"The greatest treasures are those invisible to the eye but found by the heart."

A Wild Night At Minitokyo~

Hello everyone! This is me, Amure, once again, posting on my WordPress! ^_^;;

So what exactly happened on July 4th? Well… I can tell you this much. This can all be explained in a matter of seconds, or you can feel free to read the whole thing but don’t blame me if it’s your fault you just can’t read it. It’s long. Very long. Indeed, I might even have to put a spoiler button in it but I’m not so sure…


yaminara: stepmania awesome lol i havent played in a while
yaminara: hello????????????
Vizon: Now thats what I call an actual shout.
AngelSammy24ever: lol
maverickmechanic: SHOUT!
guerilla47: I LOVE SVD DROGUNOV……
maverickmechanic: We talking about page views?
maverickmechanic: There’s a better sniper rifle out there guerilla47
Valuna: ITS OVER 9000
guerilla47: gMORNING EVRYBDY…….
LonelyAmure: your face is wut.
maverickmechanic: It’s 7:33 PM here, so GOO EVENING!
LonelyAmure: WT* BOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!
maverickmechanic: *GOOD
Vizon: Its night over here but thank you.
guerilla47: wat its over 9000?
yaminara: hi mav
guerilla47: 7.35 am ……….at my place
maverickmechanic: Hello.
yaminara: [link]
maverickmechanic: Happy 4th of July to my American bretheren!
LonelyAmure: hey hey! VEGETA what does the scouter say about his powerlevel?!
guerilla47: goddamn why i love SVD so much……
maverickmechanic: What!? 9000!?
maverickmechanic: I love engines sooo much…..
yaminara: huh????
guerilla47: 777
maverickmechanic: Oogie boogie
guerilla47: ching chong ching chong ching chong ching chong…
yaminara: lmfao im putting lil bits of cake into my sleeping sis XD
maverickmechanic: Yeah, but that’s a good way to wake up. “Huh? What? Cake?! Awesome! This is gonna be a good day.”
guerilla47: that not nice….
guerilla47: try shoot svd next to the ear that good way to wake up a person…
yaminara: hahahha she woke up ….lol shes mad
yaminara: svd?
LonelyAmure: hum hum hum hum… try yelling the amount of cake in the living room is over 9000 wut
LonelyAmure: yami, you’re crazy lol
LonelyAmure: Supreme candy has a strong attatchment with bunnies and sad stories owo
LonelyAmure: The bunny shirayuki… died q _ q … I think.
tinyoliveira: Note
LonelyAmure: Hi tiny o.o
yaminara: lol im not crazy amure
yaminara: IM INSAIN!!!!! LMFAO
maverickmechanic: Yay for insanity!
yaminara: lol mav
LonelyAmure: INSANITY!!! OMG
LonelyAmure: Yami, your insanity has infected me. It’s all your fault :<
yaminara: yes amure lol ur the crazy 1 not me
yaminara: brb
LonelyAmure: Ok fine :< I’m crazy LOL
LonelyAmure: Nggghhhh god bless for japanese walkthroughs ❤
LonelyAmure: omg dude. I won THE GAME!!! You all lost ❤
LonelyAmure: Nah I’m joking. Someone say something
maverickmechanic: No one ever wins the game…
maverickmechanic: Cause as soon as you think about the game, you loose.
maverickmechanic: Also, you are all now breathing manually.
LonelyAmure: Lol~ Mmhmm
LonelyAmure: Let’s think about something else now~ ;3
Huesin: Ok…
maverickmechanic: Bah, it’s sucks having 360 games to play and no Xbox to play them.
Huesin: I’m out of ideas… Bye, Dr. L.A and Dr. Maverick…
LonelyAmure: LOL
maverickmechanic: Goodbye, Doctor.
yaminara: lol
LonelyAmure: You barely even said anything Hue LOL
yaminara: amure ur ____.
LonelyAmure: you mean I’m cool? ;D thanks yami ;3
maverickmechanic: Blank.
yaminara: yeah fill it in with wat ever u want
LonelyAmure: LOL XDDD
yaminara: lmfao
yaminara 1h 19m ago
amure is a real _______.
Vizon: friend
maverickmechanic: Person
yaminara: cool friend XD lol
LonelyAmure: Yami is the best at ________
LonelyAmure: Dude we should make an offtopic board with something like this
yaminara: woah lol wat amure
yaminara: lol yep
LonelyAmure: fill it in LOL ;DDDD
LonelyAmure: xDDD I’ll make one but I have to think about how we’re going to do it
LonelyAmure: maybe we just fill in the blank of the person above us and then write our own _______ sentence
LonelyAmure: madlibzors.
yaminara: yeah like the marry boff or kill the user above u
Vizon: original
maverickmechanic: Can you marry, boff, and then kill the person? That’s how a lot of marrages end nowadays…
yaminara: lol mav
Vizon: the person above us and then write our own original sentence
maverickmechanic: I think there’s something like that already. Make a baseless assumption about the user above you.
yaminara: yeah viz thats how its gonna work right amure
yaminara: gimme a link mav
Vizon: Some people will get really creative.
yaminara: lol yeah
maverickmechanic: [link]
Vizon: I think yaminara’s avatas is __________.
Hooyaah: I was the last to post there
yaminara: hmm this is probably gonna b a problem
Hooyaah: hi YAMI ! Hi Mav
Hooyaah: hi LA
maverickmechanic: Hey, Hooyah. How’s it going?
Hooyaah: problem
yaminara: HI HOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hooyaah 56m 31s ago
cool dude, and you?
Hooyaah: YAMI !!!!!!
yaminara: HOO
maverickmechanic: Pretty chill.
Hooyaah: yami you don’t have a bad avatar. Vizon was just teasing you.
yaminara: lol i know my avy is funny!!!
Hooyaah: me too, kickin’ back and checkin the web
Hooyaah: no, it’s hilarious
yaminara: vizon likes to____.
yaminara: hoo is ____.
yaminara: lol
yaminara: brb!!!
Hooyaah: but it doesn’t look like you.
Hooyaah: lil’ scamp got away before I could give her an Indian sunburn.
maverickmechanic: Are you a miniture rotating Earth, Hooyah? 🙂
Huesin: XD
Hooyaah: Hoo is what?
Hooyaah: shhhh
Hooyaah: no, I am a full size rotating Earth seen at just under one million miles away.
yaminara: lol hoo is awesome!!!!!!!!!!
Hooyaah: depending on your screen settings of course.
maverickmechanic: Zombie Survivial Quiz:
maverickmechanic: [link]
Hooyaah: gee, thank you yami, you are outstandingly cool yourself.
maverickmechanic: Will you survive the out break or become one of the undead horde?
yaminara: lol thanx hoo
yaminara: hello????????????
maverickmechanic: ‘Ello.
LonelyAmure: I heard hooyaah was posting in the off-topic section. That silly man LOL
yaminara: lol mav what time is over there
yaminara: lol yep he waz
LonelyAmure: Yami, 6:27 PM, do something american for your SAKE
DreamBell: hello everyone ^^
LonelyAmure: HEY DREAMBELL!!!! *hugs* x3 how you doing my friend~
maverickmechanic: 9:28 PM
LonelyAmure: I’m sure Hooyaah knows that person though~
maverickmechanic: Hello, DreamBell.
LonelyAmure: Dream! I wonder if you ever read that GB post where I said that if you had any… any miku songs that you wanted to share with me?
maverickmechanic: [link]
Hooyaah: gee I made a Z+
LonelyAmure: What’s a Z+?
Hooyaah: what’s wrong with the off- topic forums?
maverickmechanic: Yay! We will survive the Zombie Apocalypse, Hoo!
Hooyaah: the zombie survivability rating. I am undtoppable.
Hooyaah: *un-stoppable
Hooyaah: Yes, LA knows that I live in post apocalyptic future Texas, right LA?
LonelyAmure: Oh lol. Hooyaah I found the love of my chain posting.
Hooyaah: you better bring your dream car down here quick when the zombies arrive, mav
maverickmechanic: No, I’d have to leave that and build a Zombie Anihilator.
maverickmechanic: IT’S GOT METAL SPIKEY THINGS!
Hooyaah:asdfmovie2, lol
yaminara:lol amure
Hooyaah: cool then I better load my truck with C-4 grenades and hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammuntion and my guns.
Hooyaah: who is she LA?
yaminara: 0.0 lol
Hooyaah: the best zombie dispatching tool is probaly the military version 12 gague with alternating buck shot and 12 oz slugs.
yaminara: yeah who is it amure
Hooyaah: can you survive a zombie attack, yami?
yaminara: yes lol i coul kick butt
maverickmechanic: Get the trench spike!
yaminara: *could
Hooyaah: I like trains… lol
yaminara: lol???
Hooyaah: you just need to take off their heads withone shot
Hooyaah: sorry the trains was from the video in the link that you can’t watch.
maverickmechanic: Doctor, I think I might be a homosexual.
LonelyAmure: Sorry I was…. CHAIN POSTING. ❤
yaminara: hmmm thats the only way??
maverickmechanic: What makes you say that?
maverickmechanic: RAINBOWS!!
yaminara: wtf is chain posting
Hooyaah: yami, if you want to find out who LA’s new posting pal is just check out the off topic forums
Hooyaah: how do you know mav?
Hooyaah: have LA ‘splain it…
Hooyaah:he types faster
Hooyaah: brb, coffee time
M-i-k-a-z-u-k-i: Well, I hope chain posting isn’t something one can get in trouble for D:
Hooyaah: aka, LA, it’s M-i-k-a-z-u-k-i !!!
maverickmechanic: Bleh, coffee….
Hooyaah: I think you are safe
Hooyaah: OK, mav, beer then, just beer
maverickmechanic: No, only for posting spam, Mika.
Hooyaah: when’s the rad rave dood?
M-i-k-a-z-u-k-i: Phew, that’s good to hear then.
Hooyaah: can I mention spam in a post mav?
Hooyaah: or spiced ham?
maverickmechanic: Sorry, Hoo, I don’t drink.
Hooyaah: M-i-k-a-z-u-k-i, it’s nice to finally meet you.
maverickmechanic: SWEET RAVE PARTY!
LonelyAmure: Lol…. she found out. *SCREAMS IN LUST*
Hooyaah: can I just call you “Miki”?
LonelyAmure: Hooyaah found out. Is your detective search over?!
LonelyAmure: Nuuu I call her Miki first *hi miki*
LonelyAmure: NNNNGHHHH I got dibs on Mika~~~ *hugs her*
Hooyaah: I don’t like Moby much anymore
LonelyAmure: ^ Why not? =o
Hooyaah: My detective serch is perpetual and interminable.
LonelyAmure: … Uhuh. Sure. *nods nods* I’ll go check yo history then.
M-i-k-a-z-u-k-i: Pleasure to meet you too. Miki is fine. XD
Hooyaah: it’s not hard enough..it’s like a feather pillow filled with helium
LonelyAmure: ;3 I’m reading up yo page, though… I don’t like Crunchy roll that much because of the huge list of people that talk like 2nd graders lol
LonelyAmure: LonelyAmure will never have a crunchyroll. Sorry, everyone, but LonelyAmure is LonelyAmure xD
LonelyAmure: @hooyaah that’s what she said dude
LonelyAmure 7m 14s ago
Hooyaah: check this: [link]
maverickmechanic: They actually make Powerthirst. You can buy it.
LonelyAmure: you’llbesofastmothernature’llbelike SLOOOOOOOW DOOOOWN andyou’llbelikeFYOUandkickherinthefacewithyour ENERGY LEGGGGSS
CyanideBlizzard: Amure, want to go bear blasting with me : D
LonelyAmure: Why not Cy Blizzy. ❤
M-i-k-a-z-u-k-i: It annoys me too, but I thought it would be rude to do a disappearing act, so I’m still on there XD
Hooyaah: now this is plenty hard. There are some things a man never has to hear from a woman; that is one of them.
LonelyAmure: @miki, don’t suffer the pain lol, and add me on msn ❤
LonelyAmure: 400 BABIES!!!
M-i-k-a-z-u-k-i: 400 is rather much. D:
LonelyAmure: Give your babies shockolate and they’ll run ABNORMALLY FAAAAST
LonelyAmure: @Miki, I know right? Bang bang bang! LOL
CyanideBlizzard: Greetings Mikazuki!
maverickmechanic: Similar to hump catting.
yaminara: lol
LonelyAmure: they’llrunasfastasKENYANS, peoplewillseethemrunningandthinkthey’reKENYANS, andthere’llbeaTIEandthey’llallgetdeportedbacktoKENYAAAAAA…
CyanideBlizzard: I’m actually tempted to buy some of it..tempted.
LonelyAmure: Don’t gamble on your energy! *KACHING* Try powerthirst! The energy drink that makes you AAAAH SPORTS!
Hooyaah: LA, she actually said that it’s too soft to you. At your age? I am sad for you dude.
maverickmechanic: They also have Brawndo from Idiocracy.
LonelyAmure: O _ O . . . is it… is it… is it because I’m asian…. *CRIES*
Hooyaah: You can go out in the woods with me tonight and go panther petting
maverickmechanic: I don’t know what you’re talking about LA, but yes. it IS becuase you are Asian.
LonelyAmure: @maverick GODBERRY Lol
maverickmechanic: HIGH SCORE.
LonelyAmure: NOOOOOO…. *cries*
maverickmechanic: KING OF THE JUICE!
Hooyaah: no, LA, it’s because of your favorite pass time.
CyanideBlizzard: I can’t believe it took them so long to release a third ad for it, though. Still, it’s always better late than never.
maverickmechanic: BUILDING KICK! EXPLOSION!
LonelyAmure: Lol…. favorite pass time <.< I should…. do something else then lol
Hooyaah: and because you are a little Asian.
Hooyaah: little…lol
LonelyAmure: Aww Hooyaah, but you know, asians have big ones too :<
Hooyaah: I’m sorry dood, maybe you should just pace yourself.
CyanideBlizzard: Maverick, are you going off of those sexy Old Spice commericals now?
maverickmechanic: [link]
Hooyaah: yep 4 inches must SEEM like a foot to you.
maverickmechanic: I love the commercials with Terry Crews. They’re hilarious.
LonelyAmure: D< Hooyaah don’t be mean! We asians are at least proportional <.<
LonelyAmure: Where’d my miki go anyway?
maverickmechanic: They do use the metric system.
CyanideBlizzard: [link] < – Girls are not to be trusted. NSFW
yaminara: lmfao lol hoo is right asians r small
LonelyAmure: I HATE YOU YAMI
Hooyaah: ahh, the zombies are out again…
LonelyAmure: LOL
maverickmechanic: HAHA.
LonelyAmure: You can’t trust girls Cy. But they’re great for MESSING AROUND WITH <.<
Hooyaah: [link]
maverickmechanic: Well, at least LA knows what he is, I’m just a mutt. 😀
CyanideBlizzard: I know it’s older, but it’s always a good time ; D
maverickmechanic: Oh, I miss you Ren and Stimpy…
CyanideBlizzard: I’m a big pot of European, that’s really all I can say.
LonelyAmure: Lol~ ;3
yaminara: lol ur mean amure
LonelyAmure: I’m vietnamese. The french kind of Vietnamese
LonelyAmure: UR MEAN!! NYAAAAA!!!! Calling asians like me small :< makes me feel intimidated!
Hooyaah: I see, girls can do some messin right back at ya LA.
LonelyAmure: *cries* and I meant the french kind of vietnamese that kill themselves all the time. Not really. owo
maverickmechanic: I was adopted, Cy. So I really have no clue. But I was born on Christmas and what holiday is 9 months before Christmas? That’s right. St. Patricks Day.
LonelyAmure: ^ Well… at least they can tell from what you are?
maverickmechanic: I consider my self an honorary Irishman. 🙂
LonelyAmure: Wooo Irish man, luck of the green, eh?
LonelyAmure: Darn I need to get a drink
Hooyaah: I am a nice mixture of all the best the gene pool that decended from the Caucasas mountains had to offer.
LonelyAmure: be right back BOYS. *chinkchinkchinkchinkchink*
maverickmechanic: Luck of the drunken and sloppy, unprotected sex.
Hooyaah: make it “a STIFF one” LA.
maverickmechanic: Ha, cock joke.
LonelyAmure: ^ HAHAHAHAHA but you know what they say, unprotected sex is WILDER SEX. [link]/ Comment and love anyone?
yaminara: hey im only sayin the truth
Hooyaah: uh, mav was he wearing armour or something?
CyanideBlizzard: Mav : My mother’s birthday is on St. Patty’s Day : D
maverickmechanic: D:< BLOOOOOOOOGGGGGGEEERRR! *Kills LA*
LonelyAmure: OwO My birthday i on May 14. I think people already know that </3\
CyanideBlizzard: lol, the SB is so wrong right now.
Hooyaah: unprotected sex leads to STDs, babies, and death.
Hooyaah: even babies with STDs that die.
LonelyAmure: I’m… I’m sorry… mav… *last breath before dying*… love what you have… what’s left… *dies*
maverickmechanic: Hahaha. :b
Hooyaah: yes, we sould be better.
maverickmechanic: It lead to me, soo you’re right, Hoo.
LonelyAmure: @cy They’re hurting me!!! They’re hurting me because of my SIZEEEEE… waaaaahahahaha *cries*
CyanideBlizzard: Amure, the only person that ‘it’ should matter to is the girl your dating, and that’s only if she cares.
Hooyaah: I wish that I hadn’t been so “hard” on the dood
maverickmechanic: Yup, Cy’s right, LA.
LonelyAmure: ^ Thanks Cy~ lol, I hope she’s happy x3 but I heard girls love… ok let’s not go into NSFW
Hooyaah: whew, I almost said “little”
maverickmechanic: EXPLOSIONS!
LonelyAmure 0s ago
You mean your face, mavvie. *dies again*
CyanideBlizzard: Amure, it really depends on the girl and even then, if she really likes you for who you are, it generally won’t matter. Unless she’s shallow.
Hooyaah: Actually it’s not how deep you fish LA, it’s how you wiggle the worm.
LonelyAmure: Mmhmm…. well… it’s good to be a great socializable person xD I have yet to fall in love though. Again. Support me being in love anyone? no? Well… it will come… slowly… to me.
CyanideBlizzard: Hooyaah, you are one interest individual.
Hooyaah: Yeah, what CB said
LonelyAmure: [link] Nnnnnnghhhh… I wiggle the worm more? OH that’s a good tip *writes it down* LOL
LonelyAmure: PETANKO!
CyanideBlizzard: Love tends to find you when you least expect it, so there you go, Amure ; )
Hooyaah: uh, thank you. I think.
LonelyAmure: Lol~ It’s going to happen…. someday D< SOMEDAY *CRIES*
CyanideBlizzard: Haha, it’s a compliment towards your unique choice of words.
Hooyaah: not necessarily more LA, just better.
maverickmechanic: Just remember to do it with the one you love. Sex without love is pointless.
CyanideBlizzard: Amure, enjoy yourself while you can. I’m making sure to do so as well, after being in a five year relationship it’s nice.
LonelyAmure: Shonin, petanko, shonin, petanko, shonin, petanko NNGH. Shoooonin, PENTANKO!!!
yaminara: lmfao
Hooyaah: where did yami and mav go?
CyanideBlizzard: Mav, that’s the best advice anyone can really offer : ).
LonelyAmure: Yami just SHOWED UL LOL
maverickmechanic: Uh… TETSUOOOOOOO!!!!
Hooyaah: oh, hi yami
LonelyAmure: I +1 maverick lol
Hooyaah: gee mav chill, take a roll
LonelyAmure: *UP* I meant yami just showed up
ShirakawaKotoriCute: hooyah check out your PM inbox….
Hooyaah: when she arrives you show “up” LA
LonelyAmure: NNNNGHHH I hate you chizuru! I hate you!!! *sigh* she’s starting to bother me
Hooyaah: OK, thanks Shi-chan
maverickmechanic: Gah! *Dies from having Fallout 3 and not being able to play it*
Hooyaah: drugs are bad mav.
yaminara: lmfao @ hoo
Hooyaah: what happened to your console mav?
maverickmechanic: Come on, yall! Do the Bender! Do the Bender!
CyanideBlizzard: Mav, want me to play it for you : )
LonelyAmure: lol…. that sucks
maverickmechanic: I never had one. This is my first xbox 360. I ordered one 2 weeks ago and I bought some games for it. But the Console hasn’t come yet.
LonelyAmure: You bought… you bought an XBOX 360?! You have really bad taste.
maverickmechanic: I don’t like having to replace my blu ray lens every couple years, LA.
LonelyAmure: Destruction lol
CyanideBlizzard: Hmm, maybe i’ll have to look into it. I’ve been considering checking out Split Second, but now I know I’ll have to.
yaminara: so amure ur with mika
maverickmechanic: Also, PS3 OS is fail. The older ones were great, but Sony screwed up big time.
CyanideBlizzard: Both PS3 and 360 have their share of flaws and both are solid systems in their own right. That’s why I own both ; D
LonelyAmure: Isn’t it on ps3 also?
yaminara: i got a ps2 lol
LonelyAmure: More like, but this year PS3 is actually doing well. Have you seen microsoft’s crackdown? IGN heavily favors the ps3 than the xbox 360
maverickmechanic: Oh, the PS3 has amazing potential, Sony is jut being stupid right now.
LonelyAmure: … It’s being stupid? Have you seen the Move? I thought it was going to suck, but now it looks good, and there are tons of other amazing stuff coming out from them too!
CyanideBlizzard: Both systems have had great years, and even then the graphical differences are so minor that you really have to be nitpicky to really notice the difference. Unless it’s Bayonetta. That, or if they add additional content when they bring the game over, li
maverickmechanic: Plus, I like the 360 controlers better.
LonelyAmure: I think Sony’s going to do well in the market this time around. This year Microsoft has been ripping on and off on people’s warranty and games… you should search that on the news
LonelyAmure: <.< . . . I think the Sony is ideally more quiet, and less ugly than the Xbox 360 is. The new xbox 360 just looks ew
maverickmechanic: Sorry dude, I just favoring the 360 over the PS3.
CyanideBlizzard: As for the warranty issue, Sony had the same problem last console generation with the PS2 (first generation systems had huge issues with blue backed discs and DVD driver issues and they were sketchy issues surrounding the warranty)
LonelyAmure: It’s alright, I see why you like it, but I love the PS3 and it’s community, it’s market, and ultimately PS3 as a whole…
maverickmechanic: The new 360 slim looks amazing.
CyanideBlizzard: That’s why I’m picking up the 360 slim on the 11th xD
LonelyAmure: … You are a liar lol
maverickmechanic: Which is fine. My buddy Kyle has gone through 5 PS3’s. He’s still a fanboy, so they’ve got to be doing something right I guess.
LonelyAmure: xD my ps3 broke but I know that the slim won’t break, it’s durable
maverickmechanic: I’ve got mine coming this week Cy. I hope….
CyanideBlizzard: and it’s the same with the 360, I’ve got a friend that has gone through roughly seven 360s since launch and he’s still a huge fan. It’s all about perspective.
LonelyAmure: but… New xbox 360, I just felt like they were trying to copy PS3 and it failed. Those side vents don’t make sense at ALL, I’m going to have my console on it’s side with the other stuff like the digital stereo thingy
maverickmechanic: Just be sure to blow the dust out of the system each month and keep it cool.
CyanideBlizzard: I hope so too, mav! I’m looking forward to picking up Persona 3 Portable for the PSP on Tuesday \o/
LonelyAmure: Persona ftw, but I feel that Microsoft is TOTALLY taking the wrong turn with it’s consumers
CyanideBlizzard: Have you seen how many fans they took out of the 360? The previous models were riddled with heating issues and these new ones vastly improved that. I plan on having my console on the side too, but it’s also about how it can breathe in the space it’s in.
LonelyAmure: Call me a fanboy, but the turn in market and new games coming out is in favor of PS3, and MS’s Project natal just looks infinitely stupid. That’s why I don’t like Fable II
LonelyAmure: 3 III
maverickmechanic: Meh, it’s got Halo. :3 Which really isn’t a selling point for me. I love the Halo story, I could take or leave the games.
CyanideBlizzard: IMO anything motion control related is retarded. However, that’s more of me looking at gaming as being something I just want to sit there and do.
LonelyAmure: Well, if it does breathe well then I pray it’s good, but I won’t buy an XBOX 360 no matter what you say to me. Most of the stuff on XBOX is XBOX live…
LonelyAmure: gold membership and all
maverickmechanic: Yeah, I’ve played Wii. It’s cool, but meh. If I’m going to play video games, it’s usually because I don’t want to do a lot of moving around.
CyanideBlizzard: Amure, that was a huge selling point to me beforehand, but then again I don’t go on XBL and I occasionally buy games on XBLA, so a free silver membership suits me fine. I get to play Shadow Complex, so I don’t care xD
LonelyAmure: Well I do like Sony’s approach to the PS move and also the PS+, which is completely awesome
LonelyAmure: I just think that Microsoft, even with it’s better servers and all, still is losing people because of their standards…
CyanideBlizzard: I like Sony overall, but I am so angry about them moving towards 3d gaming. Until I can play a game with a visor, or in a holographic room, I don’t want to hear the words “3D gaming”.
LonelyAmure: You heard of the PS+ right? and the PS move games? Those look completely radical.
maverickmechanic: The Nintendo 3DS is awesome, though.
CyanideBlizzard: Oh yeah, I do agree that they look solid, but I just think anything towards motion control is simply trying to graap at straws towards the Wii market.
LonelyAmure: Well… It’s up to when you see it when it matters, I think that 3d gaming is stupid, but if they can make it good, I’m sure they’ll dominate the market
LonelyAmure: Nintendo’s 3ds is taking home the crown this year. That thing is mad as heck lol
maverickmechanic: I guess I’m just not enough of a hardcore gamer to really care about all this stuff.
CyanideBlizzard: I lke the 3DS, but Nintendo needs to stop updating the DS every year or so. Amure, I agree, but the biggest problem is we don’t have the technology to be able to really create a 3D experience.
LonelyAmure: And that is simply the reason I knew I shouldn’t have gotten a DSi
maverickmechanic: I just want to play some games.
LonelyAmure: Mav, we all want to play games, but we are people who care about what we play
CyanideBlizzard: Still, despite my bickering, I’m looking forward to seeing how the Move and Kinect will work out for both companies.
yaminara: im on here with a dsi amure lol
CyanideBlizzard: Mav, let us play some old texted based adventure games! Or if that doesn’t work… [link]/
LonelyAmure: Kinect will suck major dingdongs. That’s my opinion. The impression that a company leaves first doesn’t make people play it, and therefore it doens’t become popular
maverickmechanic: Some of the move stuff Ive seen is pretty bitchin’.
LonelyAmure: Yami, I also didn’t get a DSi because of the incompatibilty with many old DS games
LonelyAmure: @mav, for me too. I liked move
maverickmechanic: Yes, Cy! I was playing this last night.
LonelyAmure: You were playing a text adventure? OLD SCHOOL LOL
maverickmechanic: Ok, time for some Flogging Molly!
maverickmechanic: Play Zork. You’ll go insane…
CyanideBlizzard: I counter your Flogging Molly with some Econoline Crush!
maverickmechanic: Or be eaten by a Grue.
LonelyAmure: @mav, Died by grue lol
LonelyAmure: @mav I just said LOL
maverickmechanic: I counter with Running WIld. It’s super effective.
LonelyAmure: Oh K!!! *claps hands* let’s go talk about who’s going to be doing anything for… July 4th?
CyanideBlizzard: I think Zork will always be iconic in the gaming scene.
CyanideBlizzard: Crap! Um…Bad Religion, I choose you! Do a thunderbolt!
yaminara: HOO WERE R U?!
LonelyAmure: Zork was completely frustrating when I played it lol. Most Text Adven games are hard xD
LonelyAmure: I need… I need Pictures when I play my games
Hooyaah: LA, July the forth is nearly over. Unless you are in Hawaii.
LonelyAmure: Yami, DNW, xD talk about video games
LonelyAmure: O . o ;; You big liar lol Hoo
LonelyAmure: it’s 7:48 PM in Cali and the sun’s still out
Hooyaah: Hi Yami, I was just being an admin, sorry. I try do do it in moderation. Unlike some present company.
LonelyAmure: ^ That’s complete BS lol
yaminara: dnw=?
LonelyAmure: Do not want~
LonelyAmure: I’m trying to slide the conversation but don’t do it too xD
LonelyAmure: otherwise this chat will end up dying
Hooyaah: four hous is a long time LA? I guess for your time away from the SB to excuse yourself.
LonelyAmure: Umm… you sound like Raven right now
LonelyAmure: And don’t dare assume anything about me, because I hate it when people do that -_-
Hooyaah: I am an admin in one of the groups LA. Would you like to call me a liar again?
LonelyAmure: And Hooyaah, I’m cold shouldered to people who give me that kind of straw, don’t be one of them
maverickmechanic: Wow, does everyone know Raven?
CyanideBlizzard: Common guys, let’s all get along : )
LonelyAmure: I. Could. Not. Care. Less. About. Your. Group. Feel free to delete me, just don’t dare say that to me
LonelyAmure: Yeah, we all know the chronicle disputes between Raven and me <.<
Hooyaah: I’ll try not to tease you LA, I never really assume anyting though.
LonelyAmure: Feel Free to ‘guess’ about me, or what I do in my spare time, Hoo, except that know that if you do make something offensive, I’ll take your word as granted and leave
maverickmechanic: I really must not be around much. Cause I always hear bad stuff about him, but never see any of it.
CyanideBlizzard: Guys, seriously. Let’s just leave it be. If you two need to discuss something, I’d recommend doing it in a PM and not in the SB.
Hooyaah: RSR, mav?
LonelyAmure: -_- I might as well leave then
maverickmechanic: Yup.
yaminara: lol best talk between amure nd rave waz to stop the pervy talk..amure continued nd rave kept on telling him to stop XD
LonelyAmure: He was all debating about bagels and donuts
CyanideBlizzard: I just don’t want anyone to get in trouble, that’s all : )
CyanideBlizzard: I just don’t want anyone to get in trouble, that’s all : )
Hooyaah: It’s OK, I stepped over the line LA, I apologise.
yaminara: no AMURE
maverickmechanic: Meh, I’m way to chill to care about what anyone says to me. It’s just words, they only have power if you give it to them.
LonelyAmure: -~- It takes a large amount of the right comment to piss me off, dude, I was about to rip my hair out
Hooyaah: If I am man enough to admit when I am wrong and say I am sorry could you acceppt it?
maverickmechanic: I can feel the banhammer charging up for a strike.
LonelyAmure: ^ I’ve never got the banhammer or the warning post lol… don’t plan to anytime, but I’m still aware that some of the things I post might not be NSFW, but I try to keep myself at a rational point
LonelyAmure: I accept it hooyaah, but don’t act all Raven on me because that’s the kind of person I hate, the one who thinks that he has authority
maverickmechanic: RESPECT MY AUTHORITY!
LonelyAmure: Just because you’re a group admin of something doesn’t give you totalarian power over any group of members, that’s just monopolization
CyanideBlizzard: Alright, ^__^ So if that settles that..let us discuss what’s really important, and that is should I buy Left 4 Dead 2 on steam for 66% off?
maverickmechanic: Sorry, I had to :3
LonelyAmure: @Cy Bliz, L4D is a bad game o _ o I would suggest against buying it
maverickmechanic: Totally. But first, watch this: [link]
LonelyAmure: The DLC packs imo aren’t really impressive, and L4D is a type of game that gets old fast
maverickmechanic: It’s a Mod! RUN AWAY!
LonelyAmure: even if it’s witty as heck with the cheezy dialogue. Hi fran! =D
CyanideBlizzard: Well, they do have it for 10.16 and while I personally don’t think the game itself had enough content to warrent a new game, it’s not a bad price =3. Plus, I’d be playing it on PC \o/
Hooyaah: who is assuming now
Fran: sorry I had to say that after I read all the previous comments, but I’m already leaving so adieu~!
CyanideBlizzard: Omg, it’s Fran! The savior of justice has arrived.
LonelyAmure: Aww… Bye Fran! ^_^
Hooyaah: hello Fran !!!
LonelyAmure: Fran’s my heeerrroooo *starry eyed* *_*
CyanideBlizzard: I see how it is Fran, spying on all of us ; D. Take good care of yourself!
yaminara: -_- …….
LonelyAmure: Hi yami? o~o
Hooyaah: bye Fran
LonelyAmure: Unnnnhhhh Justice has been served…
LonelyAmure: Hey yami, you hearfireworks yet?
LonelyAmure: Oh k I render this chat dead *puts flag up* bye everyone?
Hooyaah: LA, I have never tried to be authoritarian here and act like I had any rule of law. I was just mentioning earlier that I had a request from a member of a group and I had to perform an admin function when yami asked where i went.
Hooyaah: bye
UberDog: MAV My 4th would not have been complete with out that Video!!! No I am insane!! O.o
CyanideBlizzard: Amure, remember, be water ; ) I’m off as well.
yaminara: hi -_-
LonelyAmure: Ah, I’ll remember Blizzy-kun, and I actually gotta go as well
Hooyaah: Hey it’s the forth of July. I guess that if you have a short fuse you may as well go off.
LonelyAmure: Hi Uberdog, gotta get going, and hey thanks for the GB posts ^_^;; I’ll reply to them when I get back
maverickmechanic: BWAHAHAHAHA!
Hooyaah: ‘sup dawg?
maverickmechanic: Everybody is leaving. I feel so alone…..
yaminara: DOGGY!
Hooyaah: I’ll be bak l8r
yaminara: mav u still got me nd hoo
UberDog: NP LA, Hi Everyone, Hey Yami, Hey Hoo
maverickmechanic: I found the secret of life the other day… but it was on an 8-track.
LonelyAmure: Lol~ it’s just yami, uberdog, and mav, try your best to keep it alive, thanks ^_^
UberDog: And Mav I got a present for you….it’s an M8000!!!!
Hooyaah: I guess I can stay as long as someone doesn’t try flaming me.
LonelyAmure: ^ Who exactly is flaming you Hoo
maverickmechanic: *grabs the defiberlator* Don’t you die on me! CLEAR! *shocks the SB*
Hooyaah: I am a bit med well now.
LonelyAmure: If you daresay it’s me that’s flaming you or anywhere near that, I’ll be pissed off, and I didn’t flame you =p
maverickmechanic: Well, thank you Uber. That’s so nic- what’s that hising sound? OH SHI- * Earth explodes*
Hooyaah: I felt like you were. Accusing me of trying to act superior.
Hooyaah: I guess that we both felt a bit torched. I did apologise tho
LonelyAmure: If you consider that flaming, then I’m assuming you don’t really know the real definition of flaming. I’m not ripping on you, I just felt that was a statement that I had to say to point out
LonelyAmure: Don’t dare start this again Hoo. I know we’re friends, but there is a rational line to what’s saying, and what’s flaming
maverickmechanic: Ok, just French kiss and make up.
Hooyaah: maybe you were taliking about RavenSilverRose. I may have gotten that confused.
Hooyaah: The SB can become quite a maelstrom of chaotic words run amok.
LonelyAmure: Hooyaah: four hous is a long time LA? I guess for your time away from the SB to excuse yourself.
yaminara: amure chill! hoo got the point already!
LonelyAmure: Hooyaah: I am an admin in one of the groups LA. Would you like to call me a liar again? LonelyAmure: And Hooyaah, I’m cold shouldered to people who give me that kind of straw, don’t be one of them
Hooyaah: Did I apologise or not?
Fran: ok ok, enough. The shoutbox is NOT the place to solve stuff like that, you can do it privately.
LonelyAmure: You’re lucky you’re hooyaah, and at least I maintain a certain amount of respect for my friends, but don’t defy me like that -~-
LonelyAmure: Sorry Fran… I’m cold blooded when I’m angry~ It’s hard to say for me =|
UberDog: Now that was funny!!! Riot!!!!
LonelyAmure: It’s july 4th <.< What am I doing? I really gotta go now
LonelyAmure: LOL It might have been! Comic Relief much Uberdog? =D
LonelyAmure: Ok yami you just brought back the heat. D:
Fran: ¬__¬
LonelyAmure: I really gotta go… >.> 8:16 PM yami, fireworks up yet?
yaminara: a lot since yesterday
UberDog: What is with you tonight LA?
yaminara: ppl over here go crazy -_-
LonelyAmure: Uber… that’s just me when I’m pissed. I’m cold blooded as an icy lizard
UberDog: Well Relax and Smile Life is better that way and you will live longer!!! ^_____^
LonelyAmure: +1 for uberdog ^_^
maverickmechanic: Six-year-olds and nuclear weapons: a combination that just can’t be beat.
LonelyAmure: Did Fran just shred a ton of that chat? lol
maverickmechanic: Seems like it.
LonelyAmure: Yeah I was about to say, there was like shred load of stuff there and then it just disappeared
yaminara: yep
Fran: told you so
LonelyAmure: Yep is right. I’m sorry when I’m angry, but it happens. It just happens. Period.
UberDog: Fran is keep MT on the RIGHT TRACK…whick is by default the Left Track!!! I think?!?!?!
maverickmechanic: I am so lost. WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE!?
UberDog: Resistance is Futile!!!!
LonelyAmure: BTW I’ll reply to your posts Uber but then I gotta go outside and watch the fireworks in the distance
UberDog: FRAN is Rocking the MT Highway and Keeping it Real!!!!
LonelyAmure: And tomorrow, I’m going to go home and watch an hourlong tape about what my family did at San Francisco! ^w^
LonelyAmure: Fran rocks my socks.
LonelyAmure: Ok *sticks up flag* this chat is officially rendered dead. Or so~ 1 minute no chat, call me out
maverickmechanic: Hi. This is the human race. We’re not in right now. Please speak clearly after the sound of the bomb.
UberDog: Your Socks NEED BLEACH!!!!!
LonelyAmure: Lol! They need to be superwhite
UberDog: Wait…What…BOOM!
LonelyAmure: I found heeaaaveeeen, in a shouuuutbooox.
Fran: you guys are very weird :< and really random
UberDog: I fear for you LA…I really Do…O.o
maverickmechanic: Come on, Fran. You know you love us.
LonelyAmure: I’m sorry I was random Fran :<
Fran: I’ve been caught 😛
LonelyAmure: Let’s go talk about Donghae now ❤
Fran: LOL
LonelyAmure: Or Kyuhyun, or Sungmin
LonelyAmure: Or those other guuuuuuys xD
Fran: is not fangirling time yet
LonelyAmure: Awww!!! Well… xD I know you’re not a fangirl but you guys talk about them a lot
LonelyAmure: I was like staring at your page that one time and I wuz liekz. wut. so much SuJu.
Fran: we can’t help it ^^’, oh well, I hope you guys be nice, since I really have to leave.
LonelyAmure: Aww… well I hope we could talk more Fran~ Peace out
LonelyAmure: I really gotta go too… OMG… THEYRE FIRING ALREADY!!!
LonelyAmure: *jumps out the window* bye SB~
maverickmechanic: Just me and Uber? I think we can keep it civilized, just not sane.
UberDog: What is LA on tonight?…I mean you go away from the SB for a few days and WHAM!!!! The Gates of insanity have been left opened!!!!
LonelyAmure: ^ I’m just staring out the window but I heard that lol
maverickmechanic: Aren’t they always?
LonelyAmure: I’m insane. I’m known for being insane owo
LonelyAmure: I should blog about this SB xD I literally recorded everything
UberDog: I am making you some Green Tea with Ginger….Calm Down and Feel the Flow!
LonelyAmure: Just feel the FLOwwwww….
LonelyAmure: Only if we watch together everything bears a flow… only with you do I wanna be part of the flow
UberDog: Grabs what little sanity I have left and backs out of the SB VERY SLOWLY….VERY…VERY…SLOWLY…..
maverickmechanic: I think LA is trying to muscle in on my insanity monopoly. Boy, I was here and insane before you could even use a computer. 😀
UberDog: I can testify!!!
LonelyAmure: Uberdog! Where’s my Tea?! D:
UberDog: MAV is so Krazy they now call it a MAV Room…not Rubber Room!
UberDog: I left it next to your Meds!!!
LonelyAmure: <.< I had meds? When?
maverickmechanic: No, think he’s saying he put some meds in your tea.
maverickmechanic: ROOFIES!
maverickmechanic: STAY AWAY, LA!
UberDog: No they were places next to his tea but they were in Twinkie form!!!!
maverickmechanic: Roofie Twinkies. My god, the man is a genius.
LonelyAmure: Twinkies!!!! *eats them* (3OwO)3
maverickmechanic: NO!
maverickmechanic: This will end badly.
Hooyaah: don’t eat the brown acid mav.
UberDog: Man Holiday SB time is always an Experience….O.O
LonelyAmure: *finishes them and turns into a huge godzilla like cat*
LonelyAmure: It’s a merry time for Minitokyo lol
maverickmechanic: Aw, shi-
LonelyAmure: *crushes everyone with his paw*
LonelyAmure: Nyaah.~
maverickmechanic: What three word slogan was coined during the Cold War as a schoolchild’s best defense against an A-bomb attack?
LonelyAmure: I don’t know, use google?
maverickmechanic: Come on, is easy question.
UberDog: I like to keep this handy… for close encounters.
LonelyAmure: what is it~
yaminara: a table ?
LonelyAmure: Yami’s face?
LonelyAmure: OHHHHHHHHHHhhhhh
LonelyAmure: xD but you know I’m just messing youuuuu *breaks wrist*
maverickmechanic: They told it to kids to dive under their desks to…
UberDog: It is a 44 Magnum!
UberDog: Where is the CN Nerve Gas when you need it?????????????????????????????????????????
LonelyAmure: Yami just got ripped on by mehz ;3
UberDog: What do you mean, “*They* cut the power”? How could they cut the power, man? They’re animals!
LonelyAmure: They had gopher teeth. That stuff is strong, man.
UberDog: Is this gonna be a standup fight, sir, or another bughunt?
yaminara: -_-
marzxp: =O
LonelyAmure: Hi Marz~ hi yami o . o ; ;
maverickmechanic: His gun was loaded with crayons…
LonelyAmure: *ducks under the desk like mav said in WWII* omg there’s going to be an A-bomb!!
LonelyAmure: hey mav, what caliber is a crayon anyway?
yaminara: hi
LonelyAmure: But you know I don’t mean it, right Yami? xD *hugs*
Hooyaah: duck and cover
LonelyAmure: *ducks and covers*
maverickmechanic: Uh, Hooyah, could you state in the form of a desperate cry to God to swave you from an unholy death, please?
UberDog: Craola .38
LonelyAmure: Crayolehz.
maverickmechanic: Sweet, new Squidbillies!
yaminara: dont mean wat amure
UberDog: Mav Loves Squidbillies!!!!
UberDog: Hey Mav how’s Snoppy doing?
Hooyaah: I am hiding in a ghillie suit and sufficiently distant mav.
maverickmechanic: He’s good. Lazy and spoiled as ever.
yaminara: hoo!
maverickmechanic: Haha, my buddy fell out the back of a duece-and-a-half in a ghillie suit. Damn near broke his ankle.
Hooyaah: this is Hotel niner to yami. I see you right over ther near LA and mav, is that UberDog licking your toes?
LonelyAmure: Playing too much Battle Field 2 bad company Hoo? xD
yaminara: lmfao
maverickmechanic: *grabs M107 and sights on HooYah*
LonelyAmure: and yami I meant… wait lemme find it
Hooyaah: are you guys roasting marshmallows?
LonelyAmure: UberDog: I like to keep this handy… for close encounters. LonelyAmure: what is it~ yaminara: a table ? LonelyAmure: Yami’s face?
Hooyaah: mav I’m not at those coordinates
LonelyAmure: I’m such a bad, bad person lol
Hooyaah: I can neither confim that query LA
yaminara: oh yeah lol i knew u were kidding
Hooyaah: nor deny it
maverickmechanic: What coordinates?
LonelyAmure: Lol. o _ o
Hooyaah: no, LA, you are just misunderstood.
LonelyAmure: yuhhuh…
Hooyaah: roger that mav, WHAT coordinates it shall remain.
Hooyaah: arfter all the compliment that i have thrown your way LA, you should know that I think you are an OK dude.
maverickmechanic: Uh, ok. *shoots Hooyah with the M107* I don’t know your coordinates, but I can see you over there. That’s all I need.
LonelyAmure: Ok is fine, dude
LonelyAmure: <_< There’s a reason I don’t lead a gaming guild anymore
maverickmechanic: Come on, you act like you’re still in high school. Oh, wait…
Hooyaah: [link]
Hooyaah: dood, you just shot a coyote
Hooyaah: I am not a gaming guild admin
maverickmechanic: Thanks for the last transmission. I have triangulated your location and have ordered an orbital kinetic stike. It shoud be firing right about now. *fireball falls from the sky*
Hooyaah: mav I am totally out of you sight now.
LonelyAmure: I am in high school mav lol
LonelyAmure: and indeed, one of the most intelligent you could meet in my age group. Also one of the quirkiest.
Hooyaah: *safe in deep cave*
maverickmechanic: I know, LA. That was the joke for you two.
Hooyaah: I just think that your quirky and my zany just didn’t blend earlier. I’m just saying.
Hooyaah: I’m not down with a swirl.
LonelyAmure: Ehh. I don’t mind that much, again, just hard to cool me down

And then a while later:

maverickmechanic: Oh lawdy, where’d da sun go? Imma scared.
LonelyAmure: I wonder what death is like… to forget the past, to never worry for the future, and to escape in the present…
LonelyAmure: *contemplating about death*
maverickmechanic: Yeah, so boring. I mean, if I’m dead, then there’s no reason to feel alive. That’s no fun.
LonelyAmure: Lol~ ^_^;;
LonelyAmure: I just had to say a random quote ;3
maverickmechanic: “Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils.”
yaminara: who here is a poet
Emma93: meh *raises hand* x3
LonelyAmure: Gimme a stanza Emma lol
LonelyAmure: *claps*

Well, it was pretty rough night, especially between me and Hooyaah, but indeed I was watching the fireworks outside… though I heard that when my parents came back from San Francisco, they said it was horrible since it was just too crowded and the fireworks just wasn’t all that impressive. Heh~ well, I guess it was still fun for them but I now think I shouldn’t have went otherwise I wouldn’t have this awesome conversation xD

Oh, and not to forget mentioning I did post something out of the blue on SH, last night that I really wanted to keep and see ^_^;;

mmhmm, these days, all a guy wants to do is to just hang out. Just hang around with every girl and have a good time. Romantic VN’s change you so much, man, lol. Like just after you finish a VN and played through all the characters, you’ve realized you like each of them for who they are and not just because you’re a pervert and want to have a harem, it’s just that you have a heart devoted to many different characters that just speak into your heart and melt into your soul.

That, I felt, was one of those good days  where I wanted to talk about romantic VN’s a whole lot.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post, and I might be stopping by to stick a page in about what might be called the ‘japanese artist’ twitter wall. LOL~ I posted some great stuff on Ignis’s wall last night (the mod at SH)

Completely thought of you for some reason when I posted this on LPW, lol


while I was momentarily gone blindly translating my favorite japanese artist’s blog, I accidently stopped on Korie Riko’s website by using Izumi Tsubasu’s twitter. Man I am a crazy wack person. Korie’s twitter is riko0202, Izumi’s twitter is Tsubasu_Izumi (wow, in american! <3), and Ryohka’s twitter is ryohka_jp. Man, what’s with japanese people and twitter. Anything much going on with them? lol

I’m assuming you have twitter? xD You might not understand a single things these guys might say, but nevertheless, it is awesome to have a feed from your favorite artists ;3 Check it out sometime, man~

And it turns out Tsubasa_Izumi has more followers than Ryohka. Ooooh must be from Mashiroiro, burn ;3

And then some more:

Oh, and it turns out that most of them have iphones, if not all of them. Sheesh, Japan these days, get a taste in other cellphones xD even if their doujin merchandise does only do iphone sleeves. *sigh* oh if only, oh if only…

Oh, and @ryohka’s twitter. It turns out he’s following some japanese characters that ultimately say the godly things that every hikokomori/neet/otaku or Ecchi VN perv likes…

it says: O Pantsu Sama. LOL

Sadly, Chikotamu doesn’t have a twitter. However, I did find that Inugami Kira is a very very nice person and I think will follow you back if you follow her. ^_^;; Inugami’s Twitter is kilacco (https://twitter.com/kilacco)

http://chikotam.blog42.fc2.com/ Chikotamu’s blog on FC2
http://www.kiss.ac/~vanilla/toxin/ Necotoxin (Inugami Kira’s doujin Circle)
http://www.ryohka.jp/ Ryohka’s website.
http://hisuitei.com/ Wow, Izumi has a domain that doesn’t look weird. Epic Love ^_^;;

Nnnghhhh if this turns into something I like, I’ll stick up a list of artists’s blog and twitters. LOL ;D


4 responses

  1. Maverick-mechanic

    Chicken pants!

    July 5, 2010 at 6:09 pm

  2. So… for how long have you been using the shoutbox? -_-

    July 14, 2010 at 8:13 am

  3. ^ I stay there for a LONG TIME. Hey, hey, it’s fun there ;3 xD

    EDIT: Mostly when it’s active. When it’s not I just go to forums sometimes. Though I have more than enough credits to begin with <.<

    July 14, 2010 at 9:40 am

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