6s ago
RBgzz 36m 15s ago
HEY ITS FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEED !!! …………….. no its not, its RB, hi everyone !
LonelyAmure 35m 56s ago
Problem, yami. It’s in a hallway leading to my bedrooom and the bathroom. I’m not going to put something in front of it! lol
yaminara 35m 41s ago
hi haru
LonelyAmure 35m 34s ago
I hate Fred o _ o;; that guy is a joke of a youtube idol
LonelyAmure 35m 17s ago
His voice is so flipping annoying
RBgzz 34m 16s ago
haha not surprised, many hates Fred these days..
LonelyAmure 33m 14s ago
Mmhmm…. His beginning videos were funny, but now they’re just “ok, just, just shut up now. just shut up.”
LonelyAmure 32m 59s ago
[link] This OP is wack.
yaminara 32m 6s ago
lol amure u fall weird lol ur knee hit the wall XD
LonelyAmure 31m 10s ago
This is how I fell: I was walking, then somehow, my footjoint twisted, then I fell down and it hit the wall. It’s weird to describe >_< it just hurts
RBgzz 29m 57s ago
the point is, you fell, and it hurts….. right ?
hatsu-haru-123 29m 4s ago
what this is?
Emma93 26m 51s ago
Fred is KAWAII!!!
skybornxleo 26m 39s ago
RBgzz 26m 4s ago
not kawai, Fred’s a freak………like myself…..
LonelyAmure 26m 0s ago
It hurts. lol, and Emma he used to be cute :<
LonelyAmure 25m 18s ago
RB, you at least have common sense. Fred, however, is a fake personality with a necessity to babble on about his cliched out personal life
yaminara 23m 54s ago
lol amure try doin that 2 a wall on purpose ^^
Emma93 23m 36s ago
and why not still LA ?
LonelyAmure 23m 5s ago
yami, no, I feel the pain of my knee scraping on drywall. I am indeed fine
hatsu-haru-123 22m 45s ago
iam not understand. what this is FRED
RBgzz 22m 13s ago
Yeah, but he’s famous, and makes money. One more thing about myself, my friend says that i have the ability to imitate funny peoples, ex. Fred, Mr. Bean, nigahiga…… at least that’s what they say..
RBgzz 21m 39s ago
hatsu haru-san, you can find Fred on youtube
uruchan69 20m 3s ago
LonelyAmure 19m 1s ago
I can reenact Ryan Higa pretty well lol
hatsu-haru-123 18m 46s ago
YOUTUBE. many picture is cool,but iam not understand
RBgzz 17m 8s ago
Amure-san, you look like them, mo wonders you can..
RBgzz 16m 31s ago
Youtube is a place where people post videos, not pictures haru-san..
hatsu-haru-123 15m 31s ago
ya, i know
RBgzz 13m 37s ago
haru-san you’re an Indonesian ?
hatsu-haru-123 12m 10s ago
UberDog 11m 11s ago
hatsu-haru…here try this..at you own RISK…[link]
yaminara 10m 55s ago
good nite every1
LonelyAmure 9m 3s ago
Lol why does everyone say that xD I’m like Ryan Higa but I’m bold hearted but I just lack his smack straight up comedy personality
RBgzz 7m 40s ago
You look like him Amure, goodnight Yami, hello Uber !
UberDog 7m 30s ago
I do not know LA…Why is that?…Hrmmmm?
UberDog 6m 48s ago
Hey there RBgzz…how are you? and what have you been up to?
LonelyAmure 4m 55s ago
Haha~ thanks RB ^^;
RBgzz 1m 59s ago
i’m fine, and i’m up to no good ! nah just kiddin, i’m doing nothing… just chatting with u guys here..
hatsu-haru-123 1m 5s ago
FRED. iam not familiar with fread?
RBgzz 26s ago
oh, haru-san, have you seen Uber’s link ?
RBgzz 7s ago

Sorry it’s so long, lol, and ignore the timestamps. If only there were an option to take those off, but nah. I know it’s totally unnecessary to post the whole chatlog, but hey! I’m bored xD what can you do?

Anyway, this is concluding this blog, so peace out everyone~


One response

  1. Someone said “bored”? someone has said to me that blog is ya own world and you rule for it. What can I do? posting random stuff and hoax lol

    y-s @ SH (dont believe? check my profile page lol)

    July 11, 2010 at 8:31 pm

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