"The greatest treasures are those invisible to the eye but found by the heart."

Internet is finally back! *wipes sweat*

Internet is finally back! After 2 days of cooping up in the dense hole of no interactivity in my room, I finally have the internet back~ ^_^

Oh yeah, and by the way, I will never use Quickpress again. It seems you can only type so much in that little text box then it all disappeared in like… a very short time. Oh, what the hell. I’ll write a blog again it seems.

So, basically, internet suddenly went down in our whole building and I was stuck hope using my computer in hopes that I wouldn’t get bored soon. Particularily, what I did in my spare time the 2 days I didn’t get internet, I was able to catch up on Supreme Candy, a Visual Novel that I’ve been quite addicted to lately. I’ve been playing Supreme Candy for quite a while until now where I’ve crammed in around 8 chapters of reading. And yes, I use a walkthrough… I prefer to play without a translation, because I learn so much without one. Particularily the Kanji. You know when you’re playing a game but you learn some new vocabulary from there? It’s kinda like that. Some people I know have learned English that way ^^;;

Anyway, about Supreme Candy, It is just an awesome Visual Novel. I recently uploaded some CG’s @ MT for the game, and man, I just think it is amazing. I’ve downloaded the Official Visual Memories, which I’m planning to scale down and upload to MT also. (which I do need a good image scaler to use. Fran @ MT suggested that Photoshop was good, but sadly, my computer can’t handle photoshop. Getting a new one soon, though!) And another thing, if you’ve been watching my tweets like 3 hours ago you’ll know about this. psyopslayerx @ SH has uploaded the Supreme Candy OST! It seems he downloaded from the same site that I did, but actually was able to stand the 5 long hours of 10 kbps O _ O ; ;

It is a good soundtrack though. I recently posted on Sakurahana that he literally saved my life. And he did. I couldn’t die without that OST under my hand. Just proves how much I love the VN as a whole. It is a masterpiece.

Another thing to spot out was that just when I logged onto MT straight after I got my internet back, MeiYuuStargazer nuked back my GB posts on my userpage. Around before I lost the internet, I posted to her 3 very very VERY long GB posts about what we were discussing at the time. She’s too intelligent. xD In all my life, I haven’t yet to meet someone that could actually make my fingers tired of typing, but she did it. Hahaha~ My fingers are tired, but my mind isn’t. There I coined the ‘Zombie Fingers’ phrase. Wonder if she replied yet anyway.

I might have wanted to post those long posts here, but I can’t. They’re just… too long. If you really want to know, just take a look through my userpage and try to find MeiYuuStargazer’s posts. You might even want to go to her Minitokyo and search for my GB posts, which might make it easier. Nevertheless, those posts were long. I find it interesting to talk to her, but I hope I don’t lose the blood in my fingers. Again.

Anyway, peace out!


2 responses

  1. Nyah, when I thought I was gonna see something with a little less text then your MT page… well I was utterly mistaken… -_-
    As expected, LA is still a word lover and a text-a-holic. Nothing against it though, but I still have to get used to seeing so much letters all together forming a SINGLE post.
    Well, I haven’t read it yet (you know I’m just gonna do it later, if I really do¬¬) but keep going or something like it. ˆ-ˆ

    July 8, 2010 at 5:59 pm

    • You so utterly mistaken ;3 this has more text than you can throw a harry potter book at (not really, it’s going to get there soon though) and yessss~ I’m impressive with this typing thing I got. From the mind to the fingers to the keyboard to the computer to the internet and posted. *kaching* Hey, it’s fun xD and you should read it soon =D These days I have nothing better to do than to talk talk talk, like what I said on MeiYuuStargazer’s page. A blabbering hyena on antidepressants. *cough* yeah~

      July 8, 2010 at 6:08 pm

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